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The Legend of the Jewel October 7, 2008


 image by axinia

Once upon a time in a long forgotten land people lived happily and in complete harmony with nature. They owned a divine jewel which connected them with their inner light: The Water of Life!

Centuries full of peace passed but eventually people started to forget about the jewel and soon after they turned to greed and lazyness.

The Gods watched this with anger because they once offered this jewel to mankind and so, they decided to take the jewel away from man and to hide it in safe place. (But where? )The deepest ocean, the highest mountain and even the moon did not seem save enough to get the jewel out of reach from the greed of man.  

Then the Gods agreed to put it in the one place where the curious humans would hardly ever look for it: within man himself. And so the jewel seemed to be lost forever and the whole of mankind drowned in a darkness which lasted many thousands of years.

The Mother of the Universe watched her creation suffering under the long darkness and she knew that she had to act soon in order to save her work. As a loving mother she knew that the time has finally come to offer to mankind the key to the jewel. And so She dreams the eternal dream of the enlighted man in whose veins (or body?) the water of life is flowing and who finally finds back to his true divine nature.


The Legend of the Jewel – Intro to the film “The Water of Life” by Björn Kurt, his aother beautiful intro.:


5 Responses to “The Legend of the Jewel”

  1. wortman Says:

    is it a film for cinema or a short film or anything like that?
    don’t hear from it…

  2. axinia Says:

    It is a beautiful DVD with breathtaking nature videos…but I think it is not yet on amazon. The link to the short youtube video of Bjorn is an ad.

  3. Princess Says:

    That was a lovely vdo.
    thanks for sharing friend 😀

  4. vishesh Says:

    interesting..keep us updated on it 🙂

  5. Scietech Says:

    Beautiful video! But I’m not so optimistic about humankind 😐 There is very little hope left for humans 😦

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