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The nectar of wisdom: my favourite quotes of a Sufi saint May 20, 2009

 (image by me)

There comes a stage in the evolution of an illuminated
soul, when it begins to see the law hidden behind nature. To it the whole of life reveals its secret.


Is law predominant, or love? Law is the habit; love is the being. Law is made; love was, is, and always will be.


The soul covers its own truth with a thousand veils from its own eyes.


The prophetic soul is like a fruit that is on the ground but still connected with the branch. The branch has bent and the fruit has touched the earth, but it has not lost connection with the stem


The further we advance, the more difficult and more important our part in the symphony of life becomes; and the more conscious we become of this responsibility, the more efficient we become in accomplishing our task.


By self-realization a man becomes larger than the universe. The world in which he lives becomes as a drop in the ocean of his heart.


A person, however learned and qualified in his life’s work, in whom gratitude is absent, is devoid of that beauty of character which makes personality fragrant.


The man who has proved in his life to be the friend of every
person he meets, in the end will prove to be the friend of God.


There are many facts, but only one truth. Facts can be put into words, but not the truth.


Every soul is born with the capacity by which it can draw all the spiritual bliss and ecstasy which is needed for its evolution.


You are love. You come from love. You are made by love. You cannot cease to love.


QUOTES from Hazrat Inayath Khan (1882-1927)


14 Responses to “The nectar of wisdom: my favourite quotes of a Sufi saint”

  1. sailaja Says:

    nice quotes, simply sahaj!!!!! the picture is so delicate that the petals look like rosy lips. fabulous picture appropriate for the beautiful quotes.

  2. soulstirrer Says:

    “There are many facts, but only one truth. Facts can be put into words, but not the truth.”……

    This is really beautiful

  3. swaps Says:

    “There are many facts, but only one truth. Facts can be put into words, but not the truth.”

    I liked that one.

  4. Vlaserted Says:

    Хорошо что удалось отыскать такой замечательный блог, а то последнее время уже начал думать что инет это мусорка сплошная.

  5. I loved all! I will try to know this wonderful poet…thank you for the discovery.

  6. I liked the quote on self realization. It would be fascinating if we can get to that state.

    Destination Infinity

  7. Nice all are too good.

  8. There must be divine blessing to appreciate all these quotation. God is great.

  9. Dmitri Says:

    Divine Blessing??? maybe there is maybe there’s not…….

  10. saadat ali Says:

    truth is ALLAH ALMIGHTY

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