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Russian beauties June 16, 2009

Russians are proud of their beautiful women (read more about it here).

This time on my trip to Moscow I thought of making a post about typical Russian female faces and realised that … “Matröshkas” represent it the best!

Here is a small collection of images that reflect the beauty of the Russian female soul…


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I think it is the openness and spirituality that make up the “attraction” of Russian women. And what do YOU see in them?

thanks, axinia


25 Responses to “Russian beauties”

  1. Solveig Says:

    Amazing. And very true.

  2. swaps Says:

    You know what….I was hoping you would bring some snaps of Russian beauties, but I thought to myself how you should find traditional plaited ones in Moscow? But you did just that!! 😀
    So thanx!! 🙂

    What I see? 🙂

  3. pooyan Says:

    hi, Beautiful pix, but anyway there is no wonder if a Russian lady says Russians are beautiful !!!
    I think beauty is inside, it is the chastity that makes a lady looks pretty, and I really admire the nice photos of beautiful innocent Russian children that you put here.

    all the best.

    • axinia Says:

      thank you pooyan, you pointed out exactly what I was hinting at – the chastity!

      reagreading Russian ladies – I do not thinkthey are the most beautiful in the world at all, but they are one of the few who is aware of ´thier own beauty and love to highlight it.

  4. radha Says:

    the red matrioska reminds me of you. you know my indian dance teacher is from Russia, she’s absolutely sweet

  5. I know some beautiful russian woman…I think they are so unpredictable! This is the russian appeal for me! they looks so delicate maybe for the soft color of the skin and the eyes…but what a character! so determinate and strong!

  6. swaps Says:

    Btw, the kiddo near the fountain has struck a sensational pose…way to go little lady 🙂
    And it’s a pity the one with long plait has her back to you 😦

  7. Sahaja Says:

    awesome!! esp the kids…..awesome!! and the french plaite is so beautiful!!

  8. Lovely pictures, Axinia!

    What do I see? Beautiful women and cute girls, of course! 🙂

    Let’s compare the Matryoshka dolls with, say, Barbie dolls. Matryoshka dolls are made of a natural material (wood) and can be made to depict anyone, since they are painted. They do not try to present the “ideal female form” that sub-consciously influences the psyche of young girls.

    Barbie dolls, on the other hand, are made of (worthless) artificial material, come only in two or three forms and these dolls have ridiculous body shapes. What’s worse is that young girls are made to sub-consciously believe that these ridiculous stick-like body shapes represent the “ideal female form”. That is a blatant fraud! If Barbie was a real life woman, she would be a grossly disproportionate, stick-like person who would look like she hasn’t eaten for weeks 😯

    Moreover, Barbie seems to rely on superficial things (like clothes, accessories, makeup) to make her look beautiful. Matryoshkas rely on their natural innate beauty.

    I hope Russian beauties aspire to be like Matryoshkas, naturally beautiful with a big head (i.e. beauties who are brainy) and don’t try to emulate Barbie. That’s because an intelligent woman who is innately beautiful is much better than an artificial beauty who is only concerned about clothes, accessories, makeup etc. and starving herself to look like an unhealthy stick 😐

    But I don’t know if that is the case. Unfortunately, throughout the world, the notorious “mainstream media”, the “film industry”, the “fashion industry”, the “beauty industry” etc. have vested interests in promoting silly Barbies as role models for girls 😡 instead of lovely Matryoshkas 😦

    • axinia Says:

      Raj, I love this comment of yours, it is an insightful comparison and you are so right in every point!

      Surely today many things have changes – alas! – and no one plays with Matröshkas… That is also the reason why I mostly posted the photos of small girls because the “big girls” are more into the sexy look (many resons but no the least is that there are fewer men than women, and even fewer “normal” man so it is really a kind of a market and poor women try to “sell” themselves as they are told (by media) the best way..
      that is sad… But still I feel some serenity and dignity is always there…

      • While it’s natural for women and girls to be concerned about their looks in any society, many have turned it into an extreme obsession resulting in their own detriment. So, do Russian girls “sell” themselves in the mate/marriage market then? Here, the girls (and their parents) literally “buy” grooms for money (dowry) in the arranged marriage market 😆 The only weird thing is that the “buyer” (the girl) ends up as the “property” of the “merchandise” that has been “bought” (the groom). Talk of the tail wagging the dog 😀 Such things do happen in culturally primitive, misogynist Third World societies that practise female foeticide 😡

        However, Russian women do seem to care about more important things than how to lose a few kilograms by self-starvation. Going by the number of outstanding female athletes that Russia has produced or the continuous stream of talented Russian beauties that grace the tennis courts of the world, it does seem that Russian women are trained to be more than sex objects and child bearing machines. In primitive misogynist cultures, a sportswoman is as rare as a polar bear in the Sahara. (Not that quality sportsmen are common, either.)

  9. radha Says:

    i know,nor blond hair,but the general features/lines/eyes shapes for example…

  10. Hicham Says:

    Well taken pics, Axinia.

    Honestly speaking, I think beauty is something that has to be evaluated by the whole personality not only the outlined features. That said, I tell you shot some good shot here 😉

  11. French-Kiss Says:

    Yes…. Ok! Ok!!!

    The French are galements proud of their nice French!

    But I must confess that if I to speak the language (English / Russian) a bit I am certain that I would be allowed to attract;)


  12. Yes, russian beauties are the cutest in the world. Sometimes i feel bad i got only two eyes.

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