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The strange thing about love is that it cannot be expressed July 7, 2009

I wonder if this feeling is familiar to everyone who have been lucky to experience love (to one person or to many people at once)? – in love it feels like…it is impossible to express this vast feeling!

Whatever one may do (expressing tenderness, giving presents, saying words of love, wiring and singing songs etc.), it is only a tiny little amount of what one really feels…

Sometimes, when love overwhelms the heart and grows till the sky, it melts with the surroundings and becomes ONE with the Whole. And one feels like crying because this bliss of true love wants to be expressed  in a magnificent, all-transforming way… And yet it can never be fully expressed…Why?

LOVE, axinia

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29 Responses to “The strange thing about love is that it cannot be expressed”

  1. Solveig Says:

    I have this feelings rather often – especially the last time :-).
    It is really so – whatever you do, you cannot express the whole lot of it…
    I guess this is because such a feeling is unearthly and we cannot find any way to express it here, on this earth. We just do not have the instruments and methods…

  2. Rashid Omer Says:

    It is divine. This is a feeling that could be felt with your soul only; like you feel the pleasure when you smell a beautiful flower; the pleasure that you may have after seeing a clear silver blue sky or a blue lagoon with palm trees waving with morning breeze; touch of dew drops on flowers at dawn or the eternal delightedness that may come straight to your heart when you look into some one’s deep eyes.

  3. Fatima Says:

    It really is. It seems like just when you think you can bring words in to express such a wonderful feeling, it blends even more deeply with your heart, giving you a feeling completely new from before!

  4. I agree, Axinia. It’s not possible to fully express love because it is not a one-dimensional feeling. I mean, if one enjoys a good joke, one can express it by laughing; if one suffers physical pain, one can express it by crying or shouting in pain; if one feels thirsty, one can drink some water; if one feels hungry, one can eat – all these are uni-dimensional feelings. Other feelings are multi-dimensional and cannot be expressed by a single action. Love is a multi-dimensional feeling, so is happiness; so is sadness, so is anger…

  5. Marijaan Says:

    It is not that you cannot express what you feel for your loved ones. You are lost when your loved ones is standing before you. I myself have many things to express and let her know how I feel about her. But when I got a change, I missed it. I was blank. I was only listenning to her.

  6. Tomas Says:

    We either love, or talk about the love. Our reasoning about the love may sound wisely, meanwhile the confessions of love oftentimes look like the timid whisper if to judge outwardly. Even the nice theories make the listeners weary soon enough, meanwhile the love awakes and fires the hearts.
    I sat back in awe even at a thought about becoming ONE with the Whole. That’s why the love looks so precious, yet we are not the gods, but just humans – the above truth makes God’s love to us extremely precious; and it is not a dream, but the reality.

    Dear axinia, I want to exchange the links with you. Yours 1000petals… is already on my blog. I would greatly appreciate your add of my Art by Tomas to your wonderful site. My URL:
    Lets make the visions the reality of the bloging miracle. I am eagerly looking forward to your response.

  7. radha Says:

    i also want to know why

  8. Rambler Says:

    unfortunately I have never felt love…I may not have realized it if I ever was in love :)..well I have heard expressing it is difficult, but then expression of love is so personalized and so much individual that may be we end up figuring out our own ways of doing it isnt it

  9. sakhi Says:

    Love is what is see in my kid’s eyes when she has scraped her knees and looks up, see me and smiles through her tears, knowing that i am THERE!!

    Can’t express more than this… and didn’t know whether you were talking about only romantic love but this is what i feel love is! 🙂 🙂

  10. Axel Says:

    Dear Axinia!
    Yesterday I had a day full of love and at the end of the day I read your post.
    About one year ago I met a woman who guided me by another way of yoga meditation (the tantric one) through a pass that has only started.
    It is a way that from instance to instance reveals again love and its power besides many other experiences.
    You can feel love, you can produce love, you can give love, you can receive love.
    And love is as much in the microcosmos as it is in the macrocosmos, it is as much in you as it is around you in the unviverse.
    The only truth is: love is!

  11. swaps Says:

    What is it that is spontaneous, is directed at no one in particular, and makes you feel innocent.

  12. soulstirrer Says:

    very beautiful read…. I completely agree with it

  13. Hicham Says:

    Axinia, You asked one of the questions that I still didn’t find an answer for 8) and for sure it’s about all kind of love!

  14. Dev Says:

    Very true. Its really tough to completely express one’s love for someone. No matter how hard you try to achieve perfection in this field, the perfection itself will raise the bar again.

  15. Mhall Says:

    I agree that love can’t be expressed all the time some people can experess it but some people can’t. I know from experience that sometimes u can’t express ur feelings for some one else that u love. 🙂

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