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Why I LOVE Vienna May 23, 2009

 (image by vova)

I came to Vienna 12 years ago and it has become the City of my Love in every sense of it.  Over these years I worked and lived in different parts of this admirable Austrian capital and that does not make Vienna less attractive to me, just the opposite.

What fascinates me about Vienna:

– I stroll around it and I believe to know every building and tree on my way already so well… and yet every time I discover a new enchanting detail! Sometimes I suddenly come across a tiny unknown to me street in the middle of a district which I seem to know well for years…Vienna is like the life itself – I keep exploring it every day and it gets more and more interesting!

– Vienna loves me too! – I have always received any help I ever needed here and have never expeirenced any kind of the xenophobia which is being reported by many foreigners. I have amazing experiences with Austirans being heartfelt caring and understanding, and really nice… And no negative experiences at all.

I can give lectures and write poems about it…but somehow I feel that my recent pictures can express my attitude much better:











………..it is LOVE, isn`t it?


P.S. This year Vienna has passed Zurich to take the top spot as the world’s city with the best quality of living, according to the Mercer 2009 Quality of Living Survey. This year’s ranking also identifies the cities with the best infrastructure based on electricity supply, water availability, telephone and mail services, public transport provision, traffic congestion and the range of international flights from local airports.

Apparently, Vienna is the only City in the world where the tab water is not onyl drinkable but also of a high quality: practically throughout the year, the Viennese population is supplied with spring water from the Northern Calcareous Alps. In managing the spring protection forests, special attention is paid to low-impact, natural methods. This means that the forest stock may not be modified to any larger extent, as forests can offer particular protection to spring zones only if anthropogenic intervention is kept at a minimum.



18 Responses to “Why I LOVE Vienna”

  1. soulstirrer Says:

    did u took these pics? they are wonderful

  2. Evgeniya Says:

    What a wonderfull time to be with you..
    And I still know some streets of Vienna too..
    And i fall in love too..
    Thank you!

    Axinia, i have composed a poem!!

  3. draupadi16 Says:

    I love Vienna too. I´m grown up in the south 20 kilometres from the city. When I am in the first district, I enjoy it a lot. Last time we heard a violin playing a very well known melody in the Michaeler door of the Hofburg. It was so heartopening – Great!
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful pics!

  4. swaps Says:

    Love for one’s hometown is a unique feeling. But here in India, that same feeling is leading to heartbreak as cities ‘explode’ due to overpopulation and pollution. Europeans are very lucky in that respect…with some exceptions.

    • axinia Says:

      I agree, it is easy to love a city like Vienna. But imagine, there are so many people who live in that beauty and do not even notice it!…
      The good news, this year Vienna won the title of the best living quality in the world’!!! – since years Vancover and Zurich used to hold the place, but finally Vienna has won. 🙂

  5. Charles Says:

    I keep coming here through soulstirrers blog. I envy you I have always wanted to go to Vienna. You have some amazing photographs I especially like the top one, very romantic. I could certainly write poetry to some of these.

  6. radha Says:

    so smooth. wow best quality city, actually the photos do show it, that this city is really liveable and lovable. what a Fortune!

  7. axinia Says:

    As mentioned above, the greatest life quality and the beauty are unfortunately not sufficien to some people.
    You must have probably read what happend just esterday in Vienna:
    “Sikhs wielding knives and a handgun attacked two preachers at a rival temple in Vienna in a brawl that left one of the victims dead Monday and at least 15 others wounded, police said.”http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20090525/ap_on_re_eu/eu_austria_temple_shooting

    It is very sad but at the same time clear to me that if a person has no inner peace, no religion or a beautiful place of livign will help him/her to be happy…

  8. Wien looks fabulous – it seems like an old city that has not just maintained its unique character but has also kept pace with the times and offers its citizens a fantastic environment! 🙂

    The violence is a sectarian feud that has been carried over to a different continent and the effects of it are being felt in the cities of Punjab 😦

  9. I visited Vienna two years ago for a week during christmas holidays. I never seen a city under the snow….It was magic! I specially liked the silence that snow create…also within….you cannot find in a italian city! and I loved so much people because they are so peacefull, they always be carefull to you and you immediatly feel like at home!

  10. Axel Says:

    Vienna is a beautyful city of love, harmony and spirituality. I left Germany 13 years ago and settled here for the reason of love and are still happy to live here. But Vienna is also a modern city with the problems of the modern world: economic crisis, misunderstanding, divorce, lonelyness,….. But I hope we will overcome these problems in Vienna better than elsewhere because it offers so much spirituality. Nevertheless what counts are people and their spirit, and as I am a cosmopolite person I live in a cosmopolite city. I support your love for Vienna.

  11. Mimi Says:

    What a beautiful description, and what awe-inspiring pictures. I also am.. more than madly in love with the eternally majestic city that is Vienna. Wonderful work.

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