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Are you an Idealist? November 20, 2008

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If you are reading this post – you are most probaly an idealist.

If you are my reuglar reader – you are for sure an idealist.


Love and keep your ideals high up!



20 Responses to “Are you an Idealist?”

  1. Sahaja Says:

    hehe nice one :)…
    but i dont know what does idealist mean ?? 😕

  2. axinia Says:

    good question! in a common sense it is the person who is easily inspired by ideals /not that materialistic.
    however there is an official philosophical definition:

    In Western civilization, Idealism is the philosophy which maintains that the ultimate nature of reality is ideal, or based upon ideas, values and essences and that the so-called external, or real world is inseparable from consciousness, perception, mind, intellect and reason in the sense of rigorous science. It is also a tradition in Western thought which represents things in an ideal form, or as they ought to be rather than as they really are, in the fields of ethics, morality, aesthetics, and value.

    In certain idealistic philosophies the ideal is said to involve direct and immediate knowledge of subjective mental ideas, or images. In the strife of the schools, idealism is often opposed to realism in which the real is said to have a so-called absolute existence prior to, and independent of, knowledge and consciousness.

    Some forms of idealism, like that of Descartes, are often contrasted with materialism. Some idealists, like Spinoza, are monists as opposed to dualist, again like Descartes, or pluralist ontologies.

  3. kanagu Says:

    wow.. I thought ideal is a thing that is not existing in this world.

  4. I do wish that it was an ideal world . . . but alas, it is something that only exists in dreams 😐

  5. interesting post , definitely brought smile on my face!

  6. wortman Says:

    *oops* i’m an idealist 😉

  7. NiRAk Says:

    @ and so am I 😉

  8. axinia Says:

    thanks, my dear friends, I knew you would love it 🙂

  9. wortman Says:

    would you love it?
    do you come back?
    read all?
    then… nice to see you again here… next time

  10. radha Says:

    to be idealist is good but not to the extreme, i love idealistic people with practical sense and well anchored onto the earth. every time i hear this word it always reminds me of an inteview i had one time for a quite high level (because of the reputation of the firm) internship. At the end of everything the big boss concluded that i was “too idealist” and it was impossible for them to hire me. Dont know what happened but have been working there for a year and half after the interview. I think idealistic people are fascinating and other peple like them a lot anyway.

  11. axinia Says:

    radha, you are very right, that is my observation too.
    Sure one should not overdo (and I am one of the most practical persons you may know!), but true idealism is very inspiring. And Inspiration is what people are missing in their daily lifes, I think…
    Apart from that, an idealist probaly has a more stable value system, a kind of a pivot that appears to be much stronger that the materialistic and “down to earth” approach.

  12. Anand Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    Great Blog !! very inspiring 🙂

    I agree with you. Inspiration is what separates the idealists from the others.

  13. artworkofhorus Says:

    An idealist is a very practical person.

  14. axinia Says:

    @artworkofhorus, I would be greatful if you coold extend your idea on the idealist being a practical person!

    @Anand, thanks and keep visiting and getting inspired 🙂

  15. radha Says:

    yes i think it i sjust because of that strong value system at the base that the idealistic person brings inspirations. she/he does not care too much about how to do things/when/why etc etc but is only fully confident that inspiration is there and will sort things out. I dont know how to exaplain this but it is an attitude going a lil beyond. Infact idealistic behaviours also go beyond, they have special connotations… Luv, r

  16. axinia Says:

    radha, thanks for this insightful comment!

  17. johnnyco12 Says:

    I am please to be a realistic idealist :

    “If we have hope in this life only we are of all men most miserable.” the apostle paul

  18. adrian Says:

    I feel that idealism is an illusion… we choose to experience what we create… and we create what we choose to experience… the key is to choose consciously… in any case… it is about accepting responsibility for what we choose to create…

  19. Anurag Says:

    Dear Ms Axinia,
    I stumbled across your blog while looking for articles and info about Russia. Whatever little I know about Russia is through the writings of Alexei Maximovich Peshkov( Maxim Gorky), Ivan Turgenev, Tolstoy and the internet. Is idealism in contemporary Russians totally consumed by consumerism and crony capitalism or is it still alive? If yes then in which form and among which class of people? Since you presume that anybody reading your blog is an idealist then I can safely assume that the writer of this blog is an idealist for sure. So may I ask you what’s your ideology?

    • axinia Says:

      Dear Anurag, thanks for asking this great question on Russian Idealism….
      Is it dead?
      Let’s try to answer.
      First of all, you are asking about myself – yes, your guess is correct I am one the this typical idealist believing in good in people and hte world and also doing my best to make this manifest and many good things happen.
      I belive that the USSR was the most idealistic country in the wold (The ideas of German idealists like Marx could only work out on the Russian soil, because Russians are collectivist, intelligent and highly idealistic). Since its collapse and the attack of consumerism a lot has changed and many people feel lost.
      Russian idealistic spirit is not dead! Many people turned to religion or spiritual seeking because since the high soviet values have not been maintained by the government, people started seeking something else “for the soul”,. And here there is something important for you to know: Russians are very spiritual people. This is what gives them strengthI believe.

      The recent example is astonishing: if you take a closer look at the recent opposition protests, all these protesting people are young and well off! Some of my friends are also involved (me not because i do not live in Russia). This is pretty unusual because normally everywhere in the world only desperate and poor people dare to come out on the streets and oppose. Isn’t it a sign of Russian idealism? I think we have it in blood, because most of the young people who are protesting now have never experienced the Soviet culture and grew up under severe “capitalistic” influence of 1990-2000-s.

      I hope I could answer you question 🙂

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