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How S.Freud made his theory to the religion of the 20th Century October 2, 2008

This is the continuation of the post “Freudian Theory and Its Crime Against Motherhood”.

“After all, much of his theory is derived from his attempt to psychoanalyse himself and cure his own neurosis. Freud himself, so it has been said, is the only man who have been able to impress his own neurosis on the world and remould humanity in this own image”  – says H.J. Eysenck in his brilliant book “Decline and Fall of the Freudian Empire.”

In this book Eysenck’s critique is truly devastating for a modern reader to encounter, and one can only wonder why Freud’s ideas have had such an impact on the popular imagination. Eysenck’s lucidly expressed explanation is that the answer lies in the ancient human desire to get something for nothing. Freudian methods can obtain theories without having to laboriously obtain reliable facts. Non-scientific thinkers, including literary authors, new agers, pseudo-psychologists, social workers and pedagogues, whose hunger for explanations exceeds their common sense, mistake idle speculation for “insight,” and lamentably fall all too easily for humbug.

So who was this genious who managed to create a new religion of the 20th century?

Freud was far from an integrated person, and he was never the apostle of the scientific ideas which his biographers have tried to depict. The was an unbalanced neurotic, who took cocaine for much of his life. He falsified facts in order to have his theory accepted. He was dictatorial. He hated women. He admitted that his incestuous desires for his mother, from his earlier years, had led him to imagine the Oedipus complex.

It is not only that his sexual theory is breathtakingly absurd, but also his other theories like as free association and interpretation of dreams which are basic to psychotherapy were not his discoveries! More significantly, it is claimed that he was the originator of the concept of Unconscioussness  – which is far from the truth. Free association was used by Galton long before Freud. The psychoanalytical interpretation of dreams began long before Freud. As early as 1861, the German psychiatrist W. Griesinger described dreams a imaginary responses to desires. In his work “The Unconsciouss before Freud” White  listed more than 100 (!) predecessors who postulated its existence. Freud regularly appropriated the discoveries of others for himself and he had a personality that made it too easy to him to propagate them.

Freud`s writings refer to only eight (!) cases, of which only six were anylisyd by Freud in person. That really is a poor foundation for a complex theory. Freud`d approach was dogmatic. He refused to apply any sort of validation process to his studies and speculations. In his memories, K.G. Jung recalls a discussion he had with Freud: ” My dear Jung, promise me never to abandon the sexual theory. That is the most essential thing of all. You see, we must make a dogma out of it, an unshakeable bulwark”. The dogma not only masks a doubt, it also expresses a desire for power. Religion was always just below the surface of Freud`d thought. He identified himself with Moses, and went as far as to create his own myth in Totem and Taboos.

But if there was no substance behind, how was Freud a Success?

-The 20th Century is characterised by sexual liberation following two millenia of religious taboos,and half a century of extreem puritanism.

-The works of Freud were publicly burned in Berlin by the Nazis. As since ” my enemy`s enemy is my friend”, Freud appears as a victim of oppression who should be defended by anyone who considers himself a democrat.

Propaganda was well orchestrated by Freud himself and his disciples. It took years to show that what had never been proved was, in fact, false.

-Freud`s theory was a new ideology which attracted thousands of people who, not realising it was false, threw themselves into it hear and soul. Generations of psychoanalysts have been trained. It is a profitable business.

-Freudian dogma is easy to master because it reduces every explanation to sex.It is therefore accessible almost for anyone, unlike Jungian analysis, which is complex and all-embracing, and, consequently, less popular.

Adhesion to an ideology does not depend on objective criteria.In involves a process of indetification witha master of movement. The more innovative the ideology, and the more it contrasts with the existing order, the more the individual will stand out as different and feel enhanced by his new identity.

The Church, the only institution in the West representing the Sacred, had degenerated so far, and had found itself so often compromised in the shadowy zones of history that it no longer had the spiritual authority to contest the new doctrine. Moreover, the Freudian ideology has in fact filled the void left by the fall of Christianity.

-And, finally, Freud appeals to the basest instincts and the shadowy regions of the mind. He draws downwards. And it is so much easier to descent that ascent.

To sup it up, Freudian ideology has had a disastrous impact on western consciousness, causing a metaphysical, moral and social regression whose bitter harvest is still being reaped. Moreover, Freud`d theory was the final act of the vast drama of misogyny which, over the past few thousand years, has tarnished the image of motherhood, and of women, in human awareness.

Extracts taken from the book by Gwenael Verez “the search for the Divine Mother” (a well researched book with all sources and refferences).

LOVE, axinia


15 Responses to “How S.Freud made his theory to the religion of the 20th Century”

  1. Scietech Says:

    Ah, well. It seems Freud was a disturbed person who imposed his theories on generations to follow. It looks like people foolishly accepted his theories as a kind of religion without putting it to scientific acid tests that would have reduced him to a pseudo-scientist.

