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“Let’s Make Money” – A Film Review November 2, 2008

Last night I went to watch the brilliant documentary “Lets make money”  – an eye-opening well reasearched film by Austrian Director Erwin Wagenhofer. After his earlier mind-blowing documentary “We feed the world” where he traces the origin of food we eat (Every day in Vienna the amount of unsold bread sent back to be disposed of is enough to supply Austria’s second-largest city, Graz. Around 350,000 hectares of agricultural land, above all in Latin America, are dedicated to the cultivation of soybeans to feed Austria’s livestock while one quarter of the local population starves), Erwin Wagenhofer explores another sensible and very timely topic – the background/and backyards of neo-liberalism: what banks actually do with our capital.

Wagenhofer follows the tracks of money through the worldwide finance system. For example in the Costa del Sol region of Spain. Even though 3 millions (!) homes are standing empty, the building frenzy is still going strong after 18 years, spurred by the belief that real estate is a lucrative investment. Blown by the investment drive, there are over 800 golf-places along the beautiful Spanish coast in Andalusien which are not being used but being watered and require water sufficient for 16. Mio. people.

There are no expert comments in this documentary – Wagenhofer makes the “player” speak for themselves.

Here is the trailer with short interviews in German, English, Spanish and French, with German subtitles.

One of the investors, specialist for Emergin Markets points out that “you have to buy when there is blood on the streets” – he knows where and how to invest the funds, also our rent funds.

Another interesting figure is John Perkins, an American Economy Professor, World Bank specialist who calls himself “Economic Hit Man”, he explains in a clear and understandable way the American foreign policy from the different (insider) perspective. Perkins wrote a book on the topic, here is the review: In his Confessions of an Economic Hit Man  Perkins writes that his economic projections cooked the books Enron-style to convince foreign governments to accept billions of dollars of loans from the World Bank and other institutions to build dams, airports, electric grids, and other infrastructure he knew they couldn’t afford. The loans were given on condition that construction and engineering contracts went to U.S. companies. Often, the money would simply be transferred from one bank account in Washington, D.C., to another one in New York or San Francisco. The deals were smoothed over with bribes for foreign officials, but it was the taxpayers in the foreign countries who had to pay back the loans. When their governments couldn’t do so, as was often the case, the U.S. or its henchmen at the World Bank or International Monetary Fund would step in and essentially place the country in trusteeship, dictating everything from its spending budget to security agreements and even its United Nations votes. It was, Perkins writes, a clever way for the U.S. to expand its “empire” at the expense of Third World citizens.

The film “Let’s Make Money” delivers shocking facts on the “tax paradises” with their over 11,5 Trillion dollar tax-avoided money, as well as on the investors work in India and cotton-production in Africa. And much more…

I don´t know is the film will go around the world and will be translated into English, but if you will get a chance -please watch it!


16 Responses to ““Let’s Make Money” – A Film Review”

  1. Thanks for heads up on this Axinia.
    It looks fascinating – damn, wish I could speak German now! I do hope it’ll get a release with English subtitles. If it comes to Scotland I’ll let you know when I’ve seen it. Meantime I’m exploring the work of John Perkins

  2. swaps Says:

    Thanks. I hope it is released word-wide with English subtitles.

    I have a friend who owns a bread factory… of course, he too burns his share of unsellable bread everyday. It is inevitable.

    Ours could be the last generation to enjoy the luxury of wasting resources. Amen.

  3. vinayakah Says:

    Thanks for post, Anixia,

    Very interesting one, I didnt see Today´s world is too fast, and it is so fast, we dont see the beauty that glows around us, and we dont see how rude and blind are we towards mother earth, and its precious resourcess too.

    More than that, people forgot how to care of others, and forgot their own soul. This is the reason why all that mess can exist….. All that killed sensitivity of ppl upto the extent, we can see in that movies.
    The time that is comming is not going to be pleasant, if we dont return to our roots soon – that is innocence and humility, to understand the real values, and behave appropriately.

  4. Bad Karma Says:

    > Ours could be the last generation to enjoy the luxury of wasting resources. Amen.
    I second that. Amen!

  5. radha Says:

    i am starting by myself to be more lovely and to state my love directly to the people not only close friends but also colleagues and mates in other activities. i want to be aware of how much love oriented we can all become in what we do daily. i am hearing some colleagues already starting to say “i love your job”or ” i love you” or using the “love” word in their emails ecc. for the simple pleasure of loving others during office hours and also in other contexts not job related plus not yoga related. Love has to permeate, this is our test for the New era. How love is linked to Money and Waste of energy (to keep to the post) there are plenty of answers.

  6. Lovely post, Axinia!

    I want to watch the film as parts of it have been shot in Chennai, like the factory shown in this trailer.

    Oh, yes, I knew about the criminal organisations like the World Bank, the IMF and the WTO and their policies of economically colonising the developing countries on behalf of the criminal corporate hoodlums in the U.S. with the help of their stooges and corrupt bureaucrats in the Third World. I haven’t read The confessions of an economic hit-man but it should be made a part of school work in every developing country!

