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Do you think there is generally more good or evil power in the world? March 31, 2009

 (image by me)

Apparently that is not an easy question – when we look around and listen to the media and complains of people we can think that the world  is full of evil powers/negative happenings/bad people etc.

I would really like to know what YOU think of it!

My opinion: there is definitely more good than evil. And not because I am such an optimist 🙂 No. The reason is that the nature of good is constructive, the Good loves to create and to nourish. The nature of evil is to destroy. Thus, if  evil would have been the dominant power, this world would be no longer there. As simple as that 🙂

What say?


LOVE, axinia


42 Responses to “Do you think there is generally more good or evil power in the world?”

  1. pochp Says:

    Your reasoning is very good Axinia.
    Even though I’m a pessimist, you made me agree.

    • axinia Says:

      Another thing is feel is that generally the good is not loud, is not intrested in promotion and attraction – that is why we do not hear about it that much 🙂 I mean all negative stuff needs badly attention (that is kind of a nourishing energy for its nature) and therefore the evil is more evident.

      Sorry for this clumsy explanation 🙂

  2. JV Says:

    Definitely, as you said, there is apparently no proper answer to that.

    But I think the question is something like, Weather there is more light than darkness? Now even if everything is dark, in dark, still a small lamp can have its light. So, good or evil power is not collective thing. Even if 99 % power is evil still 1% can be good!! It is not matter of power-play! Which side has majority or who prevails! Good or evil is individual thing, if I am good , no matters how many evils are around, and vice versa.

    • axinia Says:

      thanks, JV!

      you brought up a good point…
      I know the concept of Maya? 🙂 🙂
      At the end of the day it is all a kind of a play, a performance…one can see it often so clear. We do need this fight between the light and the darkenss – to create a play, a beautlful story, to see what is actually behind. simply – to EVOLVE.

  3. swaps Says:

    I believe that to recognize something as good or evil is beyond human capacity. But if pressed, I would say good is stronger…or shall we say, truth and beauty rule over ignorance.

  4. swaps Says:

    Hey, the image is very symbolic. Good choice.

  5. Princess Aiz Says:

    I agree with ya axinia,
    but it is progressing in fast pace towards self destruction..
    people killing its own race..
    very sad fact..

    how r u?


  6. Sahaja Says:

    I dont know what is proper answer….but as of my experience, I have never experienced/ felt the presence of evil!
    So I say GOOD ofcourse!

    PS: Also depends on whats your classification, or perspective! which again depends on mainly environment we live in, apart from many other factors!

    PPS: For some strange reason, I am not able to post this comment…It says U have said it too recently, duplicate comment :O
    but anyways I am trying again…letc

    • axinia Says:

      Sahaja I know what you mean by saying you ahve never exprienced the evil. But I believe you have, only you may not see it this way. Surely it is the question of perception and I also belive that even a hard lesson like an illness, povetry or divorce are for our good to learn soemthing…

      To me evil is something which destroys or hurt just for the sake of it, there are really some people liek that! not many but still… you know the best illustration to it would be this great Dzen-Buddhism story:
      Two monks were washing their bowls in the river when they noticed a scorpion that was drowning. One monk immediately scooped it up and set it upon the bank. In the process he was stung. He went back to washing his bowl and again the scorpion fell in. The monk saved the scorpion and was again stung. The other monk asked him, “Friend, why do you continue to save the scorpion when you know it’s nature is to sting?”
      “Because,” the monk replied, “to save it is my nature.”

    • @Axinia and Sahaja: How can someone not feel/experience the evil? I am sure and even Raj will agree with me 🙂 that even the best intentions sometimes are dealt differently by different people. There is no guarantee that we will always meet good people. We also meet bad people on the way and they sometimes inflict what they consider to be bad, on us. Whether it affects us or not maybe a different argument, but can you throw more light on not feeling evil at all?

      Destination Infinity

  7. Nita Says:

    I believe that even in most evil people there is some good and a little bit of evil in most good people. You will rarely find pure specimens and when the balance is just about right we say this is a good person. Overall ofcourse good triumphs. It is what brings the balance.

