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A human being consists of the whole world January 27, 2009

A human body consists of all five elements

And resembles of different animals.

A human heart can be a desert or a flourishing garden,

A stone or a fresh cooling waters.

A human brain can be a rich soil or a fruit tree

a lightning or a fast flowing river,

Male and Female essences are reflecting the Sun and the Moon,

The Breath of God is in every cell.

…Truly, what a perfectly beautiful creature, a human being.

A being that consists of the whole world!..


by axinia


40 Responses to “A human being consists of the whole world”

  1. Sahaja Says:

    Ya Ya…….True! A human being is something which consists of whole world!!
    At this , I remembered, Sri Krishna’s story[leela] balgopal ki leela!…..he eats mud and his mother Yashoda asks him to open his mouth and he says no I didnt eat….if you want see and he opens his mouth! She sees the whole universe in it!!

    My mom says God is in us, and everything! Suddenly when I read this, I felt, Who knows, may be this was one instance of Krishna telling us that God is in us!! Somehow I felt that. Thanks Axinia!

  2. Sailaja Says:

    Truely this body is made up of the five elements : breath representing the air, whole body which is perishable and mixes with the earth representing the earth element, vaccum inside representing the ether or sky, jataragni or vaisvanaragni representing the agni or fire principle and the water which makes up the body as the water element. but the true meaning to this human life is achieved only when we realize the God element within (Atma) and develop a desire to be one with Paramatma. other wise just living this human life is a waste in the midst of this materialistic mudane things.

    “Truly, what a perfectly beautiful creature, a human being” how well explained but now a days in this world, this is potrayed in the wrong sense exposing the bodily beauty and more into the grossness, moving away from the subtlety of the infinite.

    JSM Axinia, Dhanyuralivi to express the subtlness of this body in such beautiful simple words. Oh ‘Dhanyuralu’ in our telugu language means….. no exact word in english but you can say your life has been fulfilled. may be sahaja can explain it better. Lots of love to you.

  3. axinia Says:

    it is interesting that you thought of Krishna story inconnection wtih that poetry… Tha nature of a human being is really Divine. And it is good to remember about it.

    thanks for that explanation and for pointing out the element of Spirit. I think I have to add a line to this poem 🙂

  4. 🙂 😀 🙂

    /*Male and Female essences are reflecting the Sun and the Moon,
    The Breath of God is in every cell. */

    see this http://visheshunni.wordpress.com/2009/01/19/a-metaphor-called-god/

  5. axinia Says:

    thanks for the link, vishesh – I left a comment on under your poem.

  6. leafless Says:

    You have poetic talents. Great poem!

  7. axinia Says:

    @leafless – thank you, but I would not really call it a poem 🙂 it is just an expression… I used to write some poetry in my mothertounge Russian and it was with rithm and rhyme and meaning – that was something like poetry… But unfortunately I can not do in English.

    @Valusha, spasibo 🙂

  8. swaps Says:

    What’s so special about human being.
    God has injected his breath to each of his creation, he is in everything. May be we have something extra – the ego.

  9. Sailaja Says:

    yes very true Swaps( i always somehow felt that your name is swapna or swapnil which i like a lot), only when we shed the ego and develop love in our heart towards one and all, can we become the true human beings. one more extra quality of human is the discrimination power to know the good and bad. but majority are misusing it or not using it at all because of the thick veil of ego.

  10. axinia Says:

    yea…our good old freind EGO 🙂 it is what comes out of the Freedom the human being originally has. But we need all that- it is the part of the game 🙂

  11. swaps Says:

    @Sailaja, thanks a lot for your affection 🙂 Actually my name is Swaroop. I too like the name swapna.

    Axinia, I hope the game has reached a decisive stage.

  12. axinia Says:

    the game is always ON, my friend. it will never end 🙂

  13. Good poem, Axinia 🙂 But I agree with Swaps. Humans are nothing special. They are (mis)evolved apes who invented ridiculous theories like “creation” and “intelligent design” to delude themselves that they are special when compared to other animals. Strictly speaking, humans are just as good or as bad as apes, birds, frogs, fishes, cockroaches and mosquitoes.

    If anything, humans are a freak of nature, and this proves that Murphy’s laws hold good for evolution as well. Anything that can go wrong, does go wrong and humans are a result of evolution gone horribly wrong. They are cancerous organisms, like cancerous cells of the body, that are programmed to ultimately destroy its host, the Earth and everything that goes with it. The Earth would have been a much better place if the evolutionary freaks called humans did not evolve 😐

  14. axinia Says:

    Raj, I was just waiting for such a comment from you 🙂 thanks.

  15. 😦

    If you ask any other creature, Axinia, (apart from cats and dogs, maybe), they will tell you the same thing about us humans 😐

    I’m waiting for the day when some alien species from a different planet that is much more advanced than humans or a rogue omnicide virus decides that enough is enough and puts an end to the entire human species once and for all. They would be doing a great service to the Blue Planet and all Her planetizens.

