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Are you a meditative person? Check yourself! June 9, 2009

(image by me)

“And the more you find something in your meditation, the more you want to go and distribute it to others. Whatever you find, you want to enjoy it with others, you want to give it to others. This is the sign of a person what has been really meditative.

Because the joy that you receive in your meditation has to be distributed. Has to be given. Has to be shown.

It should flow in your being as the light radiates from every illumined lamp. You don’t have to take a vow to say that this is an enlightened light. In the same way a Saint should not have to be certified that he is a Saint. The depth you achieve within yourself spreads all over. It is such an action and reaction. The deeper you become, the radiation is much more.”

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi 1982-07-28


10 Responses to “Are you a meditative person? Check yourself!”

  1. The light shines the brightest 😀 😀 😀

  2. cordieb Says:

    Light always gives off luminosity …without ever having to say, “I am a shining light,” as such your light shines ever so brightly – and it is felt by all within your light range, and even reflected to other lights to distant lights. Keep shining!!!! The light is infinite.

  3. Tomas Says:

    what a wonderful insight! Thank you for the sharing it with us. Your definition of a meditative person helped me to put in the words my unwillingness to talk about my artworks as some personal achievements, because what I enjoy in my canvases wasn’t created by me, but just recognized by me in the eyes of the passersby.
    The artists welcome people to their galleries for not to give themselves a plug, but to share the joy of their discoveries of the recognition of God’s healing touch from what was silently lying underfoot.
    In other words, though it’s natural to sign the canvases, but that distorts the truth.
    Unfortunately, we face shift focus from the Creator to the reporters too often in the art critic’s studies.

    You say “Whatever you find, you want to enjoy it with others, you want to give it to others. ” That’s so true, yet that the test we fail so often, because many are deluded by the current traditions to give to others not what was find by the artists, but, so to speak, the stories of the artists

  4. Molly Says:

    Lovely post, Axinia. Love the quote…

  5. Yes, I think it is true. When you share things, you get much more in return. Especially knowledge and joy.

    Destination Infinity

  6. Hicham Says:

    Checking ……1%
    ……………….. 20%
    ……………….. 32%
    ……………….. 54%
    ……………….. 76%
    ……………….. 98%
    ……………….. done

    Lovely insight, Axinia. Light is always there but sometimes people are blind enough to see it.

  7. mahananad kumar Says:

    best of my axinia!! m Mahanand kumar from india . that statement of mother is not only immortal but also full of nectar.

  8. mahananad kumar Says:

    best of axinia!! wonderfull ! beautifull!! immortal !!!

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