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Spontaneous Tag November 13, 2008

image by axinia

I was tagged by Sahaja with her own so called “Spontaneous Tag”: There are certain times in your day-to-day life when you do/react/answer to things spontaneously. There are times when they become utterly disastrous and times when they actually turn out to be awesome.

My answer will be also very spontaneous, but probably very common to many bloggers – at least every second blogpost is the totally spontaneous one! 🙂

What I mean is there are some posts, that come into my mind and have to dwell there for some time, while I am looking for more information on the topic.

But mostly my posts are very spontaneous, like the ones from yesterday on the female film role  – I just do something and the brilliant idea strikes me “yes! let’s post it” 🙂

I would say this blogging experience is a very creative and relaxing one (because when we act spontaneously, IT IS RELAXING).

 Otherwise there are million of cases in life, when good spontaneous ideas and actions take place, but what I find through blogging, that it makes it is a nice manifestation of that principle.

 Apart from that  – the spontaneity is again a quality of a child, connected to our innocence (remember my post on innocent people?)






2 Responses to “Spontaneous Tag”

  1. Sahaja Says:

    Ohh thanks Axinia…….:-)

    I was wondering what incident you would put up you see…….

    Ya almost all my blogposts are from a spontaneous reaction…I did not realise this 🙂

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