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A walk in the Vienna Zoo April 25, 2009

The Vienna Zoo is said to be the oldest one in the world (opened in 1752) and, probably the most beautiful.

We thought you might enjoy the snaps from our walk in the zoo today – animals are beautiful, innocent and so joy-giving!

LOVE; axinia&vladimir

19 Responses to “A walk in the Vienna Zoo”

  1. Nita Says:

    Lovely slide show Axinia.

  2. axinia Says:

    thank you Nita! I just thought that every Indian must smile looking at these photos – most of the animals here are not at all exotic for an Indian 🙂

  3. Rambler Says:

    looks like you had fun

  4. swaps Says:

    Very sad 😦

  5. I second Swaps on the comment. I have till now not understood the purpose of the zoo’s (either for us or for the animals). National parks and conservational parks are different, but zoo’s??

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      DI and swaps,
      You know, for a long time I was thinking the same!!!

      i never went to the zoo on my own, only 2-3 time with some children..and you know, I changed my mind!

      Poor today`s children, they grow up with all that techniques, equipment and plastic stuff around …and in the zoo they have a possibility to see the real life, real animals…you know how happy they are!!!
      I changed my mind then and think that this galp of fresh breath, of real life is worth it. Otherwise…today`s children are the governors of tomorrow and if they never see a wild animal alive then how will they care? I must say that the environmental awereness among ordinary citezens of Germany and Austria is very high, and they do a lot to keep this understanding and responcibility for safety of the Earth. And such things as zoos play an important educational role in that.

    • swaps Says:

      @DI, animals are undesirables. As we encroach upon their habitats, we need to keep at least some of them somewhere to save them from extinction. Thus a burden is off our conscience even as we have recreation and a small source of employment. Zoo fits the bill perfectly!
      Of cource, God has granted freedom only to mankind, others are just evolution’s slag.

  6. draupadi16 Says:

    Thank you, Axinia, for the beautiful pictures.

  7. @DI:
    errr above…..should be zoos (not zoo’s)


    I personally dun want to get into that ‘animal rights’ argument – it’s a long, separate argument : ) – but these pics make me tell you that I have always thought of animals as endearing.
    In fact, I have a special liking for birds. Some species of birds actually make me feel that we humans aren’t the best work of God ! : ) Somehow I find them living in a social system that is a better illustration of the concept of ‘ecosystem’. They are more completely a part of “nature” than us.


  8. beautiful, innocent and so joy-giving!

    Doesn’t that sound like the description of children, Axinia? 😉

    I don’t know what makes you believe one set of creatures with the above mentioned characteristics (children) are more responsive to the so-called “beauty” than adults, while another set of creatures (animals) are not responsive at all 😕

    But they are great pictures! I’ve never seen those fiery bird before…what are they called? And are those flightless birds the “penguins of the Arctic”? I fogot their name 😦 I love the picture of the big cat! 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Raj, I knew you will love the tiger 🙂 In fact I was thinking that you might like it while I was taking the picture.
      was just wating for your comment on that:)
      the birds you mean are the pinguins indeed…these one were not that big thought.

  9. steve Says:

    Great photos Axinia. Thanks.

  10. radha Says:

    http://pruned.blogspot.com/2009/06/zoo-in-vienna.html the new perspective of vienna zoo until october 2009 🙂

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