1000 petals by axinia

the only truth I know is my own experience

I have judged others November 23, 2008


I plead guilty from time to time

when I have judged others

in relation to standards of mine;

for now I see that each one of us

sees only from the point where one is placed

on the long path of eternal time.

Each one has to grow by his free will,

 choosing right or wrong at his own discretionary will.

Siding the grey darkness or silvery light,

one either brightens or mars one`s chances

of reaching the end keeping the goal in sight.


poem by Armaity H. Bhabha “Sahajmala”

image by axinia


25 Responses to “I have judged others”

  1. Sahaja Says:

    so very true…

    Truth and fact of life put in wonderful words making its readers realize and notice its meaning 😀

    True gem!

  2. radha Says:

    wow just last nght hubby and me talked about this over dinner, abt the importance of leaving free perspective to each person we meet. this is crucial really, otherwise we wil never have understanding so far between us. we have to accept the fact that each one of us is located in a different place/mindset and it should occur spontaneously that we accept it during the relationship. i think the more we accept it the more our mind opens up and we get enstibilished in a wonderful mind openess…

  3. radha Says:

    i am so lucky because exactly my couple relationship is teaching me that. 2 persons who have nothing in common. i cant find one single thing i can truly share with my husband, except for the few meditation minuts we use to sit down daily. mmm you are feeding me a new post coz so much to tell… hope to find some time and write it down, then link it to here.
    In short: not judging is the secret for any kind of successfull relationship on ALL kinds of level wherever we are and whatever we do!

  4. axinia Says:

    sahaja, thanks!

    radha, the topic is indeed vast and beautiful. I believe it is one of the main problems among human beings, that it is too difficult for us to see the perspective of the other.

  5. Sahaja Says:

    Axinia, somehow I cant this is possible for everyone…..that they could see the perspective of other!! its not possible coz you cant see something with other’s heart/mind can you?

    so what we can do is, atleast acknowledging if not, understanding , the fact that perspectives differ from person to person, howmuch ever close they are to you and so not judging them because of something you see,hear or feel. To keep it in mind and reminding yourself of this truth is what we need to maintain a happy and peaceful relation….also, to make others also understand this coz one day or the other, if no reciprocation from other person, we, humans might get fed up/irritated etc

  6. axinia Says:

    Sahaja, you are right on the point that we can not obviously fell fully the same as the other person, because we lack his experiences…that is clear.

    And yet, we can come very, very close to it if we really want!
    While practicing Sahaja yoga, for example, I learned to precept the other person with all that she/he feels – on my physical level. If someone has fear, guilt, stress, etc. I can precept it even being 1000 km away from that person. It is easy…
    Everyone can do that, really!

    – that gives me the possibility to really understand what person feels like. I may not get into his mind (and I would not like to do that!! – for God’s sake!), but I can still experience to a bigger extend what is the person’s state at the moment. And I can handle accordingly.

    Isn’t it beautiful?

  7. guqin Says:

    To Axinia,

    One thing I can not tell is the difference between ordinary sympathy and the ability that you mentioned (feeling for others 1000km away). I mean, when we strongly and genuinely sympathize someone, are we praticing something similar to the yoga that you mentioned or is it soemthing totally different?

    I think the ability to trust is the key to meditation, and then growing power from there. I was impressed by your earlier post about your inability of being offended. It suggested to me that you must be a very trusting person, which provides a sense of universal security, only then one could “enter” others.

  8. axinia Says:

    that is a very mature comment on a spiritual topic, which i honestly was not expecting from you! – 1000 thanks!!

    I am not sure that the ability to trust is the key to meditation, the key to mediation i believe is something like some spiritual thirst…

    But yours is an intresting perception!
    I am indeed a very trusting person, that is my initial feeling towards everyone – I just do not expect anyone being mean to me. And you know what? – actually nobody is!

    I love people, they love me – that is how it works with me, very easy 🙂 And trust is a natural outcome of love, I think.

  9. Sahaja Says:

    Axinia, completely agree with you, I just cant believe people could be mean …

    And abt meditation, I did not know you could do that :O
    I also, believe to medidate belief in meditation is necessary!

