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The downside of having many friends around the world April 27, 2009

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I love friends. Friends are fabulous, great, gorgeous and absolutely necessary.

I make frieds pretty fast and for me tt is often sufficient to have a sincere talk once to become friends forever.

However there is a small unpleasant problem in having friends in many different places – the physical separation. When I meet a good friend, the time flies so fast and it feels like there are millions of thing we want to do, to discuss, to experience together… And then for some obvious reason (leaving for another country, end of holidays, moving homes) we have to part…that feels horrible!

Another problem is that there are plenty of people I still want to meet and to be with, plenty of great souls I want to enjoy and share my love and frangrance with…what to do about it?!? There is no answer, for – like we say it in Russian – “one can not embrace the unbounded”… Sometimes I feel rather desperate about it…


P.S. this post is dedicated to all my friends whom I can not meet that often or still have not met in person (my online friends!).

LOVE, axinia


19 Responses to “The downside of having many friends around the world”

  1. Dev Says:

    I shall agree with you totally on this front. The greatest problem with having a lot of friends is that the mileage (read – time spent per friend) decreases with increase in number of friends. 🙂

  2. radha Says:

    thank you! but now vibrations about closeness and love are getting so strong that we wont mind if we dont see each other; because the same moment you are duing something in person with somebody, you are also doing it with some of your scattered friend around the world. i believe so, or better i just feel it! Luv

  3. swaps Says:

    But thanks to this separation, every mail, every comment …every word of my friends is so valuable. Indeed, somedays this is what gets me out of bed 🙂

  4. radha Says:

    yes we will for sure!

  5. sailaja Says:

    hi Axinia dear, can you read minds? i feel it is the collectivity in us that connects us in thoughts even. i just felt the same and today it is on your post. wonderful way of expression. you are such a lovely personality with a great magnetic power that everyone is attracted to be your friend.

  6. Sahaja Says:

    Thank you 🙂 🙂 actually I feel very near to me, cant believe i never met you! but i wud be soon 😀

  7. I think the problem you mentioned is an advantage too, Axinia, because unfortunatley, the old adage Familiarity breeds contempt can turn out to be true 😐

    If it had not been for the distance (and more importantly a tool like the internet to bridge that distance), it would have been impossible for you to have so many friends from different parts of the world 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      a good point, Raj! It is true that via blogging one can get to know more people than in real life, because blogging also gives a possibility to be in a contact for a long time, constantly…otherwise we could have met only shortly…

  8. Rambler Says:

    sometimes I feel fortunate to have this opportunity of meeting minds which are so much different and similar to that of ours, spread across the world. So what if we physically cannot meet them, but exchange of ideas and emotions are really important. I mean, I agree it would be great to meet people personally, but then when it is not really possible due to practicality, online world isn’t a bad option isn’t it

    • axinia Says:

      Rambler, the possbility to learn people one woudl never meet in a daily life is probably the most fascinating thing about Internet, I agree. And still, don’t you want to meet these people also in person? 🙂

  9. tatushka55 Says:

    Very sweet post, and you seem to be very warm person.

    I dont travel as much as you do, but still I have friends in different countries. They are not many :5-6 persons, we meet in different places, different times -but we still remain very close friends by the help of Internet 🙂

    I also want to travel a lot and have local friends in every country I visit.

    Axinia, where do you live now?

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