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My Moscow impressions December 23, 2008

As promised, I am back with my Moscow impressions. Being a tourist in my “own” country gives me an interesting perspective to understand the background of things, but still see them detached and curious.

What is always breathtaking for me – sorry for the trivial take -is the Red Square. It is not only huge but it reminds me of a fairy-tale, see for yourself:

 ( me walking down the Red Square)

The oldest shopping center in Moscow (on the Red Square, facing Kremlin):

The figure-skating place directly on the Red Square:

Another impressive building being renovated (Red Square):

One negatively impressive thing – A WINTER WITHOUT SNOW in Russia – it is something one can not really imagine and many people feel depressed missing snow.. . The only(artificial) snow I found was on the Red Square:

When in Moscow, do not miss the underground (apart from the outstanding  design of most stations, it is so overcrouded that my white coat became black) :), but still it is fun to be among such a crowd and to watch people.

I was also impressed by the quality of service at some places  like Kafe-Haus:

There I met a nice Russian girl who was so kind to let me take her picture:

Otherwise I could only make photos of the gilrs rushing like that:


And, honestly – so many really beautiful faces… even me, I was heavily impressed (sorry could not take close ups of all of them).

And these are my lovely parents…

…who loved to feed mw with caviar for breakfast:

More impressions are coming in the next post! 🙂

LOVE, axinia


20 Responses to “My Moscow impressions”

  1. wortman Says:

    *ooh* no snow? is this normal in december?

    this two illuminated houses looks great 🙂

  2. axinia Says:

    wortman, it it normally snowy and much colder in Russia in December.

    I have just learned that it was heavily snowing last night in Moscow – if I only could have stayed one day more!…

  3. kanagu Says:

    The pictures are so nice Axinia 🙂
    Missing sonw!! I have never seen snow in my life 😦

  4. wortman Says:

    thats not fair from the weather 😉

    @kanagu: Its not much snow but a little bit. look at these pictures in my blog:

  5. dinesh Says:

    The shopping center looks amazing.. 🙂

  6. Looks like you had a great time!

  7. steve Says:

    Beautiful photos–look forward to seeing more. Best. Steve

  8. swaps Says:

    Ah Red Square again.

    Since красный and красивый sound similar, could Red Square originally have been Beautiful Square??

    And Axinia, thanks for the photo of your parents 🙂

  9. axinia Says:

    thanks, folks!

    Red Square indeed means “beautiful”, in old Russian language.
    Russians, like many other nations -love red colour and richly use it in decoration.

  10. Sahaja Says:

    loved the first and second ones! seems u dint change at all!!
    I have the same coat as urs 😀 bought in M and S 🙂

    And sad that it did not snow! it was real cold in UK but snowed a lot in Scotland in nov itself which is unusual it seems!

    And ya waiting for the next set!

  11. Nita Says:

    What beautiful parents you have! And the photos are beautiful too and I feel the word “beautiful” is simply inadequate! This was a real treat Axinia!

  12. JV Says:

    Amazing shots !! No snow in winter?!? It is environment defect. Here India there is no heat of summer (and sometime rain) in December!!

  13. dinesh1201 Says:

    Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas to you and your family 🙂

  14. axinia Says:

    Sahaja, thanks dear – i did not change much indeed, sometimes I think I ma growing younger, not older 🙂 My coat is actually Versace 🙂

    Nita, many thanks dear – you know how I value your appreciation! how you will enjoy the next set too.

    Hi, JV; thanks and nice to see your pic as an avatar!!

    thanks, dinesh1201

  15. wortman Says:

    dear axinia, wish you a merry christmas.

  16. leafless Says:

    The buildings are so spectacular; the festive lights sure add to their grandeur. I would love to visit the country someday.

    P.S. A big “Merry Christmas” to you and your family. Best wishes.

  17. Beautiful pictures! 🙂 It sure looks like scenes from a fairytale.

  18. sailaja Says:

    Wow!! Beautiful pictures!!!! you made us see Russia with your eyes ( i mean camera). And now i feel like visiting Russia at least once in my lifetime. I just returned back from Pune after Christmas puja and i met many Russian, Ukranian and Turkish women there. I admired them but only sad thing was i could not communicate with them as most of them could not speak english!!! i asked one SY from Austria whether she knew you but she said no. The puja was a total bliss and i am still enjoying it!!!

    You are quite charming in the picture as are your posts and pictures!!!

  19. axinia Says:

    thanks, Sailaja 🙂 I am gald I rought Russia nearer to you, that is also my way of expressing patriotism.

    It is a pity that not everyone can speak English, but sometimes we do not need words to express love, right? But I know what you mean…

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