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The encounter March 21, 2009

I was what they call a seeker of truth since my early teens. I was keen on intellectual knowledge and thirsty for understanding myself and the world. At 12 I loved to discuss geopolitical issues, historical findings and scientific discoveries. At 16, while my classmates were getting drunk and having sex with each other, I was in love with philosophy and psychology and a magazine ” Questions of Philosophy” was my table book along with fashion magazines (yes, my quest for beauty was also there!). At 20 I was already so full off all possible knowledge that I reached to the point of desperately wanting soemthing REAL, some knowledge that is practical, that would enable me to implement all I learned, some knowledge that would stimulate my spiritual ascent and not only my intellectual development. At that time I finally realised that my seeking was of a spiritual nature, for I was stuffed by mental knowledge to a great extend. And I realised that I need someone who will guide me on this way.

How I found to Sahaja Yoga and what happened to me I described in an earlier post here. Today I want to share with you some  thoughts on my encounter with the Sahaja Yoga’s founder, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi and that for a good reason (read in the end of this post).

I could have posted some information from Sahaja Yoga site telling who Shri Mataji is, her background and her contributions. But I will not do that. I personally can tell about the greatness of a personly only by the imact of this person on my life. I preffer the knowledge born in the depth of my heart, which is personal experience based (my long-term readers know that!).


When I met Shri Mataji at 1996 what really stroke me was her incredible humility. “She has NO EGO!!” – that was my first thought because it appeared to me totally incredible.As someone who was far away from being humble, I was very sensitive on ego-issues. That was quite an experience! Since then I never met anyone about whom I would say so. Even small children – I can clearly see their ego play.

Time passed and as I took to Sahaja Yoga which appeared to be exactly what I was searching for: simple and profound, clear and very practical in every sense of it (reasons given here). Shri Mataji’s personality and teachings had made a great impact on my personal life and spiritual developments. What I value the most in this encounter is:

– She never claims anything to the be the ultimate truth and always encourages to see for oneself it if works this way or not (that is very valuable for me, because I oppose the blind faith and any esoterica nonsense)

– Her lectures are full of knowledge but at the same time easily understandable and interesting both for sophisticated intellectuals and uneducated people

– In her presence vibrations are the strongest and even non-Sahaja yogis report feeling cool breeze coming from her presence (I heard it even from people who are rather sceptical)

– She gives the experience of Self-realisation and all deepest knowledge about human nature and collective development for free, meaning that it all belongs already to us  -same as we are not paying for the fresh air. She strongly believes that spirituality is not be purchased

-Apart from being a mighty spiritual Guru, she remains a loving and caring mother, and that works somehow for all her disciples. Directly or indirectly one is being taking care of by her and that feels!..

I am very grateful to Shri Mataji for finding this amazing method of Kundalini-awakening an-mass, the method that enables everyone to get his/her Self-realisation and achieve a happy, fulfilled life – full of joy and spiritual delight.

I am glad that I was able to get all this and my only heart’s desire that as many people as possible can share this incredible state of living with me.

DEDICATED TO THE TODAY’S BIRTHDAY OF SHRI MATAJI (21 March 1923). Happy Birthday, Mother!

LOVE, axinia


9 Responses to “The encounter”

  1. I also took to philosophy quite early… Actually I did very well during my 10th Standard board exams. But just one and a half years later, I found myself in the slow learners class…. So, I became very depressed 😦 It was at that time that I became interested in philosophies. I wanted to find an explanation, and I happened to gross through a couple of them. But I was not satisfied with the explanations given! The thinker that I was, I created my own philosophy!! I explained it to the world (At least for people in my city) in a FM Radio show. I will reproduce the conversation here (The philosophy is copyrighted to me 🙂 ).

    RJ: Hi there…. so what do you want to share?
    Me: (Oh no, I thought he will ask some question!) A……. I want to tell a philosophy invented by me.
    RJ: That’s cool. Go ahead…..
    Me: I have come to the conclusion that the amount of happiness and sadness that a person feels over the entire period of his life is equal (50-50, in varying degrees) and life is same for everyone. It just appears to us that some people are more happy and some people are more sad. So, nature balances our lives and eternal justice (Karma??) is maintained automatically. This could apply to even animals….
    RJ: What was the basis of coming to such a conclusion?
    Me: My thoughts and analysis.
    RJ: Sometimes when we are faced with big questions, we do tend to come up with simplistic answers (He thinks for two seconds and his tone becomes sad!) Anyways, let us go to the next song………….


    Destination Infinity

    • axinia Says:

      DI, that is a good idea and I am sure it works for many people but not for all. Al least not for me. the amount of happiness in my life has always been much much bigger then of sadness, really. I am very sure, because I watch myself. Or you can call it am exeption that justifies the rule 🙂

    • swaps Says:

      Liked your comment, though 🙂

  2. sakhi Says:

    @ DI

    A good philosophy! 🙂

  3. Valusha Says:

    “In her presence vibrations are the strongest and even non-Sahaja yogis report feeling cool breeze coming from her presence”…

    Just yesterday we discussed with yogis how can it be. How can people have sensitivity to vibrations without self-realisation? What do you think about it?

  4. Edword Says:

    On this auspicious occasion, my heart is full and mind is peacefully empty, but here are a few words to compliment your message …

  5. axinia Says:

    Thank you, Ed! That is what matters -the personal experience!

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