    • axinia Says:

      Nita, you are absolutely right by saying that even in most evil people there is some good and a little bit of evil in most good people. It is very true.

      and I also love your word that GOOD TRIUMPHS – what a clear expression. thank you!

  8. Of course, you already know what I’m going to say, Axinia 🙂

    Yes, there are more evil forces than good in this world! Also, the nature of good is not to create and nourish and that of evil is not to destroy. That is not how it works.

    The philosophy of good is “live and let live”. The philosophy of evil is “live and kill, murder, destroy, rape, loot others to live”. The world has not destroyed itself because evil does not destroy itself. Evil only destroys and sucks the life out of others to profit and satisfy itself 😡

    Also, if good was prevalent, there would be eternal peace, love and harmony in the world. Is that the case? Of course not! It’s the exact opposite! So, it’s evil that is prevalent.

    And, it is not always a direct battle between good and evil because one must remember this: All that is necessary for evil to flourish is for good people to do nothing.

    • axinia Says:

      Raj, you can imagine I was expecting this comment 🙂 🙂 🙂

      The only weak point in your theory is this one: “The world has not destroyed itself because evil does not destroy itself. ” because it it does!!! really. I have seen. you have not??

      Anyway I know you will NEVER change your mind on this topic, what ever I post 🙂 And I also know WHY.

  9. kanagu Says:

    I believe that there are more good than evil else I will say we would have or this world would have extinted now. The thing is, the excitement we have while speaking about Hitler is not there while speaking about Mother Theresa. She has saved many lives. There are not numbered so as the killing by Hitler. But our historians will give approximation for that and not for the no. of people saved 😦

  10. Rambler Says:

    I wouldn’t turn away from evil, but I would like to believe there is more good..

  11. radha Says:

    Evil is the stupid and funny of our society, it seems to me it is slowly disappearing but a portion of it shuld be kept actually because it givs us good laughs all the times!

  12. radha Says:

    Evilish attitudes/people/stuff are so helpless and many times they touch my heart, i can feel tremendous compassion for them and pray that they dissolve into ocean of joy somehow – i got experiences when this power really worked instantaneously, other times it took years for them to disappear or becoming completely innocuous / inactive when i interact with them. but this is part of personal experience only, i think u know what i mean 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      I know some good methods how to combatt evil inentions in people especially if this is kind of agression against me (happens extremely seldom by still). There are genarally many secret ways hot to handle such things – yes, I think I know what you mean 🙂

  13. sailaja Says:

    Nice topic Axinia.
    i agree with nita “in most evil people there is some good and a little bit of evil in most good people.”
    As you said the good is more than evil , that’s why this world is still suriviving. and the evil which amounts to a small extent also, since it touches our heart and causes grief because of the loss that it is causing we normally tend to see that evil is more than good in this world. The impact of evil such as terrorism is vast but still is sporadic only but imagine if evil was more than good how the world would be! every day, every nook and corner we would experience bad and the impact of bad. the fact that the things are moving normally except in some places reiterates that good predominates.

  14. Diffio Says:

    Our world is only a good power. All evil power produced by man.

  15. It is very important for the Evil to be present for the existence of Good and it is equally important for the Good to be present for the existence of evil. If either of them is totally absent, the other also will cease to exist.

    And I think there is always a balance of Good and Bad. Or should I say, what we perceive to be Good or Bad? Someone, I feel, is balancing everything out. Of course, I may be totally wrong! I hope I am.

    Destination Infinity

  16. axinia Says:

    DI, what i can say for sure is that you are very balanced…

  17. swaps Says:

    I remember reading about The Other (in Russian political context), they even have a name for it, though I cann’t recall it.

    • axinia Says:

      was not clear, swaps – what do you mean?

      • swaps Says:

        Can we not be neither good nor bad?
        I was thinking, perhaps, the soul is like that, neither good nor bad (but then what is soul).

