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Skyscapes June 20, 2009

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I took a flight over Eastern Europe last week – unfortunately or fortunately over a day time and the realtively clear sky.

Taking off or landing in a sunset or sunrise would have been more interesting (see my last year dramartic shots here)

Still I have managed to capture some lovely skyscapes, please enjoy:







Flying above clouds is ever-enchanting. It feels like being in some heavenly land…

LOVE; axinia


19 Responses to “Skyscapes”

  1. burdujan Says:

    Nice, Views !!!

  2. renrut009 Says:

    lovely view, but not as lovely as you.

  3. pooyan Says:

    last time I wanted to shoot some pictures as well, but one of the passengers sitting near me, reminded me of Airbus A100 over Atlantic ocean and Turkish airline airplane in Netherlands ! ;))
    Nice pix, but take care of your life and others next time as using the electronic devices during the flight is strictly forbidden.

    About the pictures, I already download the last one from your Flickr account yesterday late night, and I have to admit that it is awesome !

    • axinia Says:

      pooyan, as far as I understood a photo-camera is not an electronic devise, since I have never been told anything in that respect, and the crew could always see my camera which is not a small one. Honestly, I was also wondering, but I was never told off for that. Thus I assume it is ok. 🙂

      I wonder which one you downloaded and find awesome? just curious…

      • pooyan Says:

        JSM, Actually I am thinking the same way, but the passenger who is actually my SY sister, didn’t allow me and I guess will not allow for future flights as well !!!
        for the picture I meant the very last one, with the rises of sun through the clouds over the land.
        I took it from this link which is yours;


        Such a picture typically is used to show divinity, and it reminds me also of the attention of God on his land. Thanks for taking this photo !

    • Bad Karma Says:


      Actually, it’s all superstition. Using any regulated device (laptop, iPod, iPhone, a camera) won’t interfere with the airplane’s communications. It’s just an age-old rule that the airline industry has kept – I wish they did away with it!

  4. Beautiful pics, Axinia! The cool sky blue colour has a soothing effect on the soul. And the clouds look like cotton candy 🙂 Yummy! 😛

  5. Nita Says:

    Pictures are breathtaking.

  6. kalyan Says:

    great pictures…made me feel like I was floating…in the middle of a Monday 🙂

  7. axinia Says:

    thanks to all, I hope next time I will be flying (in August) I will manage to get some berathtaking sunset images!

  8. swaps Says:

    What it must be to see these first hand!!

  9. Fatima Says:

    I love the look of the clouds almost under you. Makes me feel like I’m flying.

  10. Wortman Says:

    Great Pictures 🙂
    I like pictures of clouds

  11. Hicham Says:

    Axinia, it’s always amazing to feel yourself flying over the clouds, especially when the areoplan keeps on roaming above for quite long time till you see the land or anything again!

    The funny thing is that this always reminds me with this English fairy tale of “Jack and the Beanstalk” that we used to hear/see/read when we’re young. I’m always looking for the home/castle of the ‘Gaint’ but never found it 😛

  12. soulstirrer Says:

    last pic is simply awesome

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