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Why innocent people have less problems October 4, 2008

“Children have no problems” goes the common saying, for children are (normally) taken care of, they (normally)  don`t need to work or basically do no face that cruel big world outside. It is the power of innocence that protects children from most of the troubles. As children grow up, the problems seem to grow with them. Or at least with most of them.

There are people who, like they say, never grow up. I do not mean those who, being adults have “childish” hobbies or behave like naughty children. I mean those, who never grow old with their innocence, who are children at heart.

What I noticed is that such people indeed have less problems, in any aspect of life.  Are they so careless and do not bother? Are they not serious enough? Are they just silly? Let me share with you my observations and conclusions on this topic.

Innocent people can be highly intelligent or may be not, but they all have something in common:

– they live more in the present

– therefore they do not spend much time analysing the actions of others   

– they do not like to criticize, and if they do, then straightforwardly, without thinking much of somebody being offended (interestingly it works! – people get less offended when you are honest and innocent at heart).

– Moreover people can not be angry with innocent persons – or at least not for a long time. Innocent people are being in generally easily forgiven!

– they do not make politics, although the way they behave may look like well thought of, which is mostly the opposite

– because they do not think everything over, they act spontaneously -and therefore mostly right (doing the right thing at the right time)

-THEY DO NOT BELIEVE THAT OTHERS HAVE EVIL INTENTS!!!!!! That is one of the most crucial difference between the innocence people and all others. They simply do not expect the evil. Of course, “bad” things happen to them too, but often they even do not see it as bad as others do.

– they trust others

-same as with small children, they are “being protected” and naturally/unknowingly avoid dangerous circamstances and even accidents alsmost never happen to them.

– all that results in far less problems in life, because -a well known fact –all out problems come from our poor overloaded/overheated heads… or closed hearts…

The good news is that innocence does not go away.

It is always there.

If you are tired of all kinds of problems and troubles in your life, try some simple things to refresh the innocence in you (tips here and here).



P.S: the photo is of me at the age of 2,5 years. I had no problems at that time… and actually still have not many 🙂

LOVE, axinia


28 Responses to “Why innocent people have less problems”

  1. amzolt Says:

    Thank you for such an insightful and important post !!

    ~ Alex from Our Evolution

  2. Nita Says:

    Axinia, although it’s best that someone who knows me in real life say this, but I think of myself this way. I am innocent in your words and as a result have been hurt because I give my affection freely, and also have been misunderstood. The latter happens a lot because I speak straight from the heart. One quality I detest is lies and subterfuge. Even on the internet I squeeze such people out of my life, not because I think they are immoral or bad (who doesn’t have faults?) because I am afraid of being hurt by them.
    At the same time I am very analytical and try and go deep into things, whether it is human nature or a concept…but as you mentioned, I tend to see the positive more than the negative…but the crucial thing here is that I see the negative clearly. For example with a human being I can love a person after seeing the negative…it’s the positive that shines for me.

  3. sunshineforlife Says:

    hmmm at times, i miss my innocence (childhood) days! it can’t be denied that as we grow up and older, we have more problems. and ur right, we can at times enjoy the innocence of a child in us when we are bombarded with too much problems and earthly cares.

    Axinia, you might be interested to check out this pictures of a place for yoga and meditation –



    as i browse through the pics, you are the first person that came to my mind.

    wishing you a good and happy week-end!

    sunshineforlife (arlene)

  4. sunshineforlife Says:

    and by the way, you are so lovely as a child!

  5. Sahaja Says:

    Guess what?????…..U have made me realise many things in this single post!!! And I am sure I will never ever forget this!!! Love U!!

  6. Sahaja Says:

    And Ya Lovely pic!!!!!!!! And my heart says U have the same innocent smile even now!!

  7. axinia Says:

    @Alex, thank you !

    @Nita, you are right – I can admit that you are an innocent person 🙂 And I can understand you wish to protect yourself from “strange” people, specially online. Due to the topic of your blog, you attract thousands and thousands of all sorts of people, and there are for sure some crazy or wired ones (Internet makes it easier for them to communicate anonymously, otherwise they have surely intrepersonal problems in their offline life).
    I am more lucky with my blog in that respect, because the target audience is much smaller and my readers are people who are first of all interested in their spiritual development (even if they do not realise that!). That is already a kind of a filter, but of course not a guarantee 🙂

    Being analytical and seeing the problems of others does not go against the innocence principle. Thanks to my study of psychology and yoga practice I can give an analysis of a person with all his/her problems and strengths in minutes! But you made an important point here – seeing negative sides should not prevent us from loving people!
    Another interesting discovery I made is that if I keep seeing the positive (even knowing the negative) than at some point the person changes :).