    Countries that courageously resist the economic hitmen hired by the criminal hoodlums of the American empire and instead work for the benefit of their own citizens have something else in store for them. The notorious criminal hitmen belonging to the CIA then get into the fray and try to assassinate the leaders of those countries. This has happened so many times in Latin America and even in Africa. The funny thing is that like all evil empires in history, the people of the U.S. are actually victimised by their own empire. The neo-liberal empire is the most dangerous one in the history of the world. A dangerous cabal like the Bilderberg Group and its stooges seek to rule the world and desire to keep the majority of the world’s population in desperate poverty by exploiting them 😡

  7. vinayakah Says:

    The answer is just an awareness in all its depth, to solve all that confusion. If we were all aware of what is going on, it would never hapen. But we are not (yet).

    All living beings on this planet have one thing common – their beings tend to tune up, to the vibratory frequency prevailing in their environment… And we are same.
    Someone said – “or you are a master, or you become a deciple of someone else, no other chioce”. Does this not describe clearly the phenomenon I mentioned? In other words: you or are the source, and emit, or are you tuning to some other source that exists, no other choice. No mater if you are aware of ti or not – its happening.

    Lets than to be deep in the understanding, in the depth of being aware, and others slowly tune-in with it, as I saw so many times happening. It is like a radiation, where you have no choice to escape, and the perspective of people close to you, changes dramaticaly, even you are not aware of it. What will happen if many are fully aware, and radiate the same? Let´s see….. 😉

  8. axinia Says:

    @Bob Leckridge
    many thanks and looking forward to your feedback once the film is out in English!

    @swaps, I love your part with “amen” although I still believe it might have develop to the better. You know, the Mother Earth is very wise but also very big and powerful – I believe that there are much more resourses in Her than we can ever imagine!…

    “people forgot how to care of others, and forgot their own soul. This is the reason why all that mess can exist” – how true!! Sure all the problems come form within, no policy will ever help if people will not realise things.

    @Bad Karma,
    thanks 🙂 you are one of my gem-readers!

    LOVE YOUR WORDS!! “Love has to permeate, this is our test for the New era. How love is linked to Money and Waste of energy (to keep to the post) there are plenty of answers.” – I am very surious for extention on that, please give some insight!!

    @Raj, thanks for your support. I know you would appreciate that film.

    awareness is important, but i guess is it not all., the temptation poften goes beyond. You know, when I see a relised person caught up in the Maya of oil-trading and living for her own, not sharing – I want ot cry, really.
    I like your example with radiation and no escape 🙂 But again, awareness is not enough – there should be true enlightenment taking place!

  9. vinayakah Says:

    Thanks for the nice answers, Axinia.

    To be aware, one needs to be enlightened/realized – again no other choice 🙂 Truth is, that an awareness, is not the mental reaction on things, it is a permanent state of being aware. The ability to pervade things, rather than stack on to them. To dissolve the destructive, to be replaced by auspicious, and it is not possible to provide by the “head” part, as we know 😀
    By that enlightened awareness, we can only change things to be made of love. By the depth that became visible and active – “active” is important.
    After realisation we become aware of the Divine, so no need to believe – we are aware. For me the awareness is like a child of realisation, without which it just cant be born…. Enlightemnent is possibly the same as an awareness, as both depend on light of our being to see, and understand.
    Ok, getting that blessings, we need to use it!!! 😉 Or things influence us by its confusion, or we influence the things by our light….it is upon us now. I would add one point to yours – not only the enlightenment, but also a wish, to make it shine.

    And please, go on with the extension, it needs to come out of a shell, to be seen! If I have something, I will put it to my blogg, and link it to you. Currently I am in Turkey, and they have censured internet (…..), so I dont get into the links I need to post things I want – a lot of. But after I get back home, I do so, thats why my blogg is a little empty yet 😉
    Thanks again

  10. Ian Says:

    Dear Ax
    Thanks fo your review ( I support this film and Erwin Wagenhofer 100 percent)…and thanks for all the love and attention to detail that you pour into 1000petals. It`s an inspiring place and i wish you all power and luck with it!!!
    All Love

  11. axinia Says:

    thanks you Ian, your support has a great meaning to me!

  12. anonymous Says:

    I saw this film at Sundance ’09. Excellent subject matter! It is past due I feel. The film itself was not as creatively or professionally done as could have been. I found a lot of people falling asleep and losing attention. Regardless, I have a good attention span for subjects such as this and was able to capture the message.
    Globalization needs to motivate humanity into a new era of prosperity for every being on the planet.
    If the money were invested and the return could be 350 billion/yr for every nation on earth to provide infrastructure. Take this on the scale of an investment toward every human born on the planet and that is a new found freedom. A film on such solutions/ideals needs to be the sequel to this.
    We live in a “Utopia” more now than ever. This kind of economic infrastructure is not in harmony with the society of today or tomorrow. It is ancient, now absurd, and barbaric. Eventually it must resonate with the ideals of every human being that are its benefactors. The flesh that is human must not be considered expendable and every human having chosen any trade or pursuit that brings value into their lives. This age is about the emancipation of the brain of every individual and its rights alone as equal to every other brain alive. Its no longer a marked question of what a person deserves, but now a right that every human is entitled too.
    Lets invest our capital to eradicate poverty and debt. This is the time. This film only encourages such yearning.
    Think about it.

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  14. jason Says:

    for extra income, i use http://www.coinpart.com. hope this helps someone 🙂

  15. tammy Says:

    Very impressive introduction.
    Ill search, download and watch it right now!

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