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The “Sixth Sense” is easily available for everyone – use your hands and get fascinating access to information April 23, 2009

My friend Sahaja posted an amazing TED video on some technology that acts like the “sixth sense” here;  I would like to repost it but with a bit different comment.

The video introduces the sixth sense wearable device and explains that it’s been cobbled together from easily sourced tech that totals $350. It combines a camera, projector and mirror. You also need to wear colour markers on your fingers for that full “Minority Report” effect. In the demonstration, PranavMisty wears the device and demonstrates how the coloured markers on his fingers are seen and interpreted by the device in different ways, depending on which application was running. He demonstrates navigating a map projected into a wall using hand gestures, or making the classic “picture frame” gesture takes a picture, he can draw a watch onto his wrist or scan an airline ticket to see if the flight is on time or check out the quality of a paper in a shop. Just see for yourself:

This seems to be great for those who wish to consciously access information from our physical world. And the number of such people is huge, I guess – the resonance in the world blogosphere is tremendous and everyone is delighted…

However I was not fascinated as such, because it is something I successfully “posess” since years and  for me it has become a regular day-to-day experience:Because almost all that fascinating stuff you do with the sixth sense device is easily available for everyone who has ever got the experience of self-realisation and does the daily practice of Sahaja yoga. What I mean is the percepting and working with VIBRATIONS.

Let me shortly remind you what vibrations is. Normally vibrations is being percepted like a sensation of a gentle cool breeze in one`s hands, on top of one`s head or sometimes around the body. Sometimes it can be warm or even hot. Never heard of that? You can try it out here (interactive presentation). Vibrations is a kind of the genuine flow of your being, which can be easily felt on the central nervous system.

The list of things you can do with vibrations (compare with the “sixth sense” video!):

  • diagnose your physical and psychical state with amazing accuracy (in seconds!)
  • diagnose the physical and psychical state of others (same good)
  • know how to help if there is a problem (mostly it works immediately)
  • check if the things you use are really good for you (types of food, particular book, etc.) or find out about the quality of a product
  • check if the person telling you something is actually telling the truth or cheating
  • manage the tasks of your life easier and faster
  • take the most benevolent decisions
  • stay cool in a stress situation
  • enhance the quality of your meditation if you do one (fascinating research here)

You may not be able to take a colourful photo with your fingers like Pranav, but additionally to that really great technical stuff presented on the TED video, you can do sooooo much more and enhance your life in a fantastic mode! Why not access Truth from our Universal Collective Consciousness using the vibrations?AND that is FOR FREE -No need to pay 350 $ for a device. 🙂

The so called sixths sense does exist and it is available to everyone, rich or poor, sensitive or sceptical…

Let’s jumt into the new reality  – using our own body as the most incredible device!


LOVE; axinia


17 Responses to “The “Sixth Sense” is easily available for everyone – use your hands and get fascinating access to information”

  1. Molly Says:

    Thanks for sharing this–I hadn’t seen it yet.

  2. kriskuz01 Says:

    Wow. When I heard about this I just laughed at Microsoft and I posted this video up on my blog too. Did you ever see the video of Microsoft’s vision in 10 years that looks pretty cool too. Here is the link if you want to watch it. http://www.geekswithgirls.com/thetechlunch/?p=2811

  3. The cost of the gadget maybe just $350 but the recurring charges of connectivity and subscription is totally hidden. Of late, I have even terminated the GPRS in my mobile, as I felt it was intruding a lot of my private time, when I used to be with myself. And the video looked like an advertisement and nothing more than that. Heights of gadget slavery.

    Destination Infinity

  4. swaps Says:

    Good PR work, hiding the fact that one must work for the actual ‘sixth sense’….. wish I could buy it 🙂

  5. Bad Karma Says:

    I’m not sure if you can compare this device and the sixth sense you speak of. While you can access deeper truths with your true sixth sense, this device is going beyond the keyboard and screen interaction technique. I think it’s computing becoming more natural and humane. One can interact with the world directly.

    Anyway, I had to defend this technology, as I am an Interaction Designer by trade. =)

  6. axinia Says:

    Bad Karma, no need to defend it as I am not against it a t all! – it is a funny adn nice device… However what I can do with my Sixth sence is not only deeper but also much more practical. It is not only for spiritual purposes, but also for daily need and it has helped me so many times in checking out things…And the most intresting thing about it is that everyone who has it will percept vibrations the same way. So actually it is not subjective but quite objective, as can be proved by many at a time.

  7. Romain Says:

    Needing a new mobile nowdays, I m amased at the amount of technology people bye without any need of it, becoming slaves of their mobiles. Axinia`s point is that we have an extraordinary machine within us, but we still don`t know it. I`ve been using this `sixth sense` threw vibrations and I must say it helps me in so many ways.
    For exemple, once, I was moving in Paris metro with about kids for my job. Suddenly I felt some wrong vibrations going threw one route and I decided to take another one, supposed to be much longer. The adults with us thought I was crazy since we were already late. But later we were all amazed to here an accident had happen whish would have put us very late! This is a new kind of GPS which help us even so much more than those limited gadgets. We just have to connect our brain with our heart so that it is enlightened. The amount of work it needs is nothing compare with the amount of work one need to build any machine.

  8. axinia Says:

    “Whoever knows the mystery of vibrations indeed knows all things.”
    (Sufi saint Hazrat Inayat Khan, 1882-1927)

  9. aditya Says:

    waiting to see the technology in open source

  10. Harrit Says:

    If a person like me not aware of using technology needs the device where to purchase?

  11. Bonny Says:

    so..where do we buy “the sixth sense” device?!

    • axinia Says:

      i suggest we don’t buy it 🙂
      Just use what is already within you! :)))

      • Shafie Says:

        Thanks for posting this. This is excellent. I have seen the Nov’09 video too. In regards to your reply “Just use what is already within you!? What do you mean? Invent ourselves from scratch and use it? Its been more than a year, the 6th sense device should be outright now. Atleast if the devise is not out there, dont you think installation guide should be available on how to connect all those gadgets together?

  12. Bonny Says:

    ok..thank you=)

  13. Flexible Says:

    hey!!know what!!i love to _ _ _

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