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The News you will never read/hear/see May 22, 2009

 (my hands by vova)

Today no political overturn happened in 193 countries.

Today 6,634,9090,512 have not died.

Today 6,634, 236,502 people have not been infected with the  Influenza A virus subtype H1N1 (pork fue).

Today 192 cities have not been afflicted by hail.

and so on…

Why will we never get this news reported to us?

Because it is considered to be not captivating enough to deliver good news, to show that huge part of the world is doing actually well, leads a peaceful and good life…

NO, We don’t need to know all that. We have to know how much trouble is everywhere and we have to feel scared and depressed. All the time. Because it is the best way to control us.


LOVE; axinia


23 Responses to “The News you will never read/hear/see”

  1. dmitri Says:

    I wish we woiuld live in a world where moral and ethics rule.

  2. well if i were to call my friend right now I will discuss politics , sports etc ,i.e. all the masala 😉 But now with my headphone on and reading about the good and the bad in the blogosphere the world seems to be at peace to me 🙂

  3. soulstirrer Says:

    Thats why we called it earth not heaven

  4. swaps Says:

    Or may be because we are concerned for others, or in a globalized world we must know the state of this system.

    Americans probably did not know of Afghanistan or Taliban until 9/11, and 9/11 directly landed me my first job. So no event is to far to not influence your life. Remember 6 degree of separation? 🙂
    Forewarned, perhaps, you stand a chance.

    • axinia Says:

      Good points, swaps!

      However I am not saying here that we shoudl not be informed about the happenings around the world. I just stand for the balance of things…Of cause there lots of bad things happening aroudn, but thre are many more good things that actually sustain this worl and still do not let it collapce!
      I mean that we should always keep in mind that the Good is there and it has more powers andit is greater in numbers.

      I ahve recently read the horrid statistics that since 10 years the number of pedophile cases increased in Russia in 26 (!!!!!) times. because they show and speak about it on TV, openly. Discussing the ugly side of it, but thus INFORMING people and thos who are sick in mind, they get ideas…and do their dirty things…
      People ahve such strange nature, that when they hear often enought about some abnormal things, these things become normal for them with the time…We all know examples.
      I think i gave already the example of my Russian friend-journalists who studied in Europe and was told that “a true journalist can not report about good things only”,m otherwise it is not democratic enought…so we are actually not allowed here to get some positive news.

      • swaps Says:

        Got it. You are talking of yellow journalism. But I believe people can tell it from good journalism and they are free to choose what they want. But somehow ordinary people have an appetite for sleaze and filth…you know, here TV channels broadcast crime reenactments on prime time slots and people lap it up. I cann’t believe I live in their midst 😦
        Someone must crack down on this deterioration of journalism…but while the government is quick in censoring visual obscenity, what about obscene thoughts/information?

        • axinia Says:

          Swaps, I am not talking of yellow journalism, I mean any journalism, at least the Western tradition of it. You know, I wanted to become a journalist (many years ago), but I was said I was “too positive” and not sarcastic enough for that profession. Thus I become a blogger today – here I have the true freedom to write what I want, without being too sarcastic or critical or whatever…

          Another intersting impact of media: the number of suicides in the underground depend on how often is has been reported! – that was foudn out in Austria. Now it is forbidden in Vienna to even mention that somebody commited a suicide in the Undeground (which happens regulary!), otherwise people start thinking of it and follow the example. Interestingly some really do!?!

          • swaps Says:

            There might be some truth in it. In a small town in India, a person hanged himself in public. Following this incident, there was a spate of suicides, though there had not been any for years !!

  5. Bala Says:

    It is a wonderful thought. Good one
    Wish all these happens one day

  6. I beg to differ here, dear Axinia 🙂

    You say: Because it is considered to be not captivating enough to deliver good news

    But unfortunately, all those things you mentioned before that sentence were not “good” news – they were just “normal” news – in order words, nothing to report about, or not “news” at all!

