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Mad Professor blogging: a foreigner in Bollywood June 1, 2009

 (Arno, image taken by me)

Arno Krimmer, a great friend of mine has ventured to leave Austria, his beautiful and comfortable motherland for… India. In Dec 2003 he made India his home and after teaching for 3 years in a school in the Lower Himalayas he became the first foreign Professor at the Film & TV Institute of India (“Bollywood Academy”) and is presently one of the few foreigners working in the Hindi film industry.

Due to his deep interest in Indian heritage and western educational background Arno has gained a unique perspective und insight into the modern Indian film. Every time we meet, I enjoy his analysis of the Indian and world-film industry as well as captivating stories about his life and encounter with interesting personalities of modern India. Every time I visit him in India, I wish I could follow his example and move to this magnetic place on Earth… who knows, may be one day?…

But today let me introduce you two Arno`s blogs. He blogs under the name “Mad Professor”:


The author reviews films less known and less promoted abroad, but nevertheless or maybe especially because of that highly recommendable. This blog will also take a look on big blockbusters, but without intending full coverage on all releases, it rather desires to present  films with a difference.

Here Mad Professor gives a balanced overview and his personal rating. I can only add that I try to follow his advice and by now all the recent Indian films I watched have been recommended to me by Arno and I enjoyed them immensely.

Animation Artefacts

Animation Artefacts features reviews, anecdotes, reflections about animation feature films and shorts, manga and anime from Europe, US, Japan & India and should become a playground and platform to exchange information, news, opinions on animation film-making.

This blog is for animation-lovers! Although I love animation, but I prefer the old Soviet animation with their kind and open-hearted characters… But the Mad Professor`s reviews can inspire even me. 🙂

Enjoy and please feel free to comment on his blogs!

LOVE, axinia


10 Responses to “Mad Professor blogging: a foreigner in Bollywood”

  1. Molly Says:

    Hey Axinia,

    Thanks for introducing us to The Mad Professor!


  2. swaps Says:

    You know Axinia, ever since I met Arno I was wondering if there was a way to interact with him…but thought he would be too busy for blogs. But this is a pleasant surprise.

    Right now I watch movies from all over the world except so-called Bollywood….because India is ultimately a spiritual nation and current movies don’t do justice to this truth. Hope Mad Professor 🙂 will change that

    • axinia Says:

      I think you should discuss it with him, Arno can definetly show you something…
      and yes, I am sure he will be able to bring indian Spirituality back to the screen.

      • swaps Says:

        The best thing is to watch him taking class….I attended one and learned something about human nature. Film makers know some ‘tricks’ about human beings which are quite illuminating.

  3. Nita Says:

    Is he the same guy I met in pune, Axinia? I will check out his blog too.

    • axinia Says:

      yes, he is the one! 🙂 looking forward to your comment on his blogs, Nita – I am very curious what you would say adn a blog and film expert!

  4. Vishnupatni Says:

    Hi,I have enjoyed reading this article keep up the good work!

  5. Adrian Carswell Says:

    Arno is giving a talking at my university tomorrow (Hertfordshire) and after reading your blog I’m really looking forward to it.

    Thanks very much!

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