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the only truth I know is my own experience

Fragrance May 17, 2009

 (image by me)

You have seen how a flower shakes off all that is not needed, blooms out, pierces its head outwards, opens out just to give fragrance to others.

If you want to give fragrance to others, how far is there fragrance within you?  Is there fragrance within you that you are going to give fragrance to others?

Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


13 Responses to “Fragrance”

  1. sailaja Says:

    Beautiful quote Axinia. we all should try to become fragrant by becoming pure and innocent. the pure spirit emits fragrance naturally!!!!

  2. soulstirrer Says:

    thoughtful quote

  3. That is the toughest question Axinia. Only if we are clear, we can suggest and guide others. I don’t seem to have any clarity in major issues and I am not able to take sides. The best thing is to accept our ignorance and keep learning, I guess!

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      DI, I don`t know about you, but I know some people who are like that, who emit such a fragrance of their being…that you always want to be with them!

      However one should not take auch thing as Charisma for a Fragrance – I guess one can mistake one for another. Fragrance is so…fresh, joyful, peaceful and eternal.

      WE CAN BECOME THAN, everything is possible if we desire.

    • iraj Says:

      i love meditation enjoying divine love evrywhere mother is with us

  4. Rambler Says:

    makes me wonder how much are people open to such fragrances, I might want spread mine, but will there be takers?

  5. Charles Says:

    Oh I love this, very very poignant. The photo is simply breathtaking – But your words are no less than prolific.

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