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Two films of highest asthetic beauty November 9, 2008

The breathtaking aesthetic beauty is a rare case in the western film. I have never seen any western production that would blow my mind by the spectacular colour combinations or marvelous aesthetic scenes – that remains the strength of the Eastern mindset and perspective.

Two films that impressed me the most with their breathtaking beauty and astonishing colour galore are recent Chinese and Indian films.

Curse of the Golden Flower  is a 2006 Chinese historical epic drama film directed by Zhang Yimou. With a budget of $45 million, it is the most expensive Chinese film to date. it will take your breath away as you see the richness in its story, sets, and costumes. See for yourself – isn`t it gorgeous?


The trailer shows even more:

Although I was taken aback by the splendour of the scenery, at the same time I was rather disappointed by the story which was in generally about revenge. I prefer to enjoy the stories that elevate the characters, must not be the happy end, but some transformation, development to the best…

The second film that fascinated me with the picturesque scenery and colours, and at the same time elevated with one of the most beautiful love stories and a deep message is the 2008 Indian production – Jodhaa Akbar. The film, directed by Academy Award nominated Ashuthosh Gowarikar with a budget of $45 million, is an epic tale of love between Akbar, the greatest Mughal emperor and his Rajput wife, Jodhaa Bai.

Unfortunately there have been very few pictures available on Internet, which can hardly show the magnificent beauty of the film, but still… The trailer below shows more!


It is not only because I adore the beauty of Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (as posted here), but also her play was really good this time! 

And here is the trailer:

 One more special thing about the film is that the love between Jodhaa and Akbar develops AFTER they got married (which is not unusual for an Indian, but might be rather strange for a western mindset). Romantic love after marriage is the unique situation, it gives love the possibility to unfold slowly but steadily, and not vanish like a cheap parfume – I am lucky enough to know it from my own marriage experience!

Apart from the love message, the figure of Akbar could be a good role model for many rulers. IThe king not only had a secular vision, but also a will to know what the common man wanted, he was kind hearted and noble. And I love the way he forgives!

 In a very thoughtful scene, Akbar openly wonders how to make India one…and he realizes that would be possible by embracing all faiths. A message that still rings true and still needs to be worked on -an that is, all over the world!

LOVE, axinia


20 Responses to “Two films of highest asthetic beauty”

  1. Sahaja Says:

    Guess what??? I loved Jodha Akbar despite its a 4 hr movie…I love the songs Umm….I love the settings…And I love Hrithik!! Uff….Hez soooo nice :D….hehe….
    I saw movie in Manchester, went by changing 2 trains,1 tram and 1 bus hehe…and I felt its all worth completely njoid the movie esp their romance – the song kehne ko jashn e bahara hai….too good song!! Did u hear?? I sincerely suggest and recommend you to listen :)…..And I fell all over in love again with Urdu ….so musical!!…..And then recently I watched it again……cant get bored, many felt it was a waste of time, its not as big hit in India as it was overseas!! BUt I personally love the movie and would def recommend 🙂
    for me Aishwarya is def a beauty but somehow cant see her as the media potrays her to be!! I like Sushmita Sen much :D……

  2. axinia Says:

    I bought the film in the Indian shop with horrible English subtitles 🙂 But it was in Hindi anyway…:) Songs are beautiful!!
    I hope they will show it here on the big screen too!

  3. Bad Karma Says:

    I agree, Jodha Akbar was a superb film. I liked the Sufi song in there (Kwaja mere kwaja…)

  4. axinia Says:

    yea, the Sufi song was amazing – I had to listen to it at least 10 times!

  5. wortman Says:

    the chinese film i saw 2 times 🙂 i love these films. do you know the trilogy “chinese ghost story”? the first part you would like.

    a great film also (but with more fighting) is the epic story about “suriyothai”?


  6. Nita Says:

    Good to hear that you liked Jodha Akbar. It is breathtaking on the big screen and because it is long, it is difficult to watch on tv! Well, at least for me as I get impatient! One of my favourite films!

  7. axinia Says:

    thanks for the tipp, but I am not very much into fighting (how you can assume!) 🙂

    @thanks, Nita – I would love to see it on the big screen, really hope they will screen it in Europe! (I heard Jodha Akbar won the prize at some Russian film festival..)

