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Sorry, but I have to post it: the best of Russian propaganda March 4, 2009

Sorry for those readers who don`t know  Russian, but I really have to post this absolutely brilliant video:

it is a new propaganda clip which was forbidden because of being “too negative” – to me it is the best example of the a HARD TRUTH about us all, especially about the youth.

To me it seems to be highly motivating  – it burns the heart to start DOING something for my country.


Great, simply great! It reminds me of the Matrix film…

I know it is propaganda, but damn it…it is so inspiring!!!

LOVE, axinia


7 Responses to “Sorry, but I have to post it: the best of Russian propaganda”

  1. I didn’t understand what was said 😦 but the music was very good 🙂

    But Axinia, why is Russia so intent on evoking the past glory of the erstwhile Soviet Union 😕 Surely, the challenges that Russians face today are very different from the ones faced by those in feudal, Czarist Russia. Is the St. Petersburg clan of Putin, Medvedev and associates planning to transform Russia into a single party totalitarian state 😕 That may not work any longer. Russia needs to head into the future, not into the past.

  2. axinia Says:

    without knowing the past future is not possible, Raj.
    And appealing to the glory of the past can inspire people, really. I dont see anything wrong in it. Finally, it is THE SIMPLE PEOPLE who have made this glory to come true, not politicialns.

  3. billibaldi Says:

    Axinia, As part of a (poor) catholic upbringing forty years ago, we were taught that part of the Fatima prophecies was that a religious (spiritual) Russia would be the saviour of the world.

  4. axinia Says:

    billibaldi, nice of you to say so 🙂 Nobody knows, but I strongly feel that Russia indeed has a great spiritual potential and many idealistic people. Something can work out finally…

  5. Peter Says:


    This clip is great.

    I am anxious to see you expressing yourself by video…

  6. purespirit Says:

    we need just to expand the meaning – not only for Russia but for the whole World. And thus the power of mass consumption goes down and disappear

    Axinia, tnanx for posting 🙂

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