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Tag: all my jobs January 18, 2009

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Nowadays it has become quite normal to change jobs often and to try many things out. Especially while studying young people take to all possible opportunities to earn some money or to get some additional qualification.

I just thought of making a funny tag on all the jobs I have ever done in my life. It is amazing, how life often plays with us and makes us do things we would never expect from ourselves…

So, this is my personal listing (chronologically, from the beginning of my adult life):

  1. photo-model
  2. teacher of English
  3. translator
  4. cleaning lady
  5. au pair girl
  6. cosmetician /make up artist
  7. kindergarten educator
  8. extra (in theater and films)
  9. journalist
  10. decorator
  11. event manager
  12. teacher of German
  13. trainer for intercultural communication
  14. interpreter for NATO
  15. assistant to director (in oil trading)
  16. key account manager (sales  in media)
  17. human resources manager (in wealth management)

These are all I could remember, because obviously I did not put everything on my CV 🙂 It was fun to do every single job and meet interesting people from all these fields.

And now I am tagging some friends who might like to do this tag: Radha, Nita, gorlinka, Leela, Anastasia, Alexey, purespirit, Desptination Infinity, and Wortman .


LOVE, axinia


40 Responses to “Tag: all my jobs”

  1. Wow, Axinia, you’ve had a really diverse career 🙂 Model, actor and journalist, too. And both sides of the (now defunct) Cold War divide – trained in the Soviet Army and worked for NATO! 🙂

  2. Sahaja Says:

    Wow…u were a model and u were an actor!!! and NATO…Umm……and may be this diverse experience gives u so much knowledge and understanding!!
    Only after coming UK and travelling around I realised how much knowledge u get….if not knowledge atleast u are aware and so u can understand it easily!

  3. axinia Says:

    Raj, and Sahaja, thanks for your sweet comments 😉
    I know model sounds inpressvite – btw I was NOT an actor, it only “extra”, although gave a good feeling what a theater or filmmaking like…

    I personally most proud of having worked as a cleaning lady, because it was a really good ego-treat for someone like me. 🙂

    And you have said it! – such diversity of expeirences give a better understanding and admiration for many professions and types of people…

    @Raj, you will not belive but I felt totally at home with both Soviet army and NATO – basically it is the same thing, same people. It was very enjoyable to work with them.

  4. “I personally most proud of having worked as a cleaning lady, because it was a really good ego-treat for someone like me.” 🙂

    That does not surprise me at all, Axinia! Infact, I was even expecting it, since you mentioned it in your list 🙂 It’s not difficult to guess why. I know you were brought up in a Second World country and live in a First World country.

    In the Second World (the former Eastern Bloc and some other communist countries), the motto must have been Work is Worship whatever that work is and there must have been great dignity of labour and fair wages for all labourers.

    In the First World (Europe and North America) too, there is dignity of labour because everything is professionalised and a strong democratic society where individual rights are enshrined would ensure that minimum working standards and decent wages are assured for all labourers.

    In the Third World, where none of the above standards apply, civilised working conditions and decent wages and dignity of labour remain a dream 😦 Exploitation is the name of the game since there are so many poor, hard-working, gullible people to be exploited for extremely low wages. In India, things are worse than other Third World countries because it is a society where all people have not yet emerged out of a backward, feudal mindset and a large number still have not shaken off a filthy, casteist mindset 😡 This primitive, centuries-old mindset of people is what I hate the most about the Third World 😐

    Since you have not been exposed to a Third World mindset, I was almost expecting your statement! 🙂

  5. swaps Says:

    O boy, that is impressive. Really proud to know you.
    I loved these roles – ‘kindergarden educator’, ‘extra in film/theater’. Wish I could see ya in action!!
    But the best is yet to come 😉

    (But underneath the disguise, isn’t there a принцесса 🙂

  6. axinia Says:

    yes, swaps, there is one принцесса definetely underneath 🙂 clever you!!!

  7. wortman Says:

    model… no wonder, when i see your picture 🙂
    interesting jobs… but why you change so often?

  8. axinia Says:

    it is a good question, really..

    You know I am intended to go with the flow and to take things that come my way… When I came to Austria I had a difficult life situation (because of my divorce I had no work permit and no income), so I had to try out different things just for the sake of money.
    My first “proper” job was teaching German and then…yes, I was changing a lot..but not willingly 🙂 It all just came my way, every next possiblity looked more interesting and fitting than the previous one. In fact, I was always “headhuntered” 🙂

    My education allows me to work anywhere where only needs good communication skills and knowledge of people. And I love people, you know that!

    At the moment I enjoy my present job a lot…but in some years I might have change to something different.
    So is my nature 🙂

  9. wortman Says:

    Ich muss in deutsch antworten 😉 sonst brauch ich ewig 🙂

    Ok, wenn du ein Headhunter-Opfer bist, dann verstehe ich die Wechselei gut. Das heißt gleichfalls: Du bist GUT, sehr gut. Warum auch nicht, wenn es neue Perspektiven beinhaltet.
    Stimmt, du magst Menschen um dich herum, egal ob neue oder alte.

    Dann lass ich mich mal überraschen, was als nächstes wohl kommen mag 🙂

  10. axinia Says:

    Tja, lieber Wortman,

    als nächstes wüsche ich mir…Schulderiktorin zu werden :)) Oder zumindest pädagogische Leiterin…Aber das braucht noch wirklich Zeit.

    dazu habe ich einen Beitrag, welcher mein Intresse an der Sache gut schildert:


  11. wortman Says:

    Schulleitung ist ja ok… aber bei den heutigen Schülern ist LehrerIn auch kein Zuckerschlecken mehr…

  12. axinia Says:

    its ja klar…gerade deswegen mag ich die Aufgabe – jemand muss doch die Sache wieder klar stellen?? 🙂 Und dafür glaube ich Mut und Kraft zu haben.

  13. wortman Says:

    Das traue ich dir, ehrlich gesagt, sogar zu 🙂

    Axinia bekommt den ersten Verdienstorden für eine 100%ig resozialisierte Schule… alles artige Schüler 😉
    Davon will ich dann ein Foto haben 🙂

  14. axinia Says:

    das will ich auch sehen! 🙂

  15. Wortman Says:

    Das wirst du bestimmt 🙂

  16. Wortman Says:

    oder besser:
    Axinia for President 🙂

  17. axinia Says:

    Das geht zu weit, Wortman!!
    Allerdings… mit dem Posten der Bildungsministerin bin ich unter Umständen einverstanden.

  18. Wortman Says:

    Ok, starten wir damit 🙂
    Welches Bundesland würde dir am meisten zusagen? 😉

  19. axinia Says:

    ich bin Russin, vergessen? Mit einem russischen Pass 🙂 Wenn schon, dann nur in Russland.

  20. Wortman Says:

    nicht vergessen, aber ich dachte, mein charme könnte dich hier halten 😉

  21. Molly Says:

    Life is interesting and I think those who tend to be happy are the ones who move through it with fluidity. Sounds like you have! Has been anything but dull.

  22. axinia Says:

    thanks, Molly 🙂

  23. kanagu Says:

    It’s really interesting to know a person who has a very diversified career. I hope I will also have such career as I think it will make me more lively and energetic.. But in India it’s too difficult get jobs of that diversified nature..

    Wish you all the luck to succeed in present and future jod roles 🙂

  24. kanagu Says:

    it’s not jod *job..

  25. axinia Says:

    it is not everyone’s style to have a diversified career 🙂 However it is really getting more and more common in the West for many reasons. I think it is basially the future of the whole world, we live in such a fast changing times…

  26. Nita Says:

    Interesting! You sure have had a varied career and something tells me that foreigners generally do! My list will be like just 2-3 three things! A very dull list indeed.

  27. axinia Says:

    ok, Nita I see. . .that is why you are the only one Indian in India whom I asked to do the tag. Thanks anyway! 🙂

  28. Kanagu Says:

    Yes axinia, in these changing times we must also change. Even me also went for some kind of marketing job for a day before finishing my college. I really enjoyed it with my friends around me. And one correction destination infinity was also an Indian 🙂

  29. axinia Says:

    Kanagu, I know DI is an Indian, but he does not live in India, right? that is why I said “only one Indian in India”..

  30. kanagu Says:

    I don’t know correctly.. but I think he lives in Bangalore, Karnataka..


    Please clarify us on this 🙂

  31. Sahaja Says:

    ya even I felt DI lives in India! [else he cant get top ramen 😛 ]

  32. axinia Says:

    sahaja, what is actually “top ramen”?

  33. Sahaja Says:

    haha top ramen is a sort of ready to make noodles 😛
    not like instant cup noodles but like simple made noodles, which we can boil, add masala [spices] and eat 🙂

  34. axinia Says:

    and why cant he get it outside of India? there are pretty good Indian shops everywhere (one is just next to my house 😉

  35. Sahaja Says:

    hey thats great!! do u fancy indian cusine??
    I just wanted to know, if u like u may try some recipes even!
    Indian is not all abt hot hot chillies…its abt spices in right amount so need not b scare 😉

  36. axinia Says:

    I LOVE Indian food! – and how can it be otherwise if I am so much in love with that wonderful land????

  37. Yes Axina, I am also an Indian living in India. In fact, an Indian who doesn’t even have a passport. I don’t intend to take one unless there is a compelling professional reason to do so.(And in my profession, that comes rather late in my career). And that too for a short duration like a couple of weeks. But I would like to go on a tour – my first destination is Bhutan (Let’s see how fast I am able to do this). I stay in Bangalore right now and I was born and brought up in Chennai (Both are in South India). I will do that tag soon, thanks for that.

    Destination Infinity

  38. kanagu Says:

    Hippeeeee………… I got that right…… 😀 😀 thanks for the clarification DI 🙂

  39. axinia Says:

    kanagu, you won 🙂 I dont know what made me think DI lives outside…really strange.

  40. Hi Axinia: I have done this tag in my blog.

    Destination Infinity

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