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Akiane, a child prodigy artist – love and compassion in paint March 16, 2009

There are various debates about her on the Internet. Some voices speak of her with awe, others speak of her in a knocking fashion – usually because she is religious and believes passionately in God (today it seems to be suspisious). Interestingly, being a daughter of atheist parents, Akiane learned about God through visions that appeared to her. She was home schooled, didn’t watch TV and their home doesn’t have Internet connection. So, there is no outside influences to her art and spiritual awakening. Everything that she learned is all from visions.

She was born on July 9th, 1994, underwater at home. Growing up with a few siblings, she is obviously blessed with an incredible gift, and she is very intelligent. She can speak four languages: Lithuanian, Russian, English, and Sign language.

Akiane showed, from a very early age, a high degree of technical skill in the making of fine art paintings. There was a very high degree of precocity in these works, such that they appeared to have been made by the steady hand and eye of a much older, more experienced artist. It is this quality of work that leads to the description of her as a child prodigy. Enjoy the video:

And check  Akiane’s homepage here.


P.S. Akiane means Ocean…


22 Responses to “Akiane, a child prodigy artist – love and compassion in paint”

  1. Nita Says:

    You can see the intelligence shine out of her eyes. It’s a beautiful and peaceful face.

  2. Raman Says:

    Really really amazing stuff!! Amazing what god can lead his children to do!!!

    • axinia Says:

      Actually it goes beyond a logic how a child can learn such a technique without being taught – it thingk it goes well with my last post on reading books and the quote of Kabir (meaning that we do not learn from books but from Love)…what say?

  3. Paula Says:

    A child of the universe

  4. sumasubramaniam Says:

    Hi Axinia

    I was wandering in the blogosphere and came across yours. You have a wonderful blog. The child is indeed very special as much as she is beautiful.

  5. swaps Says:

    Typical Russian eyes…she needs little introduction.

    • axinia Says:

      not really, her mother is Lithuanian – I would call her eyes Lithianian. And the depfth of the eyes is mere from her spiritual depth.

  6. Sahaja Says:

    Omg….thats fantastic!! gifted 🙂 God Bless Her !

  7. draupadi16 Says:

    So amazing, wonderful paintings – she is really an angel.
    In my experience of a childminder since 1992, I meet some special children coming on this world during the last years. I`m sure they will save our world!

  8. sailaja Says:

    wow!!! what a child prodigy!!! really she is GOD gifted. feel so happy reading about her and more inquisitive to see her other works. a blessed and blissful child!!!

  9. She is a prodigy, indeed! Her paintings are so much more beautiful than those ordinary-looking splashes of colour by some well known adult painters that sell for millions. A painting that sells for millions must look beautiful, like the ones by this girl.

    By the way, Axinia, what is it about Lithuano-Russian girls that makes them so prodigiously talented? 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      Thanks for a nice comment, Raj 🙂
      BTW I was wating for what you will say and how can you actually explaing the fact that Akiane never learned the technique? I think it is a good example of “past life skills”, otherwise there is no logical explanation from where could she has got all her ideas and techniqiues?…

      • You’re welcome to think that it’s because of “past life skills”, Axinia 🙂 I don’t want to impose my thoughts just because they happen to be different.

        For me, it’s just a combination of nature (genes) and nurture (upbringing). Since you mention that she was not trained, it could only be explained by her genetic predisposition towards art that was encouraged by her family.

        Usually, mother cats (small and big) teach their cubs to hunt and kill prey for food. But my cat was a tiny, helpless kitten when we brought it home. It did not even know how to drink milk kept in a bowl and it had to be fed. But as it grew up, it began to hunt small prey on its own without anyone teaching it how to hunt. How is it possible? It’s only because hunting is something that’s inborn (genetic) to cats and they will develop hunting skills on their own if left in a suitable environment even if they are not taught the skills.

        I think it’s the same with this girl. Her genetic combination must be something that is unique to her (broadly similar, yet very different from her siblings) and it has resulted in her prodigious talent in a particular field that she was fortunate enough to discover and excel in from a young age 🙂

        • axinia Says:

          but even sientist say that onyl half of personality can be expalined with its genetics.

          • And the other half is explained by the environment in which the person grew up in! 🙂

            Honestly, if you ask me, I do think that her in-born talent was nurtured to a certain extent by a family that homeschooled her. Let’s assume that she was put in a boarding school that taught the state-prescribed syllabus in a run of the mill manner. Would she be the child prodigy that she is? Most probably not! She would be like any other girl her age. Of course, since she has a specific talent, if an art teacher had noticed her skills and encouraged it, she would still be a child prodigy. Otherwise, she would have had to wait till she became an adult or for some kind of accidental self-discovery of her talent.

            Perhaps, one cannot rigidly define the personalilty as being 50-50 nature-nurture combination. It could be a 50-50 or any combination of 10-90 to 49-51. I guess it would vary from person to person 🙂

  10. Kathryn Says:

    I think that people are frightened of the things that they are not familiar with. Child prodigies such as this are rare and they scare people enough that those people will make harsh comments without even knowing what they’re talking about. She seems like an amazing child!

  11. […] I think a brilliant example of such a child is Akiane – I once posted about her here.  […]

  12. karen mary anne fletcher Says:

    Dear child and her mother
    i came across your child’s website last night because i wanted to understand the spirit of a child prodigy — i was deeply moved by the story of Michael Jackson (a singer and dancer and prodigy) — whom you can google too — the american media did not, it appears, honor the prodigy in him but instead quickly focused on the product — i am a little artis woking with pastels and writing — just awakened a few years ago to the artist in me — last night i wanted to say to this angel girl prodigy artist to sit with her mother in silence and allow her mother to love that child in her and she with her mother that not to get lost but stand firm on the ground — you have until eternity to share your blessings with the world and i thank you– child prodigies in the arts is a challenging journey especially in the united states and the story of Michael Jackson may move you to understand we love your blessings but we also love you well — happy in joy as a child — there is no rush —
    god loves all his children and blesses them to be in joy as children
    karen mary anne fletcher
    p.s. some time we shall meet and you can tell me what you think children would like to know in the stories i am writing to share the beauty of surrendering to the creative prowers — it is an honor but also we can all take our time

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