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LOVE in a time of global crisis February 13, 2009

The current global crisis is a popular topic. Even on the Valentine`s day one can talk about it!

Apart from a number of funny articles  how to date on a tight budget like here, we can find some reasonable connection between love and the crisis.

LOVE gives security– in the world which seems to be falling apart,  security is the first aid. But what can guarantee security today? Only LOVE, because, as we all know, loves makes us wear the pink glasses: The problems seem to be smaller and easy to manage – because the power of love simply eliminates them…

LOVE gives sustainance – not onyl it is easier to survive together, but also love itself is nourishing and supporting…

LOVE gives happiness  – and that of a different quality than some good shopping or a great food…

LOVE is the eternal fire that gives hope and security in the darkening times of the global decay of materialism. May be it is finally the time to start living the true values like love and compassion instead of gried and lust? (I know, it sounds silly and outdated, but actually -why not??)

Therefore – let`s be in love, with many as possible! – and the global crisis may turn out to be the global Resurrection.

LOVE, axinia


11 Responses to “LOVE in a time of global crisis”

  1. Bad Karma Says:

    Nature has it cycles of abundance and scarcity. It helps make us stronger. =) Hopefully the scarcity will help people look for the more simple, priceless things, like love.

  2. axinia Says:

    thanks, Bad Karma , I am totally with you.

  3. Aptly written Axinia. Greed and lust are the right words to describe today’s attitudes. “You can buy education, but wisdom is a gift from God”. Similarly, a coronory could be put in place for all the people who are out there to ‘buy’ love.

  4. swaps Says:

    There is a sea of gloom
    Afloat is a stubborn bloom
    Through waves of doom
    It pops up!!
    Axinia, is its nom de plume.

  5. BTW, you have been tagged on the topic “Slow Melodious and Soulful songs”

    Destination Infinity

  6. LOVE is the eternal fire that gives hope and security in the darkening times of the global decay of materialism.

    Axinia, love is always overshadowed by hate in this world 😡

    Therefore – let`s be in love, with many as possible! – and the global crisis may turn out to be the global Resurrection.

    The global crisis is going to lead to some terrible times for the world, I’m afraid 😦

    Swaps, that’s a lovely poem! 😉

  7. axinia Says:

    “The global crisis is going to lead to some terrible times for the world” – It can look terrible, but sometimes we need to expierience pain in order to get cured, right?

  8. I would not mind if those who were responsible for the crisis experience all the pain, Axinia. But that is not going to be the case 😦

    As always, in “free market capitalism”, it is the poor who are going to take the brunt. During the boom, it’s the poor who benefit the last and get the least. During the bust, it’s the poor who are affected the first and suffer the most 😡

    Besides, due to prolonged drought in different parts of the world, severe food shortages and famines cannot be ruled out:


    Coupled with reckless printing of money, it may to lead to hyperinflation. Combined with food shortages, it will mean massive unrest. It would be a perfect opportunity for barbarians to launch wars to cover up their own failures.

    Contrary to what you hope, Axinia, it’s not going to be a time of global resurrection. Global destruction is more likely. Infact, humans are incapable of resurrecting themselves or learning from their past mistakes and acting in a civilised manner. They deserve to self-destruct!

  9. Molly Says:

    Amen! I think it is actually necessary (the global crisis) because the way too many of us live is not sustainable. And if love comes out of it, all the more wonderful…..

    In the end, love is the answer.

  10. axinia Says:

    but…you know this saying— night is the darkest before the sunrise!

    Molly, you are sooo right!


  11. That’s true, Axinia. But it’s going to get much, much worse before things get even a little better.

    Infact, I believe that this crisis, coupled with looming food shortages, massive unemployment and hyperinflation, is going to lead to several revolutions around the world.

    One of them has already taken place – Iceland’s government collapsed due to mass protests. But it was peaceful, democratic and there was no bloodshed. But there are going to be some bloody revolutions in quite a few countries. The momentum is building up slowly but steadily.

    The U.S.A, home of “free market capitalism” is heading for trouble too. Ordinary American feel cheated, betrayed and they are angry. Very angry. All these “bailouts” are only meant for the filthy rich, the big corporations and the fradulent Wall Street crooks, who are responsible for the crisis. If the ordinary people don’t get anything, their anger is going to explode. And ordinary Americans are extremely well armed. So a peaceful revolution can be ruled out. After reading some websites, I get the feeling that Americans are preparing for a bloody revolution. The notorious corporate scoundrels who control everything in the U.S. would not give up their ill-gotten privileges easily. They would try everything to keep the people under control:


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