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Why I do not watch TV since years June 8, 2009

(image by me)

I gave up watching TV about 5 years back and I am still very much satisfied with that decision. Moreover I keep learning from other people that they either reduce their TV consumption or set it aside as well. So there seems to be a trend about it!

Now I can honestly admit that I do not miss TV at all. Really! Let me give you some reasons why and tell you how I survive without this powerful mass media.


I gather information about world’s happenings mostly from the web, seldom from newspapers and magazines. AND: it is important for me to be able to read news at least in 3 languages (English, Russian and German), sometimes in 4 (+Italian), which gives me a more balanced overview and is in fact a kind of a vaccination against total brainwash. It amazes me how often one and the same happening being interpreted in different countries. And then I think how differently it will be percepted by the people…and where from so much hatred results…OMG!


Sometimes, once in several months I want to see some really good feature film or a  documentary, then I go to the cinema or watch a DVD. I came to a conclusion that there is no need to watch so many films, because most of them are simply not worthy of my precious time (hope my two good freinds script-writers will  forgive me). I watch the lives of people around and it is so much more interesting! – so many amazing situations, miracles, dramas, emotions… No film-director can ever show it better than the life itself!

Another thing  may be my love for detail in a daily life and photo-hunting is a lovely hobby – my “rose coloured glasses” makes life colourful and enjoyable every moment.


People ask me how do I manage my life with all its huge social activity, work, projects outside of work, family and friends… The reason is – every evening I DO NOT WATCH TV 🙂 It is simply unbelievable how much time I spare with that non-action. A time spared for real life.

Any similar or opposite experiences?

thanks 🙂 axinia


30 Responses to “Why I do not watch TV since years”

  1. My wife and I gave up TV and Internet at our house for about 7 weeks now. It gets a little weird, but we make due. If there is really something we want to watch, we can go to the office and watch it there, or get it on DVD. We’ve actually had a better relationship as a result of not having TV at the house (we read romance novels together on the weekends instead). So I just want to give you serious props for going so long without it. I hope we can do the same!

    • axinia Says:

      jimvalerilmhc , thanks! I believe you can only do without TV is you really WANT it, if you feel that you simply do not need the thing. Otherwise it is like a pressure.
      I gave it up because I found it a pity to spend somcuh time on something I do not really need.
      There should be no force, but the natural flow…

  2. I had the same experience! My husband asked to me gave up tv because after a hard work day you risk to spend all your free time watchng it!….so after 4 years I’m very happy, we have time to do many things togheter…but I need internet for getting free informations about hte world!

  3. I do watch television, but not much, only sports like F1, soccer and cricket. I don’t watch too many movies either. Of course, I don’t trust the television for news at all! Most news channels here broadcast useless stuff, non-sense and outright lies too 😡 The truth can be found out from the internet (thankfully it’s a free media for now), but the filthy governments and corporations 👿 are bent on trying to censor and control the internet. Shame on the crooks!

    Once quality live streaming of the major sports events on the internet is available widely, I’ll have no use at all for the television. I’ll have to buy a good monitor though.

  4. swaps Says:

    If all become like you, imagine how worse the unemployment situation might become. I gave up TV for internet, now I must give internet up for good-old-friends books and music.

    • axinia Says:

      Swaps, if the majority will give up TV, the mass media will be forced to overthink its ways.

      TV is a very powerful tool to enlighten poeple, to educate them in the best way, to broaden their minds. Instead it is only busy with manipulative techniques (at leas the most popular channels). This is not OK, and hopefully it will change one day.

      • swaps Says:

        Axinia, that would be the day when we get quality and responsible mass media.

        I hope there are less channels and more content sharing among regions. I actually have to search Canadian and BBC programs to know their perspective and it is often enlightening. But I must be an odd one 🙂

  5. I notice that I watch less, but more importantly, I am not interested in watching it as much anymore. That is of value to me, because I don’t feel like I am missing out on it. I just prefer to use my time in other ways. Reading, talking, sharing time with my family, outdoors; it is all of greater value.

  6. Tomas Says:

    Wow, your story filled me with respect to you and inspired me with the wish for sharing it with my friends.
    Thank you for the thoughts that were worthy pondering deeper indeed and ultimately just should grow nice bouquet of your followers.
    I put your link on my “You might find this interesting” list at
    http://artbytomas.blogspot.com/ and would greatly appreciate the reciprocal link , your comments on my posts too. I hope you will enjoy my artworks and have a good time with my pictures too.
    Now I am hard to group all my thoughts and put them in a form of short feedback (the writing out of itself demands too much strength at a moment (my right hand is in the plaster), yet I want to thank you for the sharing of your practice to read at least in 3 languages for not to be mislead by local prejudices but to get the whole picture. That’s worthy pondering deeper no less than the benefits of no-watching TV
    Thank you once again.

