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On the crisis November 16, 2008

image by axinia

One interesting parable on the nature of the current world economic crisis:

One wandering Monk met the Plague:
-Where are you going? – He asked her.
-I go to your home town. I will take one thousand of lives.

After a while, the Monk met the Plague again.
– Hey, you are a deceiver! You have told you would take only one thousand lives and took five thousand!
-I told you the truth! I took only one thousand. The rest died of fear …


So, let`s don`t panic!


🙂 axinia


9 Responses to “On the crisis”

  1. vinayakah Says:

    😀 nice post!! 😀

    Yes, don´t panic. I would recommend to everyone – be realistic, and in case you have or the black, or the pink glasses weared on your eyes, take them down. Its time!!

    Just not to be scared, or too much optimistis, but to see how things really go 😉

  2. Sahaja Says:

    True, but I wonder, why did the Monk let go off the Plague? :-O

  3. wortman Says:

    right, no panic please 🙂

  4. axinia Says:

    @vinayakah, very balanced suggestions, thank you!

    @Sahaja, clever you! – that is a good question. I guess his spirit was too strong to be eaten up by the plague.

    @wortman, – yes, we will! (we shall!)

  5. Jim Thornber Says:

    Having once been a monk, I can testify that there were times when all I could do in a crisis situation was face the fear, call it by name, and look up to God. Fear looks around us, while faith looks above and beyond us. As the author to the book of Hebrews said, without faith it is impossible to please God.

  6. kanagu Says:

    Great and nice one Axinia.. 🙂

    I always think that If fear is not in this world means there will be no thugs or criminals. Fear is the weapon they are using against the weaker section of people.

  7. axinia Says:

    @Jim Thornber, thank you for your sharing! I like that “Fear looks around us, while faith looks above and beyond us. ”

    you are right, fear is a powerful wepon and fearlessness is a rare shield.

  8. Axinia, the people are not panicking. The notorious media, which is under the control of the corporates and the governments, is deliberately spreading fear and panic in order to rob taxpayer money in the form of “bailouts” 😡 These multi-billion dollar “bailouts” are the biggest robberies in the history of the world. And these “bailouts” are in no way going to help failed, criminal corporations who believe in the policy of “loot and scoot” to help themselves to unbelievable amounts of taxpayer money.

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