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The illusion of projects April 15, 2009

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Project is one of the main form of today’s collaboration. I guess almost everyone has been participating at least in one project, at work or as a volunteer. Projects are fascinating because they have a powerful creative element as well as a great team feeling. Generally people like to be involved in projects, although there might be  1000 underwater stones and problems.

I have been working on projects of all kinds  since 10 years, and I turned to be a good project manager mainly because I knew whom and how to involve. Over these years I have experienced and realised quite a number of things regarding working in projects and I thought of sharing some thoughts with you here.

The biggest secret about a project is that it is NOT about achieving a result, although people totally fall into the trap of this illusion. Obviously any project starts in order to bring some change into life, to improve something or just to create a joyful happening… Whatever it is, try to keep in mind that it is not the aim of the whole thing. But that is really the biggest trick about it all: project participants concentrate on “doing” and often start “hating” each other because obviously everyone has a different working style and when the deadline burns, the nervousness grows… So if achieving the project goal is not the real aim, then what is the goal you may ask me?

Yes, the real aim (again, this is my personal experience based conclusion) – is to learn how to lovingly collaborate with each other, to grow together in overcoming difficulties, to develop the collective body and simply – to evolve in it. When the project is over, people are of cause happy about the results (which are mostly successful), but they are even more happy about having worked and learned with each other!! That is a big surprise at the end, but unfortunately it is something that becomes easily forgotten when a new project starts and again the pressure of achieving some goal makes everyone angry.

So if you know what the real aim is, it is much easier to work stress-free and be more attentive to people, because it is finally people who do the work.

Another useful trick is to have a good attention. I wrote about it already here. Luckily I can literary feel my attention (cool breeze coming out of the top of my head) and when I feel it, I get the right idea, meet the right person, just do the right thing at the right time. This can become extremely efficient in a situation when things have to be done fast and free of mistake. It works miraculously.

Let me tell you one story. OnceI had to find a person to do an important project job – I had to find this person in a crowd of 2.000 people. I was given a name and said that it was an Indian wearing glasses. This was an international gathering with many Indians present. I just put my attention on it (following the cool breeze on my head) and started moving in the crowd. Then at some point I sat down by some people without looking at them properly. And it was rather dark already. I thought I just meditate a bit here. When I opend my eyes I saw a man next to me and just thought – this one might be the person I am looking for….”Excuse me, ain’t you Mr.Chavan?” -I asked. “Yes, I am, how do you know?” – it appeared to the person I was meant to find among 2.000 people! Someone told me afterwards that this was a good example of a sharp attention. And such things happen to me very often. Very useful took for working indeed :).

I project seem to be a short sketch of our whole life: the way we manage projects is the way manage our life. And the question is – do we try to succeed in achieving some material results or to enjoy our evolution? I prefer the second. And interestingly I get excellent material results too 🙂


LOVE, axinia


25 Responses to “The illusion of projects”

  1. Very interesting report about projects, Axinia. Thanks for sharing it 🙂

  2. Scop Says:

    Both would would be great. I like your approach, it leads to a happier life and good frame of mind that leads to success as in your example.

  3. In the example where you located the person, attention has less to do (as you picked up a person arbitrarily). I think that it was already written. That you would find the person for this particular task. You had to because miracles don’t just happen out of random events. They can’t happen just like that! If something has to happen, it will happen even if the whole world conspires against it.

    The patterns in our lives are clearly visible Axinia. These patterns cannot happen arbitrarily out of some randomness. And I think everything happens with a purpose. We have no control over absolutely anything. Of course, it is my POV and I hope it is absolutely incorrect.

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      Di, thanks!
      I do not remember writing about this story before… are you sure???

      You know your question about what things happen (…” because miracles don’t just happen out of random events. They can’t happen just like that! If something has to happen, it will happen even if the whole world conspires against it. “) – this is a serious philosophical question, and I like the most the explanation of Hazrat Inayat Khan. He describes very well what is the difference betweent eh Divine plan and our Free Will (the ability to influence the flow if things). I ghly recommend you to read taht great Sufi master, you may really like his explanation.

      As for my story, I can only add the following: yes, if I was meant to meet him, I would have met him anyway! – but with much more effort (asking around, making an anouncement, etc.). But that is the gem of it – to be able to do things in the other way, to use some other powers and tools 🙂 yes, the result might be the same, but the way of achiving it…it is finally more about HOW and not WHAT, I think.

