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My small daily wonders July 1, 2009

What is a wonder? Normally we call a “wonder” something unexpected, pleasant and “supernatural” in a way. I don’t know about everyone but I think small wonders happen daily to many people, but they not always notice them. Or may be they just do not happen that often to everyone?

Anyway I can only speak about myself: I enjoy experiencing small wonders on a daily basis.

Yesterday I had such lovely example of it! Let me share it with you.

I had to arrange for the transport of some lamps from our old office. Surprisingly the carrier company sent a woman (very though one but still a woman!) – I was a bit confused and said there was something heavy to carry to the car. She said “never mind, that is my job – I have a special trolley for that”. Fine, but the lamps had to be nicely packed and they were heavy to move. I realized it would be a hard task for the two of us… I just though “OMG, I badly need some male help, but where to take it from?”  – this seemed to be totally unreal, as there is normally nobody around at this place. In 3 min. a male head peeped in the door which we kept open and asks: “Any help needed?” . To say I was stunned is to say nothing… The situation looked totally impossible and unreal. But we have got a perfect helper who by an incredible coincidence found to our place, although his intention was a different one. And then the fact that he has offered his help – great and still unusual. Apart from that normally in Austria people never peep into the opened doors! 🙂

Life is indeed beautiful, especially when we are able to see and value this beauty daily.

Any stories from my readers? Thank you!

LOVE, axinia

 (image by me)


11 Responses to “My small daily wonders”

  1. pooyan Says:

    JSM, hi Axinia, Good that you found the help 😉
    I think ‘there is no accident’ in this whole world, cannot be,
    you needed the help and you got it ! simple.
    This I call the power of our desire, so ”Lets wish for Great thinks, impossible things” …
    anyway you asked for some stories, here is my small one for today itself :
    ” I wanna go to Italy and I’ll stay there for two weeks, tommorrow I have an exam which Iam not prepared for it, and all of sudden, it postponed for 3 weeks !!! and thats why I can read your weblog right now and enjoy it !!! “

  2. soulstirrer Says:

    this is how God Plans things…

  3. Generally, when ever I think situations are perfect and get into doing something, I would ‘find our’ that there are so many things that I missed. Yes, there has never been help, but that sort of makes me a novice crisis manager!!

    Destination Infinity

  4. swaps Says:

    Lucky him!! 🙂

  5. Molly Says:

    Love, Love, Love when these things happen. And I agree, they are always happening. It is just whether we are tuned in enough to experience them.

  6. Hicham Says:

    This is a very nice story, Axinia. I think it happens sometimes that you keep thinking about someone and you find him/her either in front of you or calling you or e-mailing you!

    Life is full of wonders to wonder about!

  7. You seem to believe in outdated gender roles, Axinia 😉 That women are supposed to be dainty and are not suited to tough work, and therefore should do only delicate jobs 😉 I, for one, am glad that women have broken into every male bastion and do every kind of work and drive everything from auto-rickshaws to buses to aeroplanes to battle tanks. It’s good that the carrier company does not discriminate in terms of gender while recruiting employees, but you seem to think otherwise 😐

    • axinia Says:

      Raj, I do not believe in that, I actually LIVE that 🙂 Say what ever you want, but I personally do not want to do any heavy physical work, because I have a delicate body and that is just not for me. I grew up in the soviet Union where women have been put equally to men and used to do all kinds of jobs.

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