  8. Princess Says:

    hi axinia,

    hv not watched the first one. yet the second movie is my fav too; being a historical story it made good impact. I’m glad u like ti. I would love to watch the former one as soon as possible. Thanks for sharing

  9. wortman Says:

    yes.. i’ve forgotten….

  10. vinayakah Says:

    umm…I like movies, and following an altrernative scene quite a lot, but not only.

    I need to see these 2 movies, look really interesting!!
    Thanks for posting!!

  11. axinia Says:

    I dont like movies, really. I watch them seldome and very selective. But these too are the realy fiest for the eyes! – apart from the great love and righteousness in the second one.
    Looking forward to your reviews! 🙂

  12. The Chinese film is very colourful and cool on the eyes but I get the feeling that it has been made keeping the Western audience in mind 😐

    I haven’t watched the second regional Indian film (I have no intention of sitting through such a long movie made in a language that I don’t understand) so I have nothing to say about it 😐

    But I doubt the “love” between Akbar and the woman in real life, Axinia. Historians reject the claim that Jodha was a wife of Akbar. In any case, the “marriage” was more of an alliance to bring peace between warring kingdoms. And the emperor, like every other person of his kind, had innumerable wives and countless concubines to satify his lust. The woman would have been just another lady in the harem, a favoured one among the countless many, that were pampered and “maintained” to satisfy the emperor’s lust. I cannot help comparing the woman to a horse among the many in the emperor’s stable.

    I think the film-maker would have glorified the emperor and the grandeur of his palaces. He would not have shown the miserable lives that the ordinary peasants were living under the filthy feudal system of mediæval India and I guess the Chinese film would not have shown it either.

    We had a great debate in our history class about the faith that Akbar founded, Din-i-ilahi. There were good intentions behind the move, no doubt, but it flopped miserably. Without attempting to reform the religions and minimise the influence of religions on public life, Akbar foolishly tried to combine some religions and added another one that found only a handful of adherents and it died a deserved death. I wish all religions face the same fate!!!

  13. axinia Says:

    thank you, Raj, i really like your input on the “new religion” Akbar founded – I was unaware of that! It is intresting anyway, to see how the history developed.

    As for the movie, I really like the beauty and the love theme, as well as Akbar’righteousness. It is a movie after all… and not a documentary! It is inspiring and people need good emotions 🙂

    btw, have you seen the comments by Sailaja and me on your political activity?

  14. kanagu Says:

    I am glad that you have watched and liked Jodha Akbar. I didn’t seen that movie. Anyway I will not see it as there are many good films than it, I have to see. Sorry for this comment.

    Did you watched the Chinese film “The Hero”? I have seen it and completely blown over. Brilliant picturisation, a great story and amazingly beautiful stunts. I liked it very much 🙂

  15. axinia Says:

    kanagu, thanks for the tipp!
    I am also not sure I will see this one you recommend 🙂 because I really see only one movie in several months.

  16. Actually, I wanted to watch Jodha Akbar. I had the time to read a whole book about the mughal empire, but didn’t have the time to see this one on the big screen! Anyways hoping to see it on the smaller laptop screen atleast. Akbar, was not only the first ruler to rule a large part of India, but he also got a lot of economic and social reforms done during his period. I will post on that soon. His religious tolerance has been mentioned by you and he had some personal advisers of major religion in his court itself. I wish Aurangzeb, the last notable Mughal emperor was half as tolerant as Akbar. It was partially because Aurangzeb not developing a strong heir that mughal empire ultimately collapsed.

    Destination Infinity

  17. Forgot to mention, the pictures depicted of the Chinese movie are stunning!

    Destination Infinity

  18. axinia Says:

    DI, thanks for this intresting information on the Mughal empire – I am still rather ignorant on that topic.

  19. […] once in several months I want to see some really good feature film or documentary, then I go to the cinema or watch a DVD. I came to a conclusion that there is no […]

  20. Chaitanya Says:

    Hello Axinia,

    Can you please take down the link of an image pointing to our website which is FIbre2fashion.com from this blogpost

    The image link which has gone permanently is

    Please take it down and let me know once you fix this.

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