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Did you catch the right tram? November 27, 2008

 image by Michael Erhardsson

One wise friend told me once that in our life the whole thing is about… catching the right tram! The metaphor is so clear and so simple: if you have many problems, life is not getting better, then you are probably sitting in the wrong tram going to the wrong direction!

It can be job-wise, relationship-wise or the way one`s personal development goes: either the tram is driving you nicely or it is shaking, heading somewhere you don’t need to go…

If you have caught the right tram, things are coming ealisy to you, you meet the right people at the right moment, everything works out and you are enjoying your life a lot!

indeed, It is a good question to ask oneself: did I catch the right tram?


LOVE; axinia


17 Responses to “Did you catch the right tram?”

  1. Sahaja Says:

    Good Question to ask……I think I am in right tram and even if I am not, I have somehow confidence that I can change in time 🙂

    Incidentally, yesterday me and my collegue were discussing about how imp it is to catch the right tram in Netherlands…..some of these trains tend to divide in between and move in totally different directions…and the announcements are made in Dutch [which is natural but a bit tenseful for non speakers]…..

  2. axinia Says:

    sahaja, glad to hear you are on the right tram! 🙂

    your example with the Dutch trams in really interesting… and indeed very symbolic!

  3. Princess Says:

    Nice article to think about..
    it is true we need to be at the right time to catch the right tram 🙂

  4. swaps Says:

    I cannot know in advance if I am on the right tram (trams in life don’t have their destination written on them 🙂
    As a thumb rule, I go for the less crowded trams.
    By now I have realized that in the end it’s the journey that matters, so move on … don’t stop.

  5. axinia Says:

    swaps, you are right – and catching the right tram is not about destination! It is exactly about the journey!!!

    You know, I have made both expreinces of sitting in the right and in the wrong tram…it feels really very, very different!!

  6. Sahaja Says:

    Axinia, how do we know if its right tram anyways??…..may be I am ignorant of this, thats why I feel I am on right one 😛

    And, also, destination is one’s view of what they think is their goal…and it keeps changing…..[or actually it never existed in first place may be 😉 ] …..so all we can do enjoy the ride 😀 and if we feel we are wrong, even if we panic a bit, we should overcome and get set for the new ride soon 😀

  7. wortman Says:

    later in your life, you will know if you catched the rights trams in the past 😉

  8. Solveig Says:

    I am not in a tram, I am on a rollercoster – moving in circles, no beginning, no end and constant ups and downs.

  9. Sahaja Says:

    why did mine go into moderation? :O

  10. radha Says:

    i always believe i am on the right tram even though it seems to go in the wrong direction. i stand up and go to the driver to advice about the direction. how does it sound? anyway it is true in my case. 🙂 on another note, more transportation oriented, always love to get on the tram in hong kong because it s relaxing and really fun to travel like that among the skyscrapers. trams here are colorful and change their “dress” almost everyday, due to the commercial posters!

  11. wortman Says:

    @Sahaja: Thats a problem of WordPress since a few days 😦

  12. axinia Says:

    Sahaja, Wortman, Radha, Solvieg – thank you for your questions and inputs.

    let me describe what I feel about the whole thing:
    I believe that being on the right tram is like going with the flow – if you get into it, everything goes smoothly. But is is still not the same when you are just a happy person because of your nature (how I suppose Sahaja and Radha are! 🙂

    I am a happy person, always – you know that. But there are times when doing the wrong job, I have too much stress, just because it is the wrong job for me. Or one I was in the wrong relationship and only later noticed that 80% of my the clothes I wore were in black! (normally my fav colour is pink 🙂

    When you have something to compare and can introspect your life, you will most probably see when you did catch the wrong tram.

    I wanted to write this post also because I realised that finally I am one the write tram now, when really EVERYTHING in my life is fulfilling, joy giving and totally in harmony with my nature and development. AND THAT GIVES ME THE TREMENDOUS LOVE…

  13. vinayakah Says:

    this question is something, one should ask from time to time 😉

    It is said that you can know the tree through the fruit, and I am thinking how to know the tram 😀
    I think, you can know the tram through the direction, and through the driver….to drive with a bad guy driver to a gheto, is probably not the best idea, if you are in an evening gown, prepared for the final celebration.

    This time is for me a final celebration, so I would have been carefull not to drive an opposite direction than the sweet music sounds from 😉

    And yes, I am in a good tram – the music is getting stronger and stronger – the driver must be a magician 😉

  14. radha Says:

    yes i knew that the meaning was about going with the Flow. when we jump in it life unfolds just incredibly and beautifully, at levels that we didnt even expect. moreless it happens the same with my current life but my personal daily work/as you called introspection, is the most helpflu to push the Flow going on well. 🙂 and this one was exactly the topic i was discussing today morning with hubby, coincidence !! he is reading a book called “Fooled by randomness” which gives quite interesting insights about the right & the wrong tram. it s a great topic and many more are becoming keen to know how to get on the right tram and so on….Axinia, have a lovely journey 🙂

  15. Did I catch the right tram?

    I don’t know 😕 I think I might have missed the tram completely 😦 Never mind 😐 I think I’ll walk to my destination 😉 🙂

  16. Axinia, try taking the wrong tram. Or just walk. Some of the most interesting achievements were made by human beings when they are utterly uncomfortable. If they were happy, they would just become too lazy and expect the same happiness throughout their life. Nothing wrong with that. Just that there are positive sides of what we think are negative events.

    Destination Infinity

  17. axinia Says:

    Destination Infinity , dear – I toook a wrong tram far too often. Now I am enjoying so much sitting in the right one!!! 🙂

    Moreover, if you will see the post on viral Happiness then you may understand why I consider sitting in the right one so crucial!

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