    @Sunshineforlife, thank you, dear! I am sure you are an innocent person too, please try not to froget about it! and thanks for the links, although I would not know what I should do about them 🙂

    @Sahaja, you too 🙂 I guess only truly innocent people will feel like responding here, because they feel being adressed…You are the one!

  8. Axinia, it’s great to see your broad smile in this cute childhood photo.

    I’ve just watched the video and it was good.

    But are you sure that it’s good to behave like an innocent child? I mean, if one is surrounded by children, it would work. But this is not an ideal world. Innocent minds are the most vulnerable to manipulation and control as they are easily impressionable. Just as there paedophiles looking for their innocent prey, there are people looking to exploit the innocence in others 😦

  9. axinia Says:

    Raj, that is a good point!! Indeed, innoncet people can be exploited… but if you would ask me what I would prefere- to stay innoncet or to become sophisticated – I would choose the first.

    You see, from both the worldly and spiritually points of view, I am a happy and successfull person: I have a great family and great friends, I love people, companies want to have me, I look good…:) I enjoy blissful mediations and I enjoy every moment of my life … And I believe the secret of it is the innocence. I actually can not remeber someone exploiting me…may I have forgotten…
    .. Does not matter.

    You can decide what is more valuable for you.

  10. swaps Says:

    SPLENDID photo. Such simple but cute dress….those were the days. Loved it 🙂

  11. swaps Says:

    Yes innocent people are happy. I know one…mother of my friend. She is a gem….even others cann’t be sad in her presence.

    I was never innocent. Consequently, I have problems. But problems are my means of learning…..I cherish all my past problems, they are my asset (at least some of them…kind of battle scars).

    (Btw, even innocent people can use tact 🙂

  12. Sahaja Says:

    @ swaps…..how can one say he/she was never innocent….i am asking this because, one of my best pals keeps sayin this to me and he forms this as basis of many of discussions we have…I was never able to comprehend this!!
    i was just to curious to understand this!!

  13. swaps Says:

    @sahaja, because in my opinion ‘innocence’ is a stereotype. No one in the ‘civilized’ world can be really innocent (of course, there are very rare exceptions….really rare one, like my friend’s mom).

    @Axinia, can one be innocent and a good PR….it’s a kind of Jekyll and Hyde act? 🙂 🙂
    (I like your criterion…”Innocent people don’t suspect evil”. That sums it up.)

  14. axinia Says:

    even innoncet people need good PR Because people who are not innocent, they will never come to the idea that all their troubles are because of that lack! Someone shoudl have the courage to tell them. I just recently told that to 2 people and it had a totally healing effect on them!!

    @swaps, I know what you mean… I know many people who enjoy living with problems – in fact, it is the only reason they have them Tact? Probably, but have you seen a tactful child?

    There is one story. There was a guest in a house, for dinner. The child looked at him and said “He does not eat like a horse! Mom, you said he eats like a horse.” – just in front of that person.

  15. There is one story. There was a guest in a house, for dinner. The child looked at him and said “He does not eat like a horse! Mom, you said he eats like a horse.” – just in front of that person.




    You can decide what is more valuable for you.

    I would like to be innocent, Axinia, but only as long as I am with children or other innocent people. Just imagine what would happen if one were to be an innocent child among a bunch of hyenas! 😦

  16. Nita Says:

    Interesting discussion. My take is that it is not a question of what is right “to be” but what “one is.” I myself have thought at times that I shouldn’t be trusting…but I guess I never tried hard enough to change. Because as you said Axinia I think one has strong relationships and get a lot of love if one is not just innocent, but also oneself. Now in the kind of company which are “hyenas” in Raj’s words, I try and keep my mouth shut. But I will not try and be what I am not.
    I do not want to waste my energy trying to change a positive trait, even if it protects me from hurt. In any case I think there is a world of difference between being stupid and innocent.
    Also I think it is very important to be oneself. We need to channelise our energies positively.

  17. axinia Says:

    Nita, you are absolutely right, it is not the point what is “correct” or not, I just wanted to show how the innocent people are like.

    Raj, bwt, you say hyenas…You know, me and my sister when we are young girls, we once met some criminals on the street. They wanted to agress us…but then something happend. I don`t remember what we said or did. But the criminals stepped away in awe and said “you must be holy people, we will always protect you”. imagine!! And they actually did.

    In fact, the “negative” people are often very sensitive to the real goodness, they probably can feel and appreciate it much better. Because innocence is so genuine and fresh….Subconscioussly they may know they need it.

