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Love is a collective energy February 16, 2009

The supreme happiness of life is the conviction that we are loved.
– Victor Hugo

Language is often troubling, as can be seen in the literal meaning of common phrases: love is something you fall into, the tender trap; it is also something you make. In the West LOVE is sometimes described as a sort of flu of the heart but a flu that killed Tristan and Iseuld as weIl as Romeo and Juliet. Like flu, it is contagious. Teenagers, lovers, couples playing with each other’ s hearts can all experience the pain – just as with kids putting their fingers in the electric socket.

An extreme form of absurdity is to adopt the reductionist view that love is sex. The fact is that human love has many forms: affection, sex, tolerance, protection, companionship, fraternity, sisterhood, respect, compassion, admiration, dedication and worship. All of these attitudes generate positive interactions and are potentially huge sources of satisfaction. Many of them are crucial to maintaining cohesive groups and productive working environments.
 Our inability to give or receive love hampers the quality of these interactions and the collectivity suffers from the sum of these accumulated failures.

The fight for survival of an individual may express itself in any form of competition or even in violence. In contrast, sensitivity for our fellow human beings, a sense of compassion, generosity and caring are needed for the collective survival of a community.

In the history of mankind, man is gradually learning to evolve and survive collectively, as apart of the whole. In a Darwinian sense, the fittest communities are those in which the heart, which cares for the whole, is alive to inspire the brain. This, by the way, was the authentic message of the great religious teachers. “Love thy neighbor as thyself.” This is an eminently social message. The qualities of the heart keep the family, the tribe or the clan together more effectively and deeply than force or fear.

Societies which could activate the primordial force of love are those that structure themselves to genuinely seek the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

Grégoire de Kalbermatten, “The Third Advent”


17 Responses to “Love is a collective energy”

  1. Societies which could activate the primordial force of love are those that structure themselves to genuinely seek the greatest happiness for the greatest number.

    I would agree, Axinia, but the greatest problem is that such a society is completely utopian. It has never existed anywhere at any time in the past, does not exist at present and shall not exist in the future.

    Societies are always structured on the basis of power, greed, money, exploitation, discrimination and hatred, never on the basis of collective happiness 😡

  2. Sailaja Says:

    “Love as thought is truth. Love as action is Right Conduct. Love as feeling is Peace. Love as understanding is non-violence. Love is Selflessness, Selfishness is lovelessness. Love gives and forgives, Selfishness gets and forgets.”

    Utopian society is possible if everyone in this world understands the power of unconditional love and forgives even those who have done harm to them and forgets to take revenge. But the sad part is as many number of people who realize the truth are there, so many people who see the truth but do not recognize and realize the ‘truth and power of love’ do exist. that’s why the sight of such love filled society seems remote. But if every individual who follows the path of love can influence and bring about a welcoming change in the opposite kind of people, such a society is not far from the sight. Just being cynical about everything does not help. such a change is possible if each loving person does his best and shows everyone the path of love to reach the truthful eternity.

  3. swaps Says:

    For the sword outwears its sheath,
    And the soul wears out the breast,
    And the heart must pause to breathe,
    And love itself have r e s t.
    -Lord Byron

    (Love is most exhausting)

  4. axinia Says:

    you are right by saying that “It has never existed anywhere at any time in the past,” but it actually does mean that it will not exist in the future! one never knows 🙂

    you say “Utopian society is possible if everyone in this world understands the power of unconditional love and forgives even those who have done harm to them and forgets to take revenge.” – I believe it is not evn nesessary that EVERYONE does it, at least even if the more healthy part fo the humanity does, the rest will follow 🙂

    foget Lord Byron, please!! All these love-drama stuff is noncense….sorry to say that but that that is not uplifting, joyful, peace-making, is something else…dont call it love.

  5. Axinia,

    Your optimism is good 🙂 but you don’t want to acknowledge the true nature of human beings 😦

    I can assure you that humans, because of their filthy nature, are simply incapable of forming an utopian society 😡

    If you observe the animal kingdom, some of them already have societies that are fairly utopian. Humans, though they claim to be “civilised” and call animals as “beasts”, are actually several times more savage than any wild beast.

