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The spring is finally there! March 28, 2009


Sound the flute!
Now it’s mute!
Bird’s delight,
Day and night,
In the dale,
Lark in sky,
Merrily merrily, to welcome in the year.

Full of joy;
Little girl,
Sweet and small;
Cock does crow,
So do you;
Merry voice,
Infant noise;
Merrily, merrily, to welcome in the year.

Little lamb,
Here I am;
Come and lick
My white neck;
Let me pull
Your soft wool;
Let me kiss
Your soft face;
Merrily, merrily, to welcome in the year.

poem by William Blake

(image by me)


19 Responses to “The spring is finally there!”

  1. Lovely poem! Expresses the joys that spring brings along! 🙂

    We are not so lucky here in Chennai since we don’t have a spring season as such. The scorching summer has just begun – it’s already 34°C with humidity at 70% 😦

  2. Sahaja Says:

    Ahh well….its time to enjoy!!! 😀 Spring started already here 🙂
    looong day, blossoming flowers,green meadows….ahh am loving it 😀
    do read my post on new year…its spring in India too…

    Spring in India, is mark of cuckoos singing, mangoes everywhere….rainbows due to sudden drizzles to cool the earth of hot hot sun! Well, there is magic everywhere around isnt it?

    • axinia Says:

      but is it the real spring’? I mean may be the Indian spring we can better call the time after the monsoon when the nature really wakes up? no idea, but i would suppose it…

      • Sahaja Says:

        hmm, well here comes my ignorance may be! I cant explain if its real spring! But according to Telugu seasons, we have 6 seasons – we call them Ruthuvulu, And the new year is the advent of VASANTHA RUTHUVU – Vasantham in sanskrit means – essentially Spring!

        • axinia Says:

          ok, then it is The spring time 🙂 I wonder how it differs now from the begining of March when i was in India – I mean that time it looked like winter, rather dry…there have been these marvelouse flowers like bougonvillie (?) but in general very dry and nor really green…

  3. swaps Says:

    “…to welcome in the year.”
    Liked that, it is so natural to consider spring as the dawn of the new year.

    • axinia Says:

      swaps, it has been a tradition to start the new year with the spring in many lands, also in Russia. It feels indeed very natural and joyful to do so!

  4. Axinia, for some reason I can understand only two seasons. One is summer and the other is winter. This spring, monsoon, autumn etc. confuse me till date. Maybe because I was born and brought up in Chennai – That could be one of the reasons. And the other better reason could be – I don’t notice the changes! One tree, which is right in front of my house in Bangalore shed all the leaves before some months and now has got all of them back. I was told that this is a very usual happening. Now, this is the first time I am noticing it though, as the leaves come right into my stairs!! I think it is time to leave bigger cities and settle down in a smaller town 😉 What say you?

    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      DI, that is for sure because you live in such a climate…Move to Russia, Europe et. and you will immediately realise the magic and beauty of all seasons, beause they manifest very clearly and differ a lot! You will defienitely notice a diffenrece between snow all over and fresh greenery afterwards 🙂

  5. radhagarima Says:

    in HK Sping does not want to come. i had to escape to delhi for the weekend to bathe in the sun and see the flowers blossoming!

  6. Wortman Says:

    Do you think so?
    Here in Bavaria it doesn’t look for Spring 😦

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