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Russian cold and Russian food December 24, 2008

Since many years I keep visiting Russia in the cold time, mostly in winter. This time I suddenly realised that I actually enjoy that and I really love feeling the frost on my cheeks! Russian cold is very different from the European – even the very low temperatures feel not that nasty because of the dry climate. Russian -10 degree C would feel like European zero degree C.

It is great to visit Russia in winter, especially when it is dry or full of snow. Then you will enjoy Russia as a frosty fairy tale:

If the weather is not that clear, then you will have to enjoy a different look:

I guess it is due to the soil that streets of every Russian town and villages are very dusty, no matter how they clean them.

Russians are basically simple people and they love to eat simple food like bread – the variety of bread is vast and looks tasty, isn`t it?

Another kind of bread – gingerbread – is very much popular with the folk and is being produced in all possible  forms:


For some festive occasions Russians love cakes which are usually creamy and rich on decoration:

 Russians are fond of “home” food and even eating outside prefer food that is properly done and tastes like home: in that respect nothing can beat the famous BLINY (pancakes)

or VARENIKI (with sour cream)

There are lots of other things Russians love to eat, like meat or fish or conserved vegetables… but I did not take the pictures of them this time.


14 Responses to “Russian cold and Russian food”

  1. i love cakes and pastries:)

    merry Christmas:D

  2. kanagu Says:

    In India too, the roads are too dusty and the cars will be unclean.. What is that sour cream? I never heard of that.

    Merry Christmas to you Axinia 🙂

  3. Sahaja Says:

    Ummm….I loveeeee cakes and pasteries….learning to bake them too! 😀
    Merry Christmas 🙂

  4. swaps Says:

    Axinia, you have written about the cold and food without mentioning Vodka!!
    Anyway, with such appetizing food, I am sure you have gained some weight 🙂

  5. axinia Says:

    I really dont know how to explain…sour creme is the milky creme that is sour 🙂 may be you dont have it in India because you need ot keep it cold.

    swaps, I was mostly drinking tea and eat rather little(to a great despare of my mom), so my figure is still ok 🙂

    sahaja, thank you and Merry Christmas to everyone!!!

  6. Raman Says:

    Hi Axinia, the pics look yummy & the dust reminds us of india..no wonder russia & india have a good history..

    but due to the cold climate, do russians include more nonvegetarian & alchohol in their diet?

    I have heard of russian vodka, but is it that a regular a part of the avergae russian’s life as it is touted to be?

  7. axinia Says:

    Raman, you are right – vodka is not only the part of Russian life but unfortunately one of the ugliest parts of it…
    Drinking vodka “to get warm” is also common, but the practice shows that it is only an illusion of warth that one gets – the drunkard freeze much faster and after New Years Eve (when almost everyone gets drunk) there are always people found dead on on the street because they got drunk and did not feel the cold and got frozen….You can not imagine, how stupid I find the whole thing!!!
    I was planning to post a critical article on alcohol in Russia, but that would probably take time.
    You know, I am a tee totaler myself and it is really amazing for me how often people ask me if I drink and then make big eyes when I say “no” – “How, no vodka??? But you are Russian!”. This is one of the biggest stereotypes I have to fight. ON the other hand, Russians love to keep the image of great drinkers – although they are not that great at it, apparenty the Finish or Irish are much “better” ).

  8. Bad Karma Says:

    Hmm, I wonder if at least one shot of vodka before leaving the home is beneficial\more comfortable to accommodate oneself for the outside weather.

    I have a Russian friend who was telling me that even his grandmother drinks vodka. Being Indian, it surprised me that not only a woman, but a grandmother was consuming hard liquor, since in Indian culture hard liquor seems to have a negative image (people perceive it as leading to drunkenness).

    I am a responsible drinker. =)

  9. axinia Says:

    Bad Karma “I wonder if at least one shot of vodka before leaving the home is beneficial\more comfortable to accommodate oneself for the outside weather.” – be sure one shot of tea makes it!! – that is what norally people do in Russia. Vodka they drink in order to “get fun” or “forget about the hard life”, not really for getting warm before going out.

  10. radha Says:

    great pics! i think your holiday was cozy and warm despite of the weather. we are now in italy enjoying food and hot drinks with the family. i am noticing that even ppl who were really dependent on local wine now are so much impressed by the attitude hubby and me have towards tea that they are also asking for tea instead of alcool and learning the good property of herbal tea 🙂 it s fun!

  11. axinia Says:

    great job, sis :;)

  12. Scietech Says:

    Yummy! 😛

    “there are always people found dead on on the street because they got drunk and did not feel the cold and got frozen”


  13. Raman Says:

    actually – i used to imagine that cigarette eases tension until i realised that any such correlation is just mental. Alchohol does bring in some warmth, but there are better ways of fighting cold definitely…

  14. Pallav Says:

    Было очень интересно читать всё что вы писали..Меня зовут Паллав и я из Индии. Меня некогда не было в России. Но я изучал русский язык 3 года..
    мой блог адрес

    And my emai- ghosh.pallav@gmail.com

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