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The taste of affection April 14, 2009

 (image by me)

I wonder if our favorite food represents in a way our character? – It would be logical, as everything we prefer somehow represents us 🙂

I suddenly  realised that most of the food I like has the same kind of structure -it is very soft and oft puree-like: potato puree, mango-lassie, zefir, fruit-puree, sponge-cake, souffle, etc.

All these products remind me of tenderness and affection, which I value the most in myself and in relationships…


Can you find a correlations with your favorite foods and character features?

LOVE, axinia


17 Responses to “The taste of affection”

  1. I have never heard of this theory before, Axinia 🙂

    I don’t know…I like hot and spicy foods…things that sting the tongue as well as those with a variety of flavours and I like foods that have a fruit or chocolate flavour as well! 🙂

  2. swaps Says:

    I prefer raw and uncooked food like fruits and vegetables as they don’t make you feel heavy. When hungry, I like non-veg.

  3. I like any vegetarian food. Earlier, I used to be selective, but of late, I like anything that is well cooked! I used to hate the Jack fruit (Isin’t it jack fruit – the photo or is it mango?) but now I have started to like even that 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    PS: The selection of food may be due to the character features but I don’t think character features would determine the selection of food.

  4. I dunno; I love Oranges : )
    What could it mean?


  5. Rambler Says:

    actually I like anything that is vegetarian, basically I am foodie…love anything that is edible and veggie :D..hehhe am wondering what does this imply..

    • axinia Says:

      probably that you have a rich personality? in fact I also eat everything, I am not fussy at all! – but the thing is if I think of what I love the most, then it is all soft food…

  6. Sahaja Says:

    I love all fruits ….from citrous oranges to sweet mangoess….melons are another favorite…..

    and for gen food, I love spicy but not soo chilli, i love it if all the 6 tastes including sweetness are there in the food,…….

    • axinia Says:

      ok, let me suggest… you love life totally, as it is…and still you preffer the most joyful, bright and simple aspects of it – because I feel that is what fruits represent.

  7. nirmalamagazine Says:

    i d love lavander everywhere – try lavander cookies they are sublime, just put a spoonfull of little buds in the mixture of flour, eggs and so on and then give them a shape and to the oven. i also like everything, i love mozzarella and tomatoes, charboidrats veg, yogurt, prefer all it is veg based. green tea food, i also love spicy, sweet and sour , salty. dessert not too much but fruity ones yes. i just posted the reasons why green tea is good and healthy. come to see. lov, r

  8. Huihua Says:

    ya i believe our taste in food reflects our character and body constitution. I observe that those hot tempered and workaholic type of people like salty food, meaty and fried foods. and girls especially like sweet foods. I’ve tried offering sweets to those workaholic types but they always say they don’t like. for me i would intuitively choose to eat what is good for me at that moment. sometimes i will crave for something which is what my body requires. as my body is quite weak, so i prefer foods which are nutritious and rich, such as creamy foods and those with substance. i tend to dislike airy kinds of food. if i eat the wrong type of food i don’t feel so good. every food has it’s own properties and effect on the body so is no wonder that we have our own preferences!

    • axinia Says:

      that is a valuable insight, Huihua, thanks a lot.

      I woudl say I also follow what my body need as diffrent times, and I even go to McDonals once in a month, if I suddenly feel like eating somthing extremely unhealthy 🙂 But I am not sure I need all these “tender” food which I preffer, it is actually not the tase of ti but probably the form (puree and melting) is what matters to me, form the pruduct tipe it can be pretty much anything (salty, sweet, etc.)…

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