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the only truth I know is my own experience

The only important thing in life… October 25, 2008

The only important thing in live are the traces of love we leave behind when we go.

Albert Schweizer


P.S: many thanks to Wortman for sharing this amazing quote with me.

LOVE; axinia


18 Responses to “The only important thing in life…”

  1. Princess Says:

    truly amazing axinia..
    thanks to you too

  2. wortman Says:

    i say it with the words of freddie frinton: “i’ll do my very best” 😉

  3. Mavin Says:

    Indian philosophy says – Love is everything. It makes the world go around. In fact, we, humans are known as “Embodiments of Love”.

    Great quote and how true…..:-)

  4. I don’t know, Axinia. Love may be important but it is hate 😡 that sustains the world 😐

  5. axinia Says:

    My dear friend, can it be that we live in different worlds? 🙂

  6. No, Axinia, we live in the same world 🙂 But you are talking about the truth. I’m talking about the ugly reality 👿 of the world 😐

  7. axinia Says:

    wow, what a deepness!

    The Truth is the Reality. The rest is the Illusion.
    If you life in Reality, then you are only surrounded by the Truth`… That is quite possible!

  8. guqin Says:

    Axina is talking about Truth, Ray about Facts.

    Many opposing Facts serving the one Truth, this is the Reality.

  9. Sahaja Says:

    Someone said, “What we believe is truth….It need not be reality….but yet can sustain Life!!”

  10. 古琴,

    喂 !

    It’s good to see you here, my friend! 🙂

    Axinia, Sahaja and Guqin,

    Now all of you are confusing me 😦 What is the truth, what is the reality, what are the facts, what is myth and what is illusion? 😕

  11. guqin 古琴 Says:

    Hi Raj, I do my part:

    Truth is what makes the world possible, it is called the Dao in China. There is only one truth.

    Facts are the events happening in the world and are countless in number. In this sense each Fact is a partial Truth, and can be opposing to each other. As an analogy, if (the existense of) color is the Truth, then both black and white are facts, and they appear opposing to each other.

    The above is our Reality, I mean that relation between Truth and Facts, that we must live through opposing Facts to see the one uniform Truth.

  12. axinia Says:

    Thanks quqin, that is an understandable explanation! Beautifully expressed.

  13. swaps Says:

    WOW! guqin . You said it.


    That’s Tao.

    Love is beautiful. Hate is ugly.

    So is there an experience whose quality is not relative to anything??
    I would call THAT an important thing in life.

  14. 古琴 (Guqin),

    That is a good explanation, my friend! So there can only be ONE truth. Everything else may not be the truth, but an ugly fact of life 😡

  15. axinia Says:

    There is always only ONE truth, the rest is how we see it – remember the good old joke about 5 blind men touching an elefant? that’s it…

  16. kanagu Says:

    Both love and hate left their traces in life. Hitler is as much popular as Budha.

    And one more thing. I like to know more about Lenin and his principles. Will u able to guide me in that?

  17. axinia Says:

    kanagu, thanks for that good question. I will surely do something on Lenin, he was an outstanding personality.

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