    “Good” news, on the other hand, really means good news – like someone finding a new and effective cure for cancer, like a cat or a dog saving its owner’s family by waking them up when their house is on fire, like a new fossil find that provides the missing link between apes and humans, like a destitute person winning a lottery etc. Things like these are what one would call good news, and as you know, such things do get reported!

    On the other hand, there are forces that want one to believe that everything is fine and happy in the world, so that they can continue to fool the people for their own nefarious purposes 😡

    • axinia Says:

      Why, RaJ? I woudl be really happy to read in the news how many people had a nice day, now many have not been killed and how many have got infected…really! I want ot know the numbers that will show me that the basic of this life is still there, that the Good is in the majority.

      You are right, good news are also there, but they are soooooooooooooo small in numbers, almost irrelevant comapred to the bad ones.
      You know I realised why I am prefer to read scientific magazines to any other press – because they deliver neutral infomation and report about the positive move forward.

      • …that the Good is in the majority.

        Unfortunately, that is NOT the case! 😦

        I get concirned about the people who suffer and immediately think if there is a way I can help. So I if get only bad news naturally my heart will explode…

        That is no reason to shut your heart to the bad news, Axinia. Imagine what would happen if a surgeon decides that he cannot stand the sight of blood any longer and chooses to cover his eyes completely while working 😯

        It’s of no use trying hard to avoid recognising the presence of evil…especially when it’s so prevalent…it’s better to recognise its presence and deal with it!

        • axinia Says:

          Raj, I do read bad new, believe me!

          I am actually getting my daily portion of news in 3 languages (Russian, German nad English) which helps me to get a more or less objective impression…
          I value objectiviy but exactly that is why I am expecing also good news, because there is much more good happening in the world!

  7. Vinayakah Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    I wasn´t available for blogging for some time, but seeing this post from you, I must say Thank You! 😉 I absolutely agree, and many more people today recognize that all that is happening around us is not about the economical crysis, money or resources. It is about attempts of control and enslavement of humanity. The above mentioned topics are anly few of the artificial instruments of how to control people and put them “in line”….

    Fortunately, many see it, and it will finally lead to the complete colaps of this evil structures built by beings that call themselves humans, but they lost this status very long time ago………

    May we all wake up, and see, and by seeing the complete picture of this horrors, may we say – NO, ENOUGH!!!

    • axinia Says:

      welcome back into the world of blogging 🙂

      I think we just have to learn to be aware of what is going on. Like, every time I read about a new study done the fist question Iask is “who paid the research???”. Needless to say that studies showing the “use” of alchohol are paid (directly or indirectly) by the same industry… or think of pharma industry and illness studies…

  8. Sigrid Says:

    have you ever wondered why every day exactly as many things happen as fit in a newspaper? 🙂

  9. I think most of the mainstream newspapers are only advertisements with some paid for articles. There are a very few news stories that are reported. But the question you have asked if only bad news is news is a valid one. Other than the controlling of influences point, I think people also like to read such bad news. Such exaggerations make people think that they have a relatively peaceful life… Or things can get as bad as this… because they are unusual, maybe humans are naturally interested?

    Destination Infinity

  10. axinia Says:

    DI, I like your point “Other than the controlling of influences point, I think people also like to read such bad news. Such exaggerations make people think that they have a relatively peaceful life…” if it is so then in a way it is good. But it is not the case the me. When I read bad news I never think “oh, thanks God I am safe”…I get concirned about the people who suffer and immediately think if there is a way I can help. So I if get only bad news naturally my heart will explode…

  11. Dev Says:

    Absolutely right. They say – no news, is good news.
    It should rather be – Good news, is no news.
    Our great world. Doesn’t even understand that we exist for goodness and not otherwise.

  12. Suma Says:

    sad, but true! Lovely picture.

  13. ifty Says:

    Amazing and very inspiring

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