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And again…love March 11, 2009



Love is the main thing.

When there is love, there is energy, there  is patience, there is wisdom.

Love has to be there first.

Shri Mataji


10 Responses to “And again…love”

  1. axinia Says:

    There is so much truth in these words…but funnily enought, love seem to be the most difficult thing for people.

  2. Hmmm…Axinia, whatever Christ may have said, it’s not easy to love thy neighbour as thyself. And it’s almost impossible to love someone who hates you. In a world filled with hatred, love is quite difficult indeed 😦

  3. leafless Says:

    Love conquers all!

  4. sailaja Says:

    Yes Axinia, this is a never ending topic and as fresh as ever. the universal unconditional love is the only elixir for the hatred prevailing in this world. But as Raj said how many people can really understand it and forgive and love the ones who hate them? i can see even in SY there are people who still could not understand this principle of love and compassion and still hate and blame others though they talk much about detachment, contentment, introspection etc. Hope all such people realize the effectiveness and power of LOVE. but assuredly love has this power of transformation to good. let’s all hope for an Utopian society where love only prevails and there will be no place for hatred.

    • axinia Says:

      I believe LOVE is the matter of experience, and of expeirencing it CONSTANTLY… every human being felt love at sertain moment sof life, so this is a universal experience – however not many keep feeling love constantly, and that is why when people forget how it feels, they can not remember easily again.
      It occurs to me that it is just the matter of a continious experience of love…

  5. Dev Says:

    Very True Axinia…
    Love is indeed the main thing or rather the main ingredient of everything and being around us.
    Love is the upward glance. A glance that is allowed, by the powers above, only to those who are capable of heavenly wisdom.
    Yes. Love is divine…

  6. A Gambler Says:

    Ololo! I like what is written here!!

  7. Radha Says:

    Love should be a continuous natural practice for the ones who want to have their life rotating around this axe, this thing. Shri Mataji also said “in patience you grow the best”. Love and patience are very much connected. It’s beautiful and nothing will be lost.

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