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The meaning of dreams May 7, 2009

 (image by me)

A dream shows the depths of life; through a dream we see things. Has every dream a meaning? Yes; only there are always people in a country who do not know its language, and so it is with minds. Some minds are not yet capable of expressing themselves, so the dreams are upside-down, a chaos. One sees a goat with the ears of an elephant. The mind wants to express itself. There is a meaning in what the child says, but it has not yet learned to speak, it has no words; it can only cry or make a sound; yet this has a meaning. So it is with dreams which are not expressed correctly. There is nothing without meaning; it is our lack of understanding of its meaning that keeps us in darkness.

But what about the quite meaningless dreams one sometimes has? They are due to the condition of the mind. If the condition of the mind is not harmonious, if its rhythm is not regular, then the dream is so mixed up that one cannot read it. It is just like a letter written in the dark; when a person could not see what he was writing. But all the same it is a written letter, it has an idea behind it. Even if the very person who wrote it in the dark room is not able to read it, it still remains a letter. When man cannot understand the meaning of his dream it is not that his dream has no significance; it only means that his own letter has become so confused that he cannot read it himself.

Another form of dream is the vision. Therein a person sees clearly what will happen, or what has happened perhaps many years ago. It is like a flash. When does one get this? When the heart is focused to the divine mind, for all is there like a moving picture……..A vision is more clear in the sleeping state than in the wakeful state. The reason is that when a person is asleep he lives in a world of his own, but when a person is awake he is only partly in that world and mostly in the outer world. Every phenomenon needs accommodation. It is not only the sound which is audible, but also the ears make it possible to hear the sound. The mind is the accommodation to receive the impressions, just as the ears are the accommodation to receive the sound. That is why a natural state of sleep is like a profound concentration, like a deep meditation; and that is why everything that comes as a dream has a significance.

 The Sufi Message of Hazrat Inayat Khan


28 Responses to “The meaning of dreams”

  1. While I wholeheartedly agree with this bubble-dwelling saint about sleep being a kind of meditation, Axinia, I don’t quite think everything that comes as a dream has a significance, unless one chooses to live in a make-believe bubble 😐

  2. sailaja Says:

    Hi dearest Axinia,
    welcome back and nice pictures of Italy. this dreams topic, i feel is very appropriate to me at this moment. Is it? Thanks for such a nice message.

  3. I like this message. But there is one strange thing happening recently – I am getting some dreams! I am glad that I don’t remember them. But normally, I have a dreamless sleep and am very glad about it. I really don’t know if there is any significance of the dreams and I hope there is none, as I am getting some sort of horror dreams :-O

    Destination Infinity

  4. swaps Says:

    No doubt I love to sleep 🙂
    Indeed, a good dream refreshes me so much…infuses so much energy and clarity of thought. May be mind relaxes through dreams.

  5. dmitri Says:

    absolutly agree with it. my dreams are often chaos. aldow i dont understand my dreams never the less i give them significance and sometimes try to reflect about them later in the day. actually when i wake up i feel that the night was full of happenings as if some work bein done in my sleep.

    • axinia Says:

      can not agree with you more!

      Me too, in the morning I feel I am back from a different world (mostly it is fascinating nad beautiful)…sometimes i think that is the reason why I am not intrested in cinema – my dreams are better than any blockbuster! :))))))))

  6. Sahaja Says:

    “here is nothing without meaning; it is our lack of understanding of its meaning that keeps us in darkness.”
    I couldnt agree more with this!

    I love sleep too…..I dream and remember them too…but most of times, if I get a dream, it has happened [atleast very simialrly] dont know why!

    • axinia Says:

      Sahaja, it is for sure a good sign 🙂 and also very helpful in everyday life, right?

      Normally when i wake up the first thing I do is remembering my dreams and trying to intrepret them – intrestingly 99% of what I can read comes true, I can easily read signs of what might happen today.
      Like, one of the most bright cases was when I saw myself wearing boots (means a man, my husband). I was walking in the mud (money) and suddenly saw many golden coins that stuck to the sole of my boots (money) – the next day my husband suddenly got a very good job we have been wating for for 2 years! 🙂 And havbe millions of stories like that – when something happens suddenly, and only in a dream I got a hint on it.

      One can belive it or not, but it works.

  7. Hey Axinia,

    I always wanted to know about the subject of dreams.

    I know Sigmund Freud has studied and analyzed dreams extensively in his work ‘The Interpretation Of Dreams’, but couldn’t get to know of it as much as I would’ve liked to.

    Let me also say that the kind of person that I am, my vague thoughts revisit me in my sleep….some agonize me; some are bliss; overall, I can only say that my dreams ‘amaze’ me, however much that word can convey the meaning that I want it to.

    Thanks for writing, though I would’ve liked to have been thrown farther onto the road of getting to know my dreams better! 🙂


    • axinia Says:

      hey Vaibhav,

      I think people have been tryting to interepret dreams since ages, and Freud is really not the best one at it, belive me. His view is too primitive and has been neglected by the true science since long (please read my post https://1000petals.wordpress.com/2008/10/02/how-sfreud-made-this-theory-to-the-religion-of-the-20th-century/)…
      There are some common intrepretations from the collective consiousness of the whole world, they show the meaning of simple objects ina dream, which come uo rather often in everyone’s dreams. I can share with you here some – I watch the truthfulness of them since many years and it is amazing how exact the meaning is:

      seeing your mother – stress, many things to manage at a time
      seeing your father – a persent, money, or similar
      seeing a small girl – a wonder (a pleasant unexpected happening)
      seeing a small boy- troubles
      seeing a cat – something unpleasant
      seeing a dog -a friend
      seeing oneself naked – illness
      seeing mud – money

      I know also from Auyrveda, that if a person dreams adventerous dreams it means a problem with a liver (hot liver).

