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Freudian theory and its crime against motherhood September 30, 2008

“The idea gains ground that the doctrine and theory of psychoanalysis has been the greatest intellectual confidence trick of the 20th century”P.B.Medawar, Nobel Prize in medicine.

Everyone agrees that Sigmund Freud has had a profound impact on Western society and intellectual life. However people are mostly unaware of his theory and, moreover, of the true dimetion of this impact. In fact, the Freudian theory has takend the role of a modern religion in the 20th century.

Interestingly, a century after its invention, psychoanalysis is being challenged on scientific grounds, and criticised with regard to its clinical efficacy. All scientific research conducted with any degree of rigour has shown Freudian theory to be fraudulent. Freud was opposed to the statistical comparison of groups pf patients which is basic to credibility in modern medicine.

What is Freudian theory about?

According to Freud, children begin to enjoy sexual pleasures in early ages. The first stage of childhood sexuality is oral,  during which pleasures come from the mouth. Nursing at the mother`s breast is said to intruduce sexual pleasure. The fatuity of such statements is breathtaking!

After the oral stage, the child is described as passing through  the anal stage and, at the age of 4 years, reaching the Oesipal phase. The young boy allegedly “falls in love” with his mother, and wants to sleep with her. Her therefore views his father as a rival and an enemy who would like to castrate him.

Freud constantly denigrated the role of the mother. As the height of absurdity, he believed that a woman`s desire to have a child was a way to compensating for her lack of a penis! This claim was developed and amplified by many adherents of Freud`s theory.

The impact of the theory on the Western Society

Watson in the USA went so far as to write, in 1928, that maternal love was most dangerous, and could have irreversible consequences on children. His book Psychological Care of Infant and Child enjoyed great success, with sales of over 100.000 and greatly influenced generations on American mothers.

An analysis of 125 papers published in psychiatric journals between 1970 and 1982, reported that mothers were held responsible for 72 types of psychological disorders in their children. Unlike the father, the mother was not considered to be emotionally healthy, and no mother/child relationship was considered normal.

The first consequence of this dinigrating attitude towards mothrehood was to make mothers feel quilty, leaving them with little confidence in themselves, or in the natural and traditional ways of education their children. The resulting undisciplined youngsters, on reaching puberty, had, therefore, ample opportunity to make their parents feel even more guilty by blaming them for all their problems. The appalling state of family life and education today is doubtless Freud`s greates “gift” to our society.

 Extracts taken from the book by Gwenael Verez “the search for the Divine Mother” (a well rsearched and written book with all sources and refferences).

P.S: I just heard from a (western) friend of mine who lives and works in India, that the Freudian theory is on the rise in there…

To be continued here.




29 Responses to “Freudian theory and its crime against motherhood”

  1. Bad Karma Says:

    Freud had a pessimistic theory of the human spirit. He sees people as having repressed, irrational desires.

    His thinking was used by corporations to create desires in consumers, to create a consumerist culture. Before that, people were very utilitarian, and products did not define people.

    Freud also assisted in making it acceptable for women to smoke, when approached by a cigarette company. He stated that the cigarette symbolized a penis for women; as a result, cigarette companies doubled the amont of customers they had.

  2. axinia Says:

    intresting inputs again, Bad Karma!!
    Unfortunately we can find the traces of Freud`s ill mind (he loved cocain) almost everywhere in our culture…

  3. I haven’t studied psychology, so I have not read Freud’s theories in detail, Axinia.

    But what you have written in this post suggests that he was incapable of refined thinking as his theories are very crude and even outright stupid!

    he believed that a woman`s desire to have a child was a way to compensating for her lack of a penis!

    I have not come across such a ridiculous and nonsensical statement from someone who seems to be so well known for his contribution to a scientific field! Even someone who knows next to nothing about psychology would know that a woman’s desire to have a child is something that is a part of feminine nature, a product of evolution that was present even in the most basic single-cellular organisms that were the first to appear on planet Earth.

    The young boy allegedly “falls in love” with his mother, and wants to sleep with her. Her therefore views his father as a rival and an enemy who would like to castrate him.

    Young boys do “fall in love” with their mothers, but it is not exactly a kind of sexual love as Freud would like to believe. It is an emotional bond as young boys are emotionally immature and would like to emotionally (and physically) be attached to someone who can provide them with that support and this happens to be the mother. The father is not viewed as an enemy but as a friend and this is because fathers are usually not capable of developing such deep bonds with their sons.

    An analysis of 125 papers published in psychiatric journals between 1970 and 1982, reported that mothers were held responsible for 72 types of psychological disorders in their children. Unlike the father, the mother was not considered to be emotionally healthy, and no mother/child relationship was considered normal.

    That must be the most outrageous and blatantly false scientific analysis to be ever published!

    Shame on Freud for denigrating motherhood! He must have been more of a fraud than a researcher!

  4. swaps Says:

    The problem is called ‘generalization’. Human confidence in his own intellect to explain nature with a few basic laws is very amusing. But I think Freud was right about child sexuality….but must refrain from generalization. But how does one understand hysteria?

  5. axinia Says:

    @Raj, Freud has never claimed to be a researcher! I will wirte a separate post – may be even tonight – on what Freud himself believed he was…you will be amazied.

    @swaps, I was expexting this kind of comment from you. Being so much into UGK, no wonder you develop such views.

  6. Sahaja Says:

    this is something I am still not able to digest!!!
    I have read abt Freud’s scientific observations and thats all I know abt it!!
    but still
    my expression is “!!!!!! What the heck is he talking abt??”

  7. swaps Says:

    Axinia, what is wrong if children experience arousal? There is even such a thing as ‘fetal penile erection’. I think it is perfectly normal. The child doesn’t classify it …it is involuntary, hence innocent.

    If you came across such a child would you think it is ill? Wouldn’t it be a sort of persecution?

  8. axinia Says:

    there is nothing to discuss