  10. axinia Says:

    sahaja, I dont really know what “belief in meditation” means.
    As I mentioned earlier, I do not belive in anything, I prefer to experince things and see if it works with me or not. I tried out several things, – like once a magician wanted me to join her, because she felt I have some “special” powers. But I could not feel ANYTHING of that kind. just does not work with me – thanks God! 🙂

    But vibrations of Sahaja yoga do work with me, i can feel them very well and percept the state of other people same well – at any time and any place. It is a very useful tool. THAT MAKES ME ACTUALLY FEEL WE ARE ONE…

  11. radha Says:

    when we are not a judging person people open in the relationship with us, they dont use masks because they trust us and trust comes exactly from the feeling of not being judged,of having the possibility to be ourselves with that person. We need more nd more not judging people in this world. i find it s very important also for race integration which nowaday is such an hot topic everywhere. on my short experience until now i could notice that if we become non judging personalities we are more able to penetrate the essence of the whole humanity in each place we go and we experience an amazing feeling of oneness on satisfying levels. we get along with everybody in all kinds of contexts and adapt quickly to changes and styles. people feel we are not a kind of judging folk and they just open to and love us. it ‘s really beautiful and energyzing to see this process. i hope everybody can experience it in this lifetime!

  12. I guess its foolish to be judgemental from a different perspective. Often people don’t understand the behaviour of others but if they imagine themselves in the other person’s place, they would realise that they would probably do the same thing or react in the same way. People cry foul if they are at the receiving end but the very same hypocrites won’t think twice about doing the same to others. Such despicable double standards explain why humans are such nasty creatures.

  13. Sahaja Says:

    Hmm…when I belief in medidation, it means doing it with full heart! with full interest…..for eg, I cannot do something in which I cant put my heart and try…coz, even if i succeed/fail in the attempt i would never feel the link to me [either as accomplishment or a failure ] unless i know i have done it with full heart.
    for eg, if i do not believe that something like medidation can bring peace to me and I try doing it…i dont think i would ever be able to experience the phenomenon in full swing…..
    hope i am a bit more clear…..dont know if i phrased it correctly 😦

  14. axinia Says:

    @Raj, your dissapointment with human beings is truly amazing! I ask myself, what have you experienced, how much greif and sorrow you must have seen in your life if you are not willing to give the humanity any chance? And what hinders you actually to see love?

    @Sahaja, I think I can see your point.
    But to me it is not the question of believing, but of honest trying out. If It is the thing you really need, then it will work for you anyway. If not – no. Does not matter 🙂

    Either we take the long way, or the shorter one, we will all come the the same goal – sooner or later!

  15. swaps Says:

    Sometimes life can land you in a dilemma. If a prenatal test diagnoses Down’s syndrome in the unborn child, would it be a sin to abort?
    Who can judge what constitutes right livelihood?… Judge that the unborn is incapable of enjoying life?
    How is it different from Hitler’s mass execution of mentally disadvantaged?
    Or just when/where does life begin?
    Some people are forced to draw a line …. isn’t that an act of judgement?

  16. swaps Says:

    @Raj dear, do you realize you are often judging your ‘beloved’ humanity. Relax yaar, don’t love people so much that it hurts you.

  17. swaps Says:

    @Raj dear, do you realize you are often judging your ‘beloved’ humanity? Relax yaar, don’t love people so much that it hurts you.

  18. kanagu Says:

    Being judgemental.. first thing is that I never believed that any one of us has the ability to judge others. And we are losing some beautiful realtionships by being judgemental.
    My friend Raj got it right.. nothing to add more..

  19. Sahaja Says:

    Hmm Honest in trying…..thats pretty much I need to do a thing, and to me it comes in believing the thing is correct 😀

  20. Princess Says:

    lovely poem..
    thanks for sharing

  21. vinayakah Says:

    Nice poem, thanks for it.

    Not to judge is really a task, sometimes looks easy, until you find out that to judge, is one of the most used activities we do. Not to do that is a sign of a person, in a very deep state of understanding I think…..

  22. axinia Says:

    100% agree with you, not to judge is extremely difficult!

  23. Axinia,

    Why do you have so much faith in humanity? 😕 I see no hope for these lowly creatures. By some freak natural occurence, these bipeds developed opposable thumbs and a bit of extra intelligence. And they have used it to ruin the world 😡

    Swaps dear, I don’t like humanity as a whole 😐

  24. Sahaja Says:

    Raj, That bit of extra intelligence gives me faith in humanity……whats the point in having sense if not for hope or love and faith??

  25. Sahaja,

    Unfortunately, common sense is not so common 😦

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