  4. radha Says:

    fantastic & i enjoy the second in little and big projects of my life. good to read this. but i came here though to find that post abt organizing pics on your desktop, it was a great tool, lt me search for it now.

  5. MysticSaint Says:

    what a great blog you have started dear Axinia. Love it!


  6. Molly Says:

    How much more peaceful the world would be if we all realized the truth in that!

  7. Evgeniya Says:

    Dear Aksinia!!
    It is a great pleasure to hear this wonderfull story with glasses again und again!! In English language or in Russian!!
    Now, the secret, expecially for you! You know this!! When I am reading your blogs, I want to answer in ENGLISH!! FANTASTIC!
    How it is happens I don`t know, but my fingers type without mistakes..HOW??
    I know the right answer, I feel cool breese of my head und I keep my attention too:-)) And than I start writing!
    I will think about your blog tonight and give you tomorrow my impressions!

  8. Erwin Says:

    You make me reflect about the way I do things as a director … which is basically a manager too … and our 4 week intensive courses are a project of sorts too, ( renewed every 5 weeks a bit like groundhog Day : ) ! ) , a human growth project for each individual on the course , and a learning experience on many levels too for everyone , including us …

  9. Erwin Says:

    PS : not too bad as a teacher trainer , but not so sure I do so well as a director ! I tend to adopt a rather old fashioned task master approach , … Thanks for sharing your experience . Will try to focus more on the persons , less on the results . Enlightened management I’d call that : ) !

  10. Ldinka_108 Says:

    Interesting, but I find the same illusions apply to marriages, too, especially if some kind of task should be solved in timely manner… marriages are based on collaboration, too. And really, more important is not WHAT, but HOW… maybe it applies to any collective activities, even to small collectives, let say, even just for two people, to work out some kind of issues on the subtle level?
    triggers a lot of introspection… thanks, Axinia 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      thank you my dear! I think you are right, it may apply to any kind of collaboration. it is really interesting if we look at thing from taht point of view.

  11. swaps Says:

    I have got breakthroughs on holidays, when no one is around.

    “…interestingly I get excellent material results too :)”
    This one is so relevant in life too.

  12. Erwin Says:

    So the thing is any time we are trying to work with others on a common project , or any task for that matter , even as mundane as cleaning the house : ) ! , to try to remember that the important thing is the other person /s , not the material result , ( ” agh ! you didn’t hoover the floor properly, dear husband ! ” ” Yes, but I did it with all my love, darling ! ” : ) ; NOT easy, right ? at least not so easy in our dear old materialistic , result focused society , perhaps ? Surely the other person’s happiness and peace should be more important than a couple of unnoticed bits of fluff on the floor ? Or should the man express his love by paying closer attention ? But what if he simply doesn’t have better attention poor thing ? ( they say men don’t notice dirt as much as women : ) ! Sorry , I think I am accidentally opening up a whole new topic here : ) ! (a dangerous one : ) ? Hopefully not too much ! ( Axinia , you will be wishing my holiday ends soon : ) ! )
    Much love to all

    • Ldinka_108 Says:

      yeah, i can picture that clearly :-). instead could be something like this: darling, while I’m vacuuming the floor, would you, please, take care of the dust on those shelves? (if i know that he does a poor job on doing the floors 🙂 )

  13. Diffio Says:

    Sorry for offtop but I found a very interesting link: http://www.pufip.com/?q=1000petals.wordpress.com&a=site

    • axinia Says:

      thanks, Difiio 🙂 nice of you, but I am not sure it is very much correct – for instance, I have since 1 year Google page rank 5, here it says it is 0 (?)

  14. Ben Says:

    I love what you write Axinia you have both your heart and mind in the right place and its a blessing for everyone who come in contact with you. I love what you write about the aim as it reveals your wisdom. Every goal or aim must carry the faith, love or truth with it to give us a love for the journey of sharing and learning together. It is when we have false expectations or try to force ourselves or others to live out goals we don’t really believe in that things go wrong. Force and false expectations will never lead to happiness, but love, truth, sharing learning and growing together will make any journey such joy that it becomes a destination in itself. What goal can possibly be greater than love, truth & happiness? I respect your knowledge of truth, love your desire to share it and wish you all the happiness in the world. What you speak has as great a value to me as what I might read from a scientist or learn from a prophet and seeing the spiritual truths and scientific truths come together in what you do is a wonder to behold. You are a great inspiration to me, we need many more people like you.

    • axinia Says:

      Thank you Ben for this inspiring appreciation. I love God, people and I love what I do – probably that is the reason why this blogs comes out so well 🙂

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