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The Obama-test for America January 31, 2009

Obama 2008


A lot has been said about the hope Barak Obama has brought about in the USA and around the world.

To me personally the main intrigue of his presidency will be in seeing the impact of IDEALISM on MATERIALISM.We have just learned from the Davos summit that recently the 40% of worlds money (50 billions of Dollars) has vanished into the deep black whole (where it probably originally came from). To be realistic, there is nowhere to exept help and immediate recovery from.

At the same time the amount of faith and optimism connected with Obama`s avatar is truly fascinating – millions do hope that he will perform a wonder and save the sinking world…

The USA has a notorious image of being a very materialistic country. My theory and a strong personal belief is that it is only idealism and high spirits of people that can perform wonders. And now I am very curious to see if Obama-test for America will prove that in the depth of its nature even such a money-and power oriented society is able to recover, uplifted by some higher ideals and its charismatic leader.

LOVE, axinia


17 Responses to “The Obama-test for America”

  1. volodimir108 Says:

    I like this “deep black whole where money probably originally came from” – brilliant comparison 🙂

  2. swaps Says:

    “The USA has a notorious image of being a very materialistic country.”

    And how. World GDP = $40 trillion
    US GDP = $14 trillion

    I believe it is beyond humans to correct this imbalance.
    Americans are not looking at this AS imbalance, they want their happy days restored …some how. It is time for bitter pills and nobody wants it.

  3. Impact of idealism on materialism – excellently put! The people of US I am sure didn’t want to go back to the inflated prices of the real estates and the consumer-obsessive centric economy of theirs when they voted Obama in. The question of the impact of detractors in the path of Obama (Look at the sheer numbers of people who didn’t vote for him!) in his pursuit of non-existent idealism would be answered by the no. of things he is able to push through the thick skins. But I am sure, with the kind of fundamentals he seems to have, he could learn fast on his new job!

    Destination Infinity

  4. Upstate Says:

    America has gotten through worse, namely the Great Depression and WWII, thanks to my parent’s Greatest Generation that struggled with great spirit and courage from poverty to greatness.

    However, in the Great Depression, they had to restore the great majority of people (especially immigrants) from poverty to a decent standard of living – giving them a secure roof over their heads, enough food and workplace rights. Today while many Americans are living in permanent poverty, greed and over-consumption are also a problem.

    Obama’s plan does much for the weakest in our society, but were are the constraints on greed and status seeking that led us into this mess in the first place? What we have learned is that we can’t trust the so-called free market, especially its global reach. We need to re-engineer our national and the global economy. We can’t just restart the old engine, we need an entirely new one!

  5. axinia Says:

    Upstate, thank you for your “American” comment, I wish you and your country all the best on the way of the great transformation.

  6. Prometheus Says:

    Thanks axinia.
    Of course, any person other than Bush would be better. However, I do not pin that much hope on Obama.
    What shocked me about this guy was his pathetic and irresponsible attitude to the horrible massacre that took place in Gaza.
    Yes, Obama may be an intellectual person and he knows a lot about world affairs. But there are those interest groups and the many political lobbies which the new president has to appease and take their interests into consideration.
    Btw, this is the first time I leave a comment here, and I want to say that I like what you write. Generally, your writings are quite inspiring and thought provoking. So please keep up the great work.

  7. axinia Says:

    Prometheus , many thanks, also for your compliment – i took a look at your blog and it is beautiful, but unfrotunately I can not read it 😦

    Yes, it is hardly possbile to have an ideal president today… The situation with Gaza has definitely some totally difference backgroudns than we can suggest… And even if Obama means is good, it will take him some time to really act upon his own will and not upon the will of his 1000 and 1 advisors and lobbists…

  8. “40% of worlds money (50 billions of Dollars) has vanished”


    Axinia, Obama is 100 times better than Bush but I still don’t think he can act on his own. There are too many vested interests that will never allow drastic change in America’s policies. For instance, the military-industrial complex. Even if the entire world decides to live in peace without any wars, those scoundrels would never let us do so 😡 Afterall, without wars and tension around the globe, how can the notorious global arms industry survive? For their profits, they will always create wars and tension around the world 😡

    Then we have notorious organisations like the IMF, World Bank and WTO. These people will never let poverty be eradicated from the world. After all, the very basis of “free market capitalism” is to exploit and oppress one section of people so that another section benefits 😡

  9. axinia Says:

    Raj, this time I am totally with you. There are lots of factros. But…at the end of the day the Better will happen 🙂 believe me or not!

  10. draupadi16 Says:

    Trotz allen Argumenten war ich fasziniert, welche Energieströme ich beim Originalvideo einer Rede von Mr. President spüren konnte.
    Alles Liebe von Draupadi.

  11. axinia Says:

    Danke, Draupadi, das ist ja ein starker Argument an sich!

  12. seshwallreigns Says:

    Axinia I certainly feel that Obama’s reign is going to be a Golden era of the American Political History Especially during these times of eco”Nemesis”.Can he and Paul Volcker set right the things—hmm lets see and but I personally feel that Obama has a fire inside himt o achieve something Great–Let see what answer time gives to all these things—A Very Good Post Keep it Up!!!!I am sure that Obama will take all measures for the Happy Living of the Americans.But yeah what you said was running inside my brain nerves–> USA has a image of being a Materialistic Country..What do you say??

  13. Danielle Says:

    Obama is just a hyperinflated politician by the media.Unless and until people in the USA and everywhere around the world will not returne to morality nobody can help them. He is the most liberal politician in Washington, so not to much chance to help people return to their moral values.
    “Woe to the libertine who preys upon the weak.The hour comes when he will be the weak, the victim of libertine of greater power”(The Aquarien Gospel ).
    Good luck to us all.

  14. radha Says:

    i love test ~ america is lucky ` hope she will get thru the test nicely and with dignity =)

  15. radha Says:

    danielle is right, morality is a must for america ~

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