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Where did all the crisis money go? January 6, 2009

Last week I visited Frankfurt/Germany and saw THAT (see images)… And I suddenly realised where all the money disappeared – namely into this marvelous hole on the new building in the city of Frankfurt 🙂

I have no idea what was the inspiration of the architect, but that monster  seems to be the perfect symbol of what Russians call ” flew out into the hole/pipe” вылететь в трубу meaning “have lost loads of money”. That was my first thought when I saw it!

Amazing, isn`t it? And THAT – on the main shopping street of the financial center of Europe… What a great symbol in the times of crisis!



24 Responses to “Where did all the crisis money go?”

  1. Sahaja Says:

    haha good one….and really a different idea from architect….competition boss! 😉

  2. Michael Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    you are absolutely right – someone must have earned the money before. I really love the dropping of the oil price cause all the speculations have raised it to an unfair price, paid by the “poor” people. Michael

  3. axinia Says:

    Sahaja, same 🙂

    MIchael – long time no seen! 🙂 thanks for your note, but strangely enough the petrol price has not really fallen…

  4. leelajesus Says:

    very accurate example of a bizarre humor 🙂
    but it´s true: nobody has money, not even the banks!

    where did all the money disappear? can be just in the black hole 🙂

    who can say nowadays money is not an illusion?

  5. Peter Says:

    The money are lost in the property bubble. Lost Money for every economy.

  6. swaps Says:

    Actually, there was no money. That was ‘financial innovation’.

  7. axinia Says:

    right, swaps!
    Hey, why no ones find find bulding funny?????

  8. Nice humour, Axinia 🙂

    About the hole in that building, I just hope that it is not meant as a place for German billionnaires who have lost a huge amount of money (in a crisis that was caused by their fellow billionnaires’ uninhibited greed and unethical business practices) to jump out and commit suicide 😐

    By the way, I’m wondering why there are no reports of suicides of ordinary Germans who have lost their jobs in the crisis. I know that, unlike Third World Indians (who don’t really give a damn about the suicides of tens of thousands of their fellow countrymen in the farm crisis every year – it’s all because of their bad “karma”, you know, and not becuase of filthy, flawed economic and social policies), First World Europeans do care about the well-being of the least fortunate among them. I assume the social support structure in Europe is strong enough to prevent distress suicides, is the worst of the crisis yet to come? 😯

  9. leafless Says:

    An amazing piece of architecture and a fitting symbol for the current economic crisis.

  10. swaps Says:

    That hole has eaten up a lot of valuable area. Or booking were canceled, so vacant area turned itself into an architectual curio.

    Must admit it is an eye-catcher….Frankfurt girls got competition 🙂

  11. axinia Says:

    nice joke, swaps 🙂

    Raj, I do not think Germans will be committing suiscides in numbers – there is still avery good social system there. If you loose a job, the goverment pays you at 75-50% of your last salary for quite a long time…one can survive pretty well…The situation is really not that desperate as in the third world…

    leafless, thank you!

  12. axinia Says:

    BTW, lets see how they make the oil prices rise with that Israel-Palestina war…

  13. swaps Says:

    “lets see how they make the oil prices rise with that Israel-Palestina war…”

    I cann’t believe my eyes…Axinia, you wrote this!! Wanna stabilize Rogina at any cost??

  14. It’s good to know that the Germans have a good social system and follow sound economic policies, Axinia, unlike the backward parts of the world which have one hundred million desparate, starving poor people for every billionaire.

    Why do you think the killer corporate oil mafia 👿 has created the massacre in Gaza 😕

  15. axinia Says:

    swaps, Raj – I have a great Russian joke about the reasons for the hapeening in Palestina, but onyl in Russian – if you translate you will see what I mean.

    – Алло, Владимир? Привет, это Жорж говорит… Слушай, у меня срок
    кончается, 3 недели сталось, надо о семейных делах думать… А моя
    семья, как и твоя, на нефть завязана. Ты не будешь против, если мы тут
    немного цены на нее поднимем? Сам того же хочешь? Ну вот и хорошо,
    – Алло, Абдул Азиз Аль-Сауд? Это Жорж. Слушай, пора цены на нефть
    поднимать, ты не возражаешь? Ну вот и замечательно! Мы тут заварушку
    устроим, а ты уж своих арабских друзей придержи, окей? Окей!
    – Алло, Ципи? Шолом! Ну я с пацанами перетер – все согласные. Так что
    скажи Эхуду – можно начинать! чёрт с ней, с этой Палестиной.

  16. swaps Says:

    I like Russian jokes for their irony. Perhaps you will post more (in English).

  17. axinia Says:

    swaps, Russian jokes in English do not work 😦

  18. Axinia, the notorious corporate oil mafia does have links to the killer Bush regime 👿 Maybe the joke has an element of truth in it, considering the shameful, disgusting silence of the Arab governments to the massacre. Shame on all the tyrannical, trigger-happy thugs who run the world governments, both the self-styled “democratic” and dictatorial 😡

  19. Wow it’s really amazing! I’m sure it will become a tourist attraction!

  20. arfan Says:

    hi there
    i was also there.
    it’s the most beautiful building and shpping centre i have ever seen.
    i just wanna ask the name of the building.
    i forgot it.
    can anyone please tell me the name of the building plz…. thanks a lot 🙂

    • axinia Says:

      I really dont know, will have to ask someone in Frankfurt. but I could not find it online either…please chekc here later, I will ask and let you know.

  21. arfan Says:

    hi again

    i was looking for the name and found it out.

    the shopping centre called MYZEIL


  22. Have you come across this news, Axinia? I never expected this. Leave alone the lowly Third World, I guess there is a big difference in the way different parts of the First World function 😐


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