  18. Nita and Axinia,

    I used the word “hyenas” because a hyena is supposed to prey on creatures that are smaller than itself but would not dare attack a creature that is larger than itself. (I don’t know if this widely held belief is true or not 😐 ) So if a hyena comes across an unprotected tiger cub, the cub is finished 😦 But the same hyena would not dare to come near a tiger. Not just hyenas, even wolves are supposed to prey on the innocent, like in the story of Little Red Riding Hood. I hope hyenas and wolves (not to speak of other creatures that are found only in myths and Harry Potter books) don’t think that tigers (even if they are just “moral paper tigers”) sound “racist” 😯

    Anyway, I believe there is an innocent child in everyone of us. This childlike nature is hidden because of the big, bad world that we live in. If we are with innocent children, it becomes evident. Otherwise, the child behaves like a grown-up 😐

    It’s very interesting to read about your experience with those criminals, Axinia. I believe they are criminals who had some conscience left in them. But not all criminals are like that. The hyenas and wolves are much more dangerous because they love to prey on the innocent 😦

  19. Sahaja Says:

    @ Alien earthling ……I agree with you Alien earthling that there is an innocent child in everyone of us and it depends on environment around us whether its shown!!

    And comparision with hyneas or wolves…..to be frank with you, they are animals….and that precisely is difference between hyneas and humans….Its natural for them to prey on smaller creatures and its law of nature….but in the case of us, we have a choice to make (whether we realise or not)…..So, its our reaction to what we sense from our surroundings that make us innocent/hyneas!!
    But we need not leave it at that saying we are helpless/not in our hands……Its our reaction, so its definitely in our hands….so one can change a hynea to innocent or atleast not a hynea and vice-versa (which i dont think does any good)
    Its the attitude to ‘Life’!!

    I should say you are one of the most blessed ones to find criminals react to you like that…..As you said, its something you did/said that made them react like that!!!
    But to be honest with you, I dont think this could be something which everyone can do or succeed….Its rare to happen but definitely not impossible!!

    Afterall, i believe, good or bad/god or evil is just within “us” 🙂

  20. axinia Says:

    thank you, Raj and Sahaja for this interesting discussion.

    I believe that an innocent heart always wins – if not in this life, than in the next one.

    BTW have you ever thought why saints have been tortured (all times, all nations)? Because people where jelous of their saintly life… But now the situation has improved!! One can be a good person and lead a quiet life 🙂 So the bad times are dying away!

  21. Sahaja Says:

    thats such an optimistic thought!!!!! :O 🙂 😀 Kudos!!

  22. Sahaja,

    I completely agree with you that even the most notorious criminal (if he was a victim of circumstances) can be changed into a “positive” person if the circumstances are right. That is why I hate the death penalty. By putting a person to death, society is not giving a chance to that person to reform himself. But it is a very difficult job and even angels would not find it easy. Even then, there would be persons who would not change their criminal ways 😦


    I agree that an innocent heart always wins but I’m not too sure about the heart being born as it is in a following life. I haven’t yet come to a conclusion about reincarnation 😐

    People in power believed that saints would enlighten the world and therefore diminish the value of money-power and muscle-power by promoting soul-power. So they were tortured, persecuted and killed 😦

    So the bad times are dying away!

    I agree with Sahaja that you are an eternal optimist. I’m not half as optimistic as you are 😐

  23. radha Says:

    Axinia,an innocentheart always win,there is no need to wait for the next life. if innocence prevails in one or more persons automatically it goes pervading the essence of this world.it may not be so clear to the human eyes but god s eyes will see it. and in the moment when the eyes of the people will become one with divine ….it will be amazing!!!!!!

  24. HuiHua Says:

    enjoying this post a lot! i identify with those traits which u have mentioned in your post. i never knew abt this concept of innocence years back. i was just being myself. found it funny when people tell me that im innocent. most people have a kinda negative impression i feel when they say that like i don’t know how the world works. but actually then i didn’t really have a clue. thought everyone was gd n nice! someone said that others would exploit the innocent person. i don’t feel this is the case as i never see any reason y people would wanna do bad to me, and even if they did i don’t really see it as a big threat to me. Now that i’m conscious of my innocence i’m actually enjoying it much more, knowing that it is giving me and others joy.

  25. axinia Says:

    that is a truly great comment!
    thanks a lot and…enjoy your innocence!!

    LOVE, axinia

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  28. Nishant Says:

    That’s quite right.

    BUT it’s the innocent ones again who are prone to becoming a scapegoat.

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