  8. radha Says:

    since i ve been in hong kong i have strated to really taste my sleeping hours and sleeping has become my best ceansing therapy. when u go t a chinese doctor the first thing they ask you is how long and how deep you do sleep. i dream quite a lot and mostly can give a real meaning to all my dreams thru introspection. it is not difficult.

  9. Axinia,

    Looking at the meaning of simple objects that appear in one’s dreams that you mentioned and especially this one seeing a cat – something unpleasant, it sounds like this is yet another branch of superstition trying hard to pass off as a pseudo-science. Like the age-old, ridiculous and false superstition that a cat crossing one’s path will mean something unpleasant, “dream-reading” seems to me nothing more than superstition bolstered by blind belief and coincidences.

    I know for a fact that taking medicines, especially the ones that work on the mind (like anti-depressants) can alter the nature and complexity of one’s dreams drastically. So “dream-reading” just seems to a branch of superstition that is not even as advanced as the countless other branches of superstition.

    However, I do agree that the “visions” that one gets may actually have some meaning, even a mild predicttion of things that may happen in the future, but one finds this out just after the event has happened.

    • axinia Says:

      Raj, I love cats a lot, they are my favorite animals of all – but unfortunately every time I dream of a cat or a kitten, always something unpleasant hapeens during the day. I am studing the impact of my dreams already about 15 years and it is really true.

      As for the visions – sure, you can only find it out when it happens (how should you know otherwise???)

      • The Catholic Church during mediæval times did a grave injustice to cats 😦 A creature that was considered holy in ancient Egypt and had a highly positive image everywhere else was falsely vilified by the Church and many of these false charges survive to this day as stupid superstitions about cats. Had it not been for this vilification campaign, the Egyptian view of cats would have prevailed in a milder form and cats would have been viewed as a symbol of luck and hope and this would have been reflected in “dream-reading”.

        Have you experienced a “dream within a dream”, Axinia?

        • axinia Says:

          A “dream within a dream”? – I can not remember any, may be…at least I heard about it.

          • Dear Axinia/AlienEarthling,

            This isn’t really required in the context of the discussion, but I am sharing one poem that I wrote. It talks of a ‘dream within a dream’.


            This ‘dreaming within a dream’ has happened with me sometimes. The poem is a work of fiction though : )


            • Vaibhav,

              That’s a lovely poem! But after reading it, I’m not sure whether the “dream within a dream” that you mention is the same as the “dream within a dream” that I’ve experienced 😐

          • Normally, I get dreams less than 50% of the times I sleep, Axinia. And those dreams usually are fairly simple dreams, without too many details and they are forgotten within a few hours.

            But when I was taking some of those silly, worthless anti-depressant medicine, the dreams not only became much more complex, but they had so many details and I could easily recollect them even after a few days. It was like I was virtually living in my dreams with all my senses awake and alert, even though I was sleeping soundly. I guess it was an effect of the medicine, since it was acting on some portion of the mind and dreams are formed in the mind. And the strangest experience was the “dream within a dream” that I got twice or thrice. Like I mentioned, the dreams were very complex, and I was very “involved” in them – it was like actually living in a fantasy world, conscious of everything that I was “doing” in dreamland. And the funny thing was that when I “fell asleep” in dreamland, I got a dream and I was aware that I was actually dreaming in dreamland! In other words, a “dream within a dream”!

            • axinia Says:

              interesting experience, Raj, but I wish you dont take any medicine for that.

              • I’m sure it was an effect of that useless medicine, Axinia, because after I stopped taking them, it was back to my normal, simple dreams. I guess it would be very difficult to experience naturally, unless the person happens to be a real dreamer 🙂

                That’s why I believe “dream-reading” is nothing more than glorified superstition. If a couple of tiny tablets can change the nature of dreams so drastically, I wonder how much can be learnt from “dream-reading”. I’m sure even simple medicines that work on the mind, like tablets for severe headache etc. can alter one’s dreams to a fair extent. I believe users of narcotic and psychotropic drugs would be virtually existing in a dreamland of their fantasies 😐

  10. radha Says:

    this sufi master is a real pearl, i also quoted him in here: http://nirmalamagazine.wordpress.com/got-the-ticket/

  11. I would suggest to all of you the interpretation of dream by Jung. It’s a deep analysis and it can help to know better yourself. First Jung said that all dreams has a meaning, they are a message from our inconscio…

  12. giorgio1977 Says:

    I know the name of the books in Italian..but I’m tring to tell you a traslation…about dreams He wrote “Anaysis of the dreams-Seminars”….then it is also very interesting “Psicology and religion” where he talks about primordial mother and deities!…He also tell in a very simple manner!

  13. thembi Says:

    it was a brilliant topic about the dream, i totally agree with you. thanx for bringing up such a senseful topic. All is true, keep up the great stuff!

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