    Love is not exclusive to humans. All the different forms of love you mentioned like affection, compassion, friendship, brotherhood, sisterhood, etc. can be found in animals too, and in some cases, to a much larger extent than humans. On the other hand, many filthy characteristics like hatred, oppression, discrimination, exploitation, sadism, barbarism, slavery and destruction of nature are exclusive to human societies 😡 It took human societies many, many millenia to even think that concepts like Liberty and Equality should be made a part of society. Yet, almost every animal is free and equal in its own society. No animal society has the concept of slavery. Yet, slavery exists in different forms among humans to this very day 😡 And these barbaric human creatures 👿 are slowly exterminating civilised animal societies one by one.

    There is only one scenario in which an utopian society is possible in the future – by some wonderful occurence, all humans get wiped out from the planet. Then there will be several utopian societies on Earth, in the animal kingdom 🙂 (That would be ruined if, by some freak natural occurence, one of the apes evolve into human like creatures again.)

  6. axinia Says:

    Raj, I found one very intresting scintific information which may change your views on human evolutions, just chekc it out here:

    An abstract:
    ARE humans still evolving? It’s a controversial and exciting question. And according to Gregory Cochran and Henry Harpending, the answer is a resounding “yes”. Rebelling against the received wisdom of many evolutionary biologists who insist that we have reached an evolutionary plateau, the authors argue that not only are we still evolving, but also that we are actually evolving at an accelerating rate.

    Cochran and Harpending draw on the past decade of genetic data for our species, including new information about natural selection’s effects on individual genes that influence features such as metabolism, disease resistance and the colour of our skin and eyes.
    The evidence the authors present builds an overwhelming case that natural selection has recently acted strongly on us and may be continuing unabated, though the authors’ estimate of a 100-fold increase in the rate of recent evolution seems too high.

  7. Axinia, when did I say that humans have stopped evolving 😕

    Humans, like all animals (and plants too) have to keep evolving because that is how things work. Evolution is a continuous (but fairly slow) process and humans are not exempt from it because humans are just one species of animals. No matter what the “holy books” may say, the imaginary entity called “God” certainly did not create one man and one woman out of thin air and then ask them to populate the world. Only the myths contained in the “holy books” will claim that humans are different from animals because all the “holy books” contain loads of mythical, outdated and archaic stories written by humans from the primitive and mediæval periods.

    Where we differ is that you believe that there is a possibility of Homo sapiens evolving into some kind of civilised, enlightened, eco-friendly creature called Homo spiritualis 🙂 while I believe that Homo sapiens as an entity are simply incapable of collective enlightened or eco-friendly behaviour. They know only to multiply and multiply (at an alarming rate), kill each other by the millions (no animal ever does this) and destroy everything on the planet to extract profit because of their unsatiable greed (again, even the most savage beasts live in total harmony with their environment). I believe Homo sapiens are turning or have already turned into Homo rapiens 😡

  8. axinia Says:

    Raj, you say ” while I believe that Homo sapiens as an entity are simply incapable of collective enlightened or eco-friendly behaviour.” – because you can not see if from where you are… you know here in the West it IS happening, I can so clearly see how the awareness of people change – slowly but steadily.

    just come over and see for yourself 🙂

      • post industrial evolution is so fast and complicated that human brain some time can not understand the complexity of sensory inputs so reacts in very different manner even though flight ,fight and fridge is same e.g. issue like ego, prestige, need of money he feel life threatening emergencies and react in same manner of fight flight or fridge as in cortex there are no mylinated sheaths in neurons cortical( even thinking of it or due to taking of stress ) messages easily transfer to autonomic nervous system causing the serious changes in various systems resulting in hypertension .DM , MI ,APD and even more serious reactions and the negative emotions like fear,greediness, jealousy and extream competition which ends in fetal reactions ….
        To develop love ,piece ,bliss cortical pathways near the lymbic area where the all the vital centers including awareness and consciousness are present should be modulated properly as same neurons are used to convey previous messages ( reaction to ego/fear/thinking…) so body can react in different manner i.e. calm ,quite , relax and feeling of love sympathy, No breathlessness no HTN, No DM MI.. Normal liver spleen ( better immunity)pancreases function etc…

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