  16. axinia Says:

    intresting idea, Raj – have not you you thought of doing it yourself – I mean of destroying humanity?

  17. Hmmm…I wish I could…but I know I can’t 😐

  18. kanagu Says:

    A very nice poetic lines Axinia….. :-). loved it much as a human. But as Raj said we are just another species in this world. But we are taking everything for granted in this world. Do you think is there any living being which was suffering as humans do? may be cows or dogs which is being tortured by humans think like that. We are the only animals who depend and depended on other to evolve and get our work done other than food. These wars are making me sick? if the god is within everybody why we are troubling others for land, food and money, which are not important for a god.

  19. axinia Says:

    these are logical questions one should ask oneself…
    But if you ask me, I can only give the same answer – it is the part of the EVOLUTION game, and we are here to make our part.

    I think one should see beyond. I highly recommend you to read some Sufi-masters or -what is even better – to get your self-realisaion and get all the aswers from within yourself 🙂

    It is no all that complacated and unfair as it looks like, believe me!

  20. Kartz Says:

    Those were very very profound lines. The poet in me got thinking…

    There are so many similarities between the human body and Mother Earth. The most striking fact being water – which makes up 75% of both!


    Greetings ma’am,

    First time here. And I must say you have a nice place. Will stop by more often! 🙂

    Peace. Be well.

  21. swaps Says:

    “Thou shall not destroy what thou cannot create”

    I am sure God doesn’t want humanity destroyed. We are putting up such a splendid show on earth, He would sorely miss us.
    Besides, we must be the only ones who seek Him.

  22. swaps Says:

    Let me add, the above rule doesn’t apply to Israel.

  23. axinia Says:

    Swaps, the reason for Insrael’s behaviour is a totally differnt one. I will explain it to you later.

  24. swaps Says:

    I am lookinf fwd to it Axinia, I thought I knew all about them.

  25. axinia Says:

    i bet you don’t!

  26. Axinia, you too, talking about evolution 😕

    I thought you were someone who believed in things like “God”, “creation” and “intelligent design” 😉

    Besides, please explain Israel’s behaviour to me as well. I hate the behaviour of these rogue nations that make one believe that humans are barbarians since they stoop to levels that would put animals to shame 😡

  27. kanagu Says:

    ok Axinia.. I will try them.. because I am always interested in them..
    But I couldn’t see this as a evolution process.. we are changing the very basic of Earth 😦

  28. axinia Says:

    Raj and Kahagu – the whole thing is about evolution, there is no other sense in it all, believe me!

    It is always important to be able to see the bigger picture otherwise one can see only black.
    There is much more happyness, love and kindness in the world than the mass media is trying to show us. In fact, if it were not so, this world could not have existed! The only thing that make it possible to exist is the dominance of love and kindness…but one can not see it that clear because it is envy, greed and lust that are crying out their existence. LOVE does not.

  29. Oh my “God”! Axinia, do you think that love and kindness dominate the world 😕 I don’t know whether to laugh or cry.

    If anything, the positive aspects of humanity like love, kindness, humanity, understanding and so on are almost non-existent! They have never been dominant at any point of time in the history of humankind. Not before, not now and I’m afraid, never in the future.

    On the other hand, ever since humans began to organise themselves in the form of groups, societies, tribes, cities, nations, countries, corporations, religions, etc., its the negative aspects of humans like hate, greed, envy, lust, barbarism, etc. that have been dominant.

    If you think that humans are going to evolve from “Homo sapiens” to something like “Homo spiriitualis” or something like that, its a very, very, very remote possibility. On the other hand, by the looks of it, the freaks of nature called “Homo sapiens” seem to be evolving into something like “Homo barbariansis” or “Homo savagensis” or “Homo vulgaris” or “Homo beastialus” or something like that!

  30. axinia Says:

    Raj, I think you desperately need to fall in love with someone in order to change the flow of your thoughts and feelings 🙂

  31. Hmmm…I’ve been stumped 😦 I prefer to believe in the power of the mind compared to the power of the heart…so falling in love with someone may not change the flow of my thoughts 😉

  32. axinia Says:

    it will, my dear! you will see what will happen 🙂

  33. Sahaja Says:

    Axinia, sorry to be intruding here 😛
    @Raj – I agree 100% with Axinia !

  34. It seems there is a conspiracy to bring me in line here 😦

  35. axinia Says:

    pretty sure about that 😉

  36. seshdotcom Says:

    Really a very nice pOEM LINES…Good stuff

  37. Адриан Says:

    Вот поэтому и иногда не хочется идти вперёд!

  38. P.Sajjadi Says:

    The Poem is so nice, …, but about the picture, is it Ganapatipule, India?

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