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What actually happens when you get into the meditative mood April 2, 2009

 (image by me)

“…but in meditative mood you are alone. No one exists there. You alone. And once you enter into that ocean then the whole world becomes your whole family. The whole world is your own manifestation. All the children become your children. And you treat all people with equal understanding. The whole expansion takes place when you enter inside ‘your’ spirit and start seeing through eyes of the spirit. There’s such calm, such peace, such bliss within you. You have to be ready for that journey. That journey is alone in your meditativeness.” 

 Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi


8 Responses to “What actually happens when you get into the meditative mood”

  1. axinia Says:

    These are beautiful words…I can only say that it is POSSIBLE in our lifetime to reach such a state – I mean to experience it again adn again (unfortunately not always, at least not for me)… sounds incredible but it is true.

  2. I think a lot of practice is required to get in to that state.

    I prefer to think that even sleep is deeeep meditation 🙂 It’s just bliss!!

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      DI, in a way some proctice is require, yes. But it is also possible spontalenously, can happen 🙂

      Sleep is a good point. In fact, in the brain the phase of the deepest sleep (Teta-vaves) shows the same picture as the phase of a deep meditation (liek the one desribed in the post). And it is actually the only state when the mind relaxes fully (Alpha or Beta-vaves states of sleep, when we actually dreem are different and not really relaxing)…
      What is the differnce to sleep is the YOU ARE AWARE of that marvelous state adn can fully enjoy it will all your senses – that can not happen when you are in a deep sleep thought…

      So why not to have even more and more of that?? I love to.

  3. Do you enjoy meditation? I have tried it before but I am not able to concentrate! I start thinking about something, and it goes on into a long thought chain!! Are there any tricks to not let this happen, like chanting ‘om’ in the mind while meditating, perhaps?

    And yes, when I sleep, I generally don’t get dreams and I always have a deep sleep! I can sleep whenever and wherever! I consider myself lucky about that 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      Thank you for a very good quesiton, DI!

      To tell you the truth, most of the meditation/self-help/yoga techniques (like saying “om”, etc.)
      make me laugh as there you learn to control your mind with the help of your mind. Isn`t it absurd?!?

      But I can only speak from my own pexerience, an so far it is like that:
      My experience tells that Self-realisation enables one to enter into the new dimension (physically perceptible!) where one can easily do beyond the mind. With me it work this way: I feel the cool breeze over my head which relaxes the scalp and then somehow the brain. It is absolutely real because I can not force it and sometimes I do not feel it/ or feel warm – and even if I want very much to have it the other way, I just can not influence that. It is just there – or it is not. It is like the 7th sense!

      When I feel it clearly it is incredibly enjoyable (like drinking the divine nectar) and at this moment I just can not think. I am aware of the surroundings but the power of joy and love is stronger. And if I am lucky to enjoy this pure state for 5 minutes than I feel like charged with tremendous powers and billions Watt of Love…

  4. radha Says:

    i would have choose the photo of a flower which is completely vivid and in full focus though

    • axinia Says:

      interesting… I have chosen that picture because to me it reflects the element of dissolement (when you beome one with the whole)…soft and powerful..

  5. beautiful, You have collected the finest nectar from Mataji, thank you!

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