    • axinia Says:

      thank you Tomas, I am glad to see you here again!
      I checked you blog, it has developed beautifully, also your English has improved, congratulations! 🙂 Unfortunately I could not see how to comment on your blog. Anway, keep uo the great work!

  7. I am a big sports fan , but other than that , I don’t really watch much of tele…maybe a movie once in a while , or the news if something major happens 🙂

  8. Jayesh Says:

    its really nice post, whenever i get time i used to see only discovery and NGC channels which gives us knowledge from around the world.

  9. vinayakah Says:

    I personally dont rely on the information given by TV at all. My family feels the same. We usually look at the DVD if something of value appears in the mountains of trash produced by the media.

    Medias are manipulative to human consciousness, and try to put people in line… If you consider that at the end all the world main mainstream media are owned by only 5 people on the top, what about the value of information…

    I personally hope, we will not need the media anymore in the future. The word media is comming from word medium, means something that connects, stands in between the 2 subjects. It can exist only until we are separated 😉 Not for long 😀 😀 😀

    • axinia Says:

      vinayakah, thank you!
      As I have expressed it earlier, I think media could be a good thing if used properly, for the enlightenment and betterment of the humanity. But as it is very powerful insturment, there are always manipulatively oriented people who want to use it.

      May be one day it will all change. I know what you mean 🙂

  10. axinia Says:

    judging by all these comements, it comes to my mind that bloggers are probably the ones who just watch less…because they blog???????

  11. Nita Says:

    I am a news addict and watch news about twice a day but rarely for over 20 mins at a time. I watch late night movies sometimes, on a saturday night or something and would not give that up. But I think if tv is eating into one’s social life one should cut it down. By the way that is a beautiful photograph.

    • axinia Says:

      Nita, I know you are a news-addict 🙂 This must be your journalistic background!
      BTW, thanks for the compliment on the picture – actually I only placed it here because it feets my thought to this post. Otherwise I do not find this one so good. – that is why I was surprised to get your compliement!

  12. Rambler Says:

    I used to watch a whole lot of television, even though it has come down a lot, its mostly due to lack of time, and better hobbies. I agree with you when you talk about TV as a source of information, but to me TV is source of entertainment, and I would be lieing if I say I don’t enjoy few programs on TV. its just striking a balance and doing what we want to do in life

  13. Anthony Says:

    I wish I could get my husband to stop watching TV. Any suggestions on where to start?

    • axinia Says:

      start with blogging 🙂 It obviously make people watch less!

      no, seriously I do not know. It came naturally to me that I just did not want any more…’I am not sure it can or shoudl be forced upon. But making life more colourful, eventful, social may help to distract the attention from this black box.

  14. Veni Grig Says:

    Birds are free from any Media framing!

  15. Molly Says:

    I stopped watching tv in 1997, and I still feel like there isn’t enough time in the day!

  16. When I moved to my new house, I took a decision not to buy a TV. After about 8 months, I am very glad that I decided that way. Actually, some of the cricket matches were taking away a lot of my time, and that time I am able to spend online doing some thing useful. I don’t even read the news paper. I used to read them, but when I saw that a lot of time was being wasted with advertisements and propaganda stuff, I just scan through the head lines now.

    Destination Infinity

  17. nightabove Says:

    I’ve been wanting to get rid of the tv for awhile so when my partner was ready to do so I took the chance and we chucked it out. We kept it in the basement just in case because he wasnt sure he’d be able to survive without it. It turns out that I’m the one haing a hard time dealing with the fact that we dont have a tv, not him! 🙂 He has enough hobbies and friends to fill up his times with. I ont he other hand have struggled with many years to find a hobby and am, after 3 years in this town still having a hard time finding friends. With neither of the two it’s hard to deal with no tv, but despite this, I’m so very glad that we got rid of it! Maybe because I feel that watching tv is not a good way to fill up the “empty space” and thus the lack of a tv is forcing me and my mind to think up of other ways to fill up that space. It’s good practice.

  18. nightabove Says:

    You’re really stuck on that the fact that blogging is a good replacement, aren’t you? 😉

  19. Indian Fakir Says:

    When the repairman stupidly cracked the electron gun of my TV I was a bit mad but little did I then realise that he cracked the code to my inner privacy which I am so fussy about.

    Thanks to him for contributing to my inner space.

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