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What is creativity? November 3, 2008

painting by Andrea Brück

We live in a time when creativity is seen either as a passport to material riches, or as something to be cynically criticised and attacked. Those who can, create, but timorously and always with a guarded eye turned towards the criticism of others. Artists doubt the value of their work, until they either give up in despair, or -hiding behind an artificially pumped ego – they manage to assert their mastery and gain recognition through sheer grit and dogged determination.

However as any true artist readily admit, real creativity is much more that a super charged ego, a fancy car and some astute self-promotion. It is a secret, magical alliance between talented and heartfelt application and divine inspiration. This combination of heart and spirit is what gives sublime art its power to shape epochs. We can always recognise the divinity of true art simply by measuring its enduring and widespread appeal.

All human beings have the capacity to use divine inspiration to produce beauty. The ability to create is not given solely to those who are talented, any more than the right to breath goes only ot those who are handsome. We need the rediscover our creative confidence most importantly learn how to create beauty from the depth of our heart, and this can only really be achieved in we unleash the power of the subtle spiritual energy inside ourselves to its fullest potential.


From “Meditation” by Nigel Powell

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12 Responses to “What is creativity?”

  1. swaps Says:

    How true.

    “The true work of art is but a shadow of the divine perfection.”

    I always felt art is created when an artist is overwhelmed by spiritual beauty.

  2. Raman Says:

    Fantasic prose – there’s hardly anything left to say on this. Well written axinia.

  3. axinia Says:

    the Michelangelo quote is amazing!

    thanks, but that was not my word, only a guotation of one of my favourite authors, Nigel Powell (see below the post).

  4. Sahaja Says:

    Wow, yesterday only I read an article in my office and commented on something similar….To me also, everybody is creative!!
    Great expression….well written 🙂

  5. axinia Says:

    thank you, Sahaja, that is the core point here and you got it right! – EVERYONE is creative.

  6. kanagu Says:

    very aptly said axinia

  7. vinayakah Says:

    Thanks for posting, very nice.

    Trully creativity is an expression of inspiration that is comming from somewhere far beyond mind. Some say – “you dont think it out”.
    An art is comming to play, when we are able to express this thiny inspiring mystery, called inspiration well, so others can participate on it too. Even not seeing the source of that inspiration directly, they can feel a touch of it through the art…..how amazingly it is made.

  8. axinia Says:

    that is so beautifully expressed, vinayakah…

  9. vinayakah Says:

    Thank you, Axinia. I am new to bloging a little, but find it fun, and inspirative. I love people… 🙂

    I remember my father, when I was a child, watching him for hours, with his palette and brush in hands, carefully, how he created a magic on the canvas, and I couldnt understand, how that small thiny lines, that didnt give me any sense, can make some Rembrandt at the end.
    Than he but helped me. He told me – “lets make few steps back, to see a fragment of what I see complete already.” Same way he saw only thiny fragment of the entire beauty that is beyond… From that time on, I always try to make “step back (or up?)” to see things in larger perspective 🙂

    Only after so long time I came to an understanding that the Michalangelo´s Divine Perfection, exists throughout the time in its entirety, and the blessed people called artist, having access to it, bring just fragments of this unending ocean of beauty, to make a bridge for others. The bridge to the Divine Itself.

  10. axinia Says:

    you a truly a poet, vinayakah…such deep and poetical comment, I enjoy it a lot!

  11. giorgio1977 Says:

    Wonderful image!!!

  12. moin Says:

    awesome vinayakah .. good job

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