    “Moreover, Freud`s theory was the final act of the vast drama of misogyny which, over the past few thousand years, has tarnished the image of motherhood, and of women, in human awareness.”

    But Axinia, I believe women were never treated well at any point of time in history. Infact, I guess they have greater status now than at any time before this (maybe with a few exceptions among isolated groups of people), though motherhood was always respected.

  2. axinia Says:

    Scietech, thanks!
    your last statement is kind of contradictory, but that is gives away your non-western origin :))
    On the one hand you believe that the position of a woman is much better today…well, the woman have got more rights – on paper- but still being supressed a lot but in different ways than in India.

    This is such a vast topic, I can not start it in a comment…

  3. vishesh Says:

    hm…reading both the posts..what i can notice is Freud has based his theory on one of the basic needs of a man..while he himself seems to have traveled beyond that..but something within him seems to have stuck to his most basic need…

  4. katisommer Says:

    sure, sex is one of the basic needs. But you can not explain explain EVRYTHING with that, every movement in human behaviour. That is ridiculous! There are so many other levels of human needs and awareness. Take alone the Maslow pyramide…etc.

  5. katisommer Says:

    Axinia is right, one can notice much of Freud`s infulence in Austria. What I find funny is his name – transltated from German it is “joy”. And his theory kills any joy.

  6. axinia Says:

    thank you, katisommer! nice to get some native Austrian commenting on this topic.
    About his name…it is indeed funny, I never noticed that. how true!

  7. Scietech Says:

    Axinia, I believe you are referring to the rights of mothers in the West.

    I guess Western women have plenty of rights when compared to those in a country like India. I feel you think that Western women are indirectly denied the right to enjoy motherhood as much as they want to when compared to Indian women.

    But it is much better for women the way it is in the West. In India, far from being allowed the right to enjoy motherhood as much as they want to, shockingly, motherhood is NOT even considered as a woman’s RIGHT. It is seen as the DUTY of a woman. Motherhood is directly and indirectly forced on Indian women, whether they are ready for it or not. Indian women are actively and passively brainwashed into believing that the only reason for their existence is to produce (preferably male) children to continue the family line. The status of an Indian woman in society is much, much lower than that of her Western counterpart, though things are changing very, very slowly.

  8. axinia Says:

    Scietech, you are right. I am aware of that situation in India. But things in the West are different, the humiliation of a woman is differnt here. The woman is being sold as a sexual object in the first line. It is still hard to be beautiful and smart. Women are not given good jobs is they are not pretty enough… or otherwise – if they are too beautiful!!
    There is always this manipulation on the sex part – although mostly undercover, not directly. I keep mum of the advertising industry…

  9. Scietech Says:

    That’s bad to read, Axinia.

    In a feudal society, a woman is worth only as much as her ability to have children (and male ones are preferred at that). In other words, women are nothing more than mere “child bearing machines” 😯

    In a “free market capitalist” society, a woman is worth only as much as her ability to look like a Barbie doll. In other words, women are nothing more than mere “sex objects” 😯

    Shame on feudalism and “free market capitalism” for dehumanising one half of humanity!

  10. axinia Says:

    the good news is will get better one day 🙂 hopefully in our lifetime!

  11. Schneeflocke Says:

    Dear Axinia,

    as this topic is one that I know about a little bit, I have to post my oppinion here.

    Although Freud’s theories are very controversial also in the insider spheres, many of them are truth! First of all the theory about the sexual development, inkl. the Oidipus komplex, then the structural theory of the Self and also many others!
    Maybe he was not the first who used some ideas, but he was the one who combined many ideas and completed the first complex psychological or psychoanalytical theory.

    His theories are discused and developed further for more then 100 years. And the recent psychotherapeutists see trough out their research, that Freud’s theories retain truth for all the years.

    I don’t see any cohesion between Freud’s theories and the church, on the contrary the (katholic) church never liked him. And the popular mind to explain everything with sex is far from the actuall psychoanalytical praxis. Freud himself changed this theory in his late years.

    I thing the human being cannot be measured in every point of view. At first I thought also, that his theories are very onesided. But the more I read (and he has written very many books!), the more I can understand. And so I appreciate Freud’s theories, although they are not always scietifically, but they are proved trough the praxis and helps us psychologists and psychotherapists to understand people better and help them to gain their psychical health again.

  12. Bad Karma Says:

    In the last 5 mins of the video, Nithyananda starts talking about Freud:

    Freud has never studied an enlightened being. =) And after 40 years of research, he stated that man is sick and cannot be helped.

  13. axinia Says:

    Bad Karma, thanks for posting that, great input!

  14. Kit Says:

    The damage Freud did to the psychiatry is still ongoing. The bizarre DSM publication is based on Freudian psychoanalytical concepts, so patients who present with mental health problems will be given a pseudoscientific label rather than a proper diagnosis. The whole of psychiatry is based, as you point out, on a handful of cases whose successes Freud lied about in order to make his name.

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