        • axinia Says:

          swaps, I know what you mean but I out of my expeirence life is full of things that (at least at the first glance) appear clearly good or bad. Looking deeper inside you can justify everything and “yes, it is the play” – and it is surely so…but people need to have some clear lines and generally we all feel that something is good or bad, right? Another thing is that if one is, say, masohist , and love to experience bad things and suffer…then I have no comments.

  18. yayaver Says:

    Both evil and good are counter balancing each other like seesaw. Itis our relative reference where we are judging the good vs evil.he world is not simply black or white but as a variable shades of Grey inside us is present everywhere.

  19. Lucky Says:

    Importance of light is just because of darkness …….

  20. axinia Says:

    I agree with all the recent comments on the importance of darkness…yes, it contributes to the PLAY. The origina question was only what you believe dominates – the light or the darkness?

  21. Lucky Says:

    Obviously Light ……. but it is more exciting when it comes from darkness !!!

  22. Bad Karma Says:

    “When you do things right, people won’t be sure you’ve done anything at all.”

    Such is human nature – appreciation of the simple, good action of everyday go unnoticed, whereas, evil gets a lot of attention. =) We just need to educate people to focus on the beauty in life (like your blog), and not the negative newspapers.

    • volodimir108 Says:

      Bad Karma,
      you touched a good point – people just have to be educated, they must be aware of that. The only problem is that is it not in the intrest of the ruling elite to let people know how to live the best, otherwise people will not be easy to control.
      Remember axinia’s posts on Propaganda?

  23. archanaccp Says:

    i second your opinion…

    first time on your page…U gave a great blog…

    Keep it up


  24. John Says:

    Although I agree with the end result I don’t agree with the logic. I think we would all agree that the world is being destroyed as we speak. Science seems to suggest that the human race will not last. We have problems with overpopulation and not enough resources. There could be just slightly more evil than good, and it would cause a slow downfall.

    With that said, I do believe that per capita good holds more value than evil. Even if there is more evil in the world, it pales in comparison to the beauty and value of good.

    • axinia Says:

      John, the last sentence is a true jam “Even if there is more evil in the world, it pales in comparison to the beauty and value of good.”
      love it!

  25. cristina Says:

    Evil is, roughly speaking, just an educational tool if God. Is it present in lange quantities these days? of course, but this was scheduled to happen. According to the Indian circular theory of time, we are now in Kali Yuga, the fourth of a repeting series of 4 ages, during which the “good” is reduced to a quarter of what it was (and will again be) during the Golden Age (aka age number 1 of the series). So there is comparatively lots of evil and little good (compared to other ages, I mean). So what? God is still in control as He created this world and runs it. Next station, another Golden Age…

  26. Beema Noel Says:

    After the Sandy Hook shooting, or similar events I wonder much as you have. And I feel your question was well answered by you from the beginning. But I’m not sure it is the right question. The question which always arises for me is; which power has the strongest; or let’s says most potent influence in the world? First of all we can actually see, built into material existence; that destruction is inevitable. Now the temporal nature of existence alone doesn’t mean that nature is evil, but the power of destruction creates an apparent vulnerability; one which is more easily leveraged by evil. If you look at any evil act you can see the great power it has over us. Look throughout history and one sees the potency of evil; which itself may only be some sort of imbalance; but leveraged it can create a very great disturbance leading to destruction. It’s somewhat like a tiny splinter in your hand attracts all our attention & creates suffering. In the same way someone may easily use evil in order to leverage suffering against us. Look at a Hitler, one could say we are still suffering his influence today. Or observe public acts of violence, or even just acts of hatred which may incite violence. In the scheme of things, seemingly minor evil acts, may mobilize entire armies; where as it seems good must be exceedingly great in order to establish a return to balance; And that peace we just call a return to normal. So while good may be more common, it seems to me evil is more powerful. It is like a potent poison diluted in a great sea. But woe to the one who suffers a small concentrate. I don’t want to go further but I suspect someone will think or say what about Jesus, and I will be reminded also of the evil done in his name, and in the name of religions. All this only shows the importance of dedicating our thoughts, feelings & actions in the service of our own highest good; so that the virus of ill will or wrong thinking may not overcome us.

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