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With mind immersed in Love January 3, 2009

This beautiful poem by Kabir seem to be the best answer I can give  to the discussion in the previous post “No man can teach another man“…

With mind immersed in Love, why should I talk?
Having the diamond knotted safe, why again I open the knot?
Empty scales at initiation are full, why measure again?
Rationality became intoxicated, by drinking without measures
Swan reaching the lake, need wander in ponds and puddles?
Your Lord is your inner Self, why seek him outwardly
Says Kabir listen my folks, I realized the Lord within
– like oil contained in the seed.


The picture is a good illustration to the idea, because it shows the enlightenment and the bliss one can really get in a powerful sahaj (after self-realisation) meditation.

 I don`t know the origin of that amazing painting, but apparently it is depicting Mother Mary.





11 Responses to “With mind immersed in Love”

  1. ggw_bach Says:

    that is beautiful and so true. Love is the prime mover. If only All could incorpoate this simple fact into their lives.

  2. pickedout Says:

    Thank you Axinia for this nice & deep poem about pure Love, still lacking in our modern society…

  3. Peter Says:

    Kabir: In the bliss of Sahaj

    My mind has returned
    To its own primal state;
    I realized the Lord
    When I died while living.
    Says Kabir: I am merged
    In the bliss of Sahaj;
    I no longer know fear,
    Nor inspire it in others.


  4. sailaja Says:

    Wow!! beautiful poem of Kabirji. ” I realized the Lord within
    – like oil contained in the seed.’ -these words fascinated me the most. Though it is true that Lord resides in us and in spite of being taught right from our childhood that in our heart dwells the Divine and each and every living being is a personification of GOD, still we are distracted towards the worldly attractions. Though i used to do prayers and pujas and chanting of mantras etc., the real realization of GOD and the spirit came only after i embraced SY. Thanks to Shri Mataji.

  5. swaps Says:

    “I no longer know fear,
    Nor inspire it in others.”

    Capital!! That is civilization for me.

  6. Molly Says:

    Wow. What a beautiful poem. I have written it down. That is one to be read again and again. What truth resounds from his words. What a gift to be able to write with such clarity about the truth. And beautiful painting also. Peace to you. Molly

  7. axinia Says:

    thank you, everyone…there is really nothing much to add to this poem and picture…

  8. leelajesus Says:

    Axinia you treasure-digger 😉 where did you find this amazing picture?

  9. axinia Says:

    leelajesus – I really dont remember anymore where I got it from…sorry…I would love to get the information about the original. Hopefully one day somebody will read that post who knows and will leave a comment 🙂

  10. shivanand Says:

    what abutifull litracthre

  11. shivanand Says:

    mungee ke paw me ghungaroo bajee to sheb oobhi sunletahi

    kya khoob bangla banybe paw palkhme giratahi

    were its sangs ( dhiha ) i need it

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