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Test results: my ideal film role November 12, 2008

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A girlfriend has sent me a lovely test to find out the best female role one could have played. I found the results very interesting, because all my girlfriends have got the results, that went accurately with their female nature. Unfortunately the test is available only in Russian, and obviously made up by Russians, as there are some characters from Russian films as well.

So my result is – Arwen, the Elf Princess from The Lord of the Rings.: “she is not only beautiful and gracious, but has a strong spirit and she performs miracles for the sake of her love”. Interestingly, that is the film I never watched. Although the character seems to be fitting me the best compared to the 16 others.

I was just taken aback by the accuracy of results and wanted ot share with you…:)

LOVE; axinia


22 Responses to “Test results: my ideal film role”

  1. Sahaja Says:

    Oooh…..[:P]….I would love to take the test given your results 🙂 where is it?

  2. axinia Says:


    may be you can translate via Google web translator.

    good luck!

  3. Sahaja Says:

    I shall try :P……

    “she is not only beautiful and gracious, but has a strong spirit and she performs miracles for the sake of her love”.

    It feels prefect as you said 🙂

  4. wortman Says:

    nice, nice 🙂
    is there also a test for a male role? 😉

  5. axinia Says:

    sorry, not in that format.
    If you remember, tvdame postet some tests like that before (also on male role), several months ago…

  6. wortman Says:

    i know these tests from tvdame 🙂

  7. Scietech Says:

    I haven’t watched the movie, only some parts of one of the movies and found it to be boring.

    But this princess looks so lovely!!! 🙂

  8. vinayakah Says:

    I have been watching the Lord Of The Rings series may be 100x, as my son just loves it. And honestly, I love it too.

    The atmosphere that keeps going throughout the whole movie, is what I like, and the way the characters are taken, and played too. They are not finished and profiled, but evolve throughout all 3 parts, and some behave the way that is to be venerated. One needs to see it in peace, to catch the soft nuances of dialogs and whole scenery, to appreciate it fully.

    How to stand by righteousness? The way some of them do, may be…

  9. kanagu Says:

    I am sure you must watch this movie as it is a grand one. Last week only I got the DVDrips of those movies and in coming weeks I will watch them 🙂

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  11. Nita Says:

    Lord of the Rings is a great movie and you do have an elfin look! 🙂

  12. axinia Says:

    thanks, Nita, that is so sweet of you! 🙂

  13. Sahaja Says:

    hey Axinia……Finally I succeeded in translating…..but u knw what??? the final result is transalated so badly that except the name of character i could not understand better…..its Natasha , heroine of war and peace….May be something is wrong with the one i used…it gave first 3 lines well, next it said methane and mixing etc…. i am pasting it in russian, can u tell me ??

    Наташа Ростова, героиня эпопеи «Война и мир». Живая, энергичная, всегда неожиданная, естественная и одухотворенная. Наташа принадлежит к тем персонажам, которые живут «умом сердца». Она необыкновенно добра и вдохновляет людей, делает их лучше, возвращает им любовь к жизни. Наташа наделена редкими душевными качествами: чуткостью и интуицией. Сущность ее натуры – любовь. Она выполняет естественное предназначение женщины (стремление к любви). Все ее метания, в конечном счете, имеют целью создание семьи и рождение детей. В финале Наташа предстает любящей и любимой женой и матерью. Только через любовь и семью Наташа обретает душевное спокойствие. Именно в этой героине заложен русский национальный характер

  14. Sahaja Says:

    heyy got got it :)…..used yahoo bebey something like that :D…Thankoooo 🙂

  15. axinia Says:

    wow, Sahaja, my congratulations! It is one of the most beautiful, gentle and loving female roles I know!! – I wish mysefl i could get that result 🙂 But the elfine princess will also do…

    So you want me to translate? 🙂

    Genarally it says that she is lively, energic, alsways spontaneous and full of spirit. She is the one who lives “by the intellect of the heart”. she is extremely kind and inspires people to lead a better life… Love is the essence of her nature. She fulfills the natural purpose of a woman- to love. All her seeking finalises in creation of a family. At the final part she appears as a loving mother and wife. Only through a happy family life she finds the inner peace.
    Natasha Rostova manifest the best the Russian national character.

    (so now you know you are actually a typical Russian woman :))

  16. Sahaja Says:

    Hey wow……Lovely Indeed…..I agree with most part of it….[dont know about wife and mother part but I wish it comes true too!!!]

    Thanks very much!! 🙂 ….indeed a lovely test….can I post your translation on my blog?? Its definitely much better than the one I got :D……

  17. Sahaja Says:

    (and may be true that I am like a typical Russian, got so attracted and attached to your blog that I entered this world of Blogging 🙂 )

  18. axinia Says:

    sure, jsut post it 🙂
    my translataion is also not the best – I am actually not that good at translating.

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  20. TANIA Says:

    все очень здорово!жаль только что почти ничего не пишешь на русском!

  21. axinia Says:

    сорри, но мне некогда переводить, а по англ. писать важнее!

  22. Triveni Says:

    It says Arwen for me too. 🙂

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