1000 petals by axinia

the only truth I know is my own experience

Pure Love October 1, 2008


Pure Love does not cry,

Pure Love does not ask,

Pure love does.


Pure Love gives no worries,

Pure Love gives no thoughts,

Pure Love gives.


Pure Love is not a myth,

Pure Love is not a gist,

Pure Love is.


image and poem by axinia


14 Responses to “Pure Love”

  1. volodimir108 Says:

    !!! it’s so-o-o-o-o beautiful !!!

  2. amzolt Says:

    Pure and sweet wisdom !!!

    Thank you…

    ~ Alex from Our Evolution

  3. axinia Says:

    thank you!
    after the ugly facts from the previous post on Freud I bady needed to post some TRUTH.

  4. Scietech Says:

    This is a LOVELY poem, Axinia!!!

    I’m delighted beyond words to read that you believe the Truth (spelled with a capital T) is very different from the ugly reality!!! 🙂

  5. Sahaja Says:

    “Pure Love”….I am delighted Axinia!!

    Simple and Splendid! Loved it!!

  6. vishesh Says:

    love is love…

  7. Valusha Says:

    Simple, beautiful and wise… Very-very nice 🙂

  8. Bad Karma Says:

    This is my favorite poem yet.

  9. axinia Says:

    thank you, dear all!

  10. radha Says:

    this poem is a pure gift, thank you

  11. Joya Says:

    Dearest Axinia,
    it is just pure pleasure to read your mails. always something what makes as happy or we can learn. your pictures and poems wunderful. full of love and light.
    thank you soooo much.
    much Love

  12. axinia Says:

    thank you, dear Joya, your words are so comforting…I never knew you are also reading my blog 🙂

  13. Thomas Says:

    A truely lovely poem.
    Another one came to my mind, written by Erich Fried, one of my favourite writers – for all people who understand German:


    Es ist Unsinn
    sagt die Vernunft
    Es ist was es ist
    sagt die Liebe

    Es ist Unglück
    sagt die Berechnung
    Es ist nichts als Schmerz
    sagt die Angst
    Es ist aussichtslos
    sagt die Einsicht
    Es ist was es ist
    sagt die Liebe

    Es ist lächerlich
    sagt der Stolz
    Es ist leichtsinnig
    sagt die Vorsicht
    Es ist unmöglich
    sagt die Erfahrung
    Es ist was es ist
    sagt die Liebe

    Be what you are, Axinia, because what you are is beautiful.

  14. axinia Says:

    Dear Thomas, many thanks for this wise poem and your kind words.
    The trick is that EVERYONE is that beautiful, people just froget about it 🙂

    you may like that:


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