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Congratulations to America! November 5, 2008

My heartfelt congratulations to all my US readers, and, actually to all of us – the historical victory of Barac Obama will hopefully have a great impact on the world development and may indeed bring the long awaited values shift.




23 Responses to “Congratulations to America!”

  1. Congratulations to Barack Obama and to the Democrats and to America as well!

    While it’s great that the U.S. gets its first African-American president, I believe it is too much to expect much change, Axinia. The more things change, the more they remain the same 😐

  2. axinia Says:

    everything is changing, my friend – constantly.

    But some things give more impulse and will finally have more impact.

    In the case of Obama, it is not his professionality, but more his personality that has the power and meaning.

    As the Germans say: “Lass dich überraschen!”

  3. wortman Says:

    vielleicht kann obama sein politisches programm nicht durchziehen (mehr geld ins eigene land als nach außen, krankenversicherung für jeden usw.) aber er wird sicherlich den Anstoß geben, an dem sich dann künftige präsidenten messen lassen müssen.

    historisch natürlich genial dieser sieg. martin luther king würde samba tanzen, hätte er diese wahl erleben können.

    was letztendlich dabei heraus kommt, da muss man erst einmal locker bleiben und abwarten…

  4. axinia Says:

    Lieber wortman, stimme dir voll zu!!

  5. Ich stimme mit den beiden von Ihnen. Ich hoffe, daß für eine Überraschung, aber ich erwarte nicht, daß es 😐

  6. swaps Says:

    He is chosen as the President of America. That’s all.
    Now lets get back to work 🙂

  7. guqin Says:

    I feel a kind of released too as he wins, the last years here in U.S. were suffocating, Obama comes in like a spring breeze. A great victory for Afircan Americans’ long struggles.

    But we shouldn’t stretch the meaning of this election. Without a history of slavery and racism, there isn’t such so-called “history-making” in U.S. at this moment. And I hope U.S. won’t use this as another reason to interfere other nations with a false sense of moral superiority.

    Specificly regarding equality, objectively, I must say Communism does a better job. For instance, when Stalin was considered a hero or later as a criminal dictator, no one stretched his minority background. Without the awareness of it is true equality. Quite unfortunate that Communism failed in other aspects.

  8. axinia Says:

    I am totally with you! – great points, 1000 thanks!

  9. axinia Says:

    verses from a regular Russian citizen (congratulations to America)
    – for those who understand.

    Поздравление Обаме …
    (от рядового россиянина):

    Во имя процветания Америки
    Победу одержал Барак Обама:
    Без махинаций, гордо, без истерики …
    Очистится Америка от срама:

    Другие страны станут подражать.
    И польза будет каждому, и миру!
    Надежда будет, остается ждать …
    Виват – американскому кумиру!


  10. Хорошо сказанный. Но враждебные планы Америки к России останутся тем же самым 😐

  11. Angie Says:

    I’d look with my daughter the long night here in Germany. We are so hopeful with all the people in the USA. One dream come true, it’s so great! May be there is more! I pray for!
    God bless the people in the USA and all over the world!

  12. Bad Karma Says:

    Being a U.S. citizen, I was very anxious for Obama to win – the past 8 years have been terrible. The result is that just enough people voted Democrat this time to cause a shift in power. The nation is still divided – by popular vote, McCain was still very close.

    Today, the president of Iran congratulated Obama. I don’t think he would have done the same if McCain won.

    Change is in the air. =)

  13. axinia Says:

    happy to hear that and thanks to Raj, Angie and Bad karma!

  14. vinayakah Says:

    Thanks Axinia,
    I hope he will have chances to do some positive actions towards humans, and their higher values in the world.
    I am however not so optimistic about it, as I can see the guys hidden behind scene, that define the directions to follow rather than the seen ones, and we see where it all goes…
    Interesting that Nostradamus´s verses regarding the “black man on trone that will be the last” were understodd as if he was alking about pope 🙂
    Yes, people thougth it will be pope. Thats the another proof we shouldnt think 😉

    (I trackbacked this your post in my blog)

  15. swaps Says:

    To dear POTUS (President of the United States),

    “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  16. axinia Says:

    swaps, I think actully he is – at least he has the power to be that.

  17. This is what he said in Berlin: “Partnership and Co-operation among nations is not a choice. It is the only way. The only way to protect our common security and advance our common humanity. That is why the greatest danger of all is to avoid new walls to divide us from one another. The walls between the old allies on the either side of Atlantic, cannot stand. The walls between the countries with the most and least, cannot stand. The walls between the races and tribes, natives and immigrants, Christians, Muslims and Jews, cannot stand. These are the walls we must tear down”.

    Even if he is allowed to do a bit of what he wants to do, it would be very good for the United States.

    Destination Infinity

  18. axinia Says:

    thanks for this beautiful quotation! – sounds great!

  19. The guy from the Russian village Says:

    Поздравление Обаме …
    (от рядового россиянина):

    Во имя процветания Америки
    Победу одержал Барак Обама:
    Без махинаций, гордо, без истерики …
    Очистится Америка от срама:

    Другие страны станут подражать.
    И польза будет каждому, и миру!
    Надежда будет, остается ждать …
    Виват – американскому кумиру!
    Смущает меня такой фанатизм … Смотрел я на выпученные от восторга глаза на Тайм Сквер в ту ночь … ну не нормально это как-то.

    У еще что Уго Чавес и российские коммунисты очень Обаме рады тоже смущает …

  20. axinia Says:

    это не фанатизм, это просто прикол 🙂

  21. adisa Says:

    how amazing!

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