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My winter holidays in Frankfurt January 8, 2009

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Frankfurt is a bit wired place to make winter holidays, but for personal reasons I spend some very good time there last week. At the end of the day – one can enjoy everything, even such a right-sided place like Frankfurt 🙂

Have I mentioned already Frankfurt  is a City of Men?

The Christmas lights on the main street they seem to have copied from Vienna 🙂

The “Manhattan” style business center looks great!

Oh, sooooo sweet – my favorite bridge with “I love you” note!

My dear husband taking pictures of the “Monster hole” (see my previous post)

And finally I saw my first proper snow this winter!!

LOVE, axinia


6 Responses to “My winter holidays in Frankfurt”

  1. Frankfurt looks cool; glad to see that it’s not crowded!

  2. axinia Says:

    In fact, Frankfurt is not that big as I thought – about 670.000 population, but the main shopping streets are very crowded!! the rest is not…like any other European City 🙂 They are all rather dead compared to India and even Russia…

  3. Sahaja Says:

    Awesome pics Axinia….I visited Frankfurt too and ya noticed more men than women!

    last pic is the best one!

  4. axinia Says:

    thanks, Sahaja! 🙂

  5. bubujima Says:

    Axania, I am leaving next to Frankfurt Germany next week. how cold is the weather there..? Also any good places to see at this time..?

  6. axinia Says:

    It is rather cold (must be aout -10 Degree), but bearable 🙂

    Places to see? Frankfurt is not a big attraction, it is more a place to work 🙂 The city center is nice to see, especially aroudnt the opera house and The Zeil…the river bank is also beautiful..the historical center…
    depends where you come from, and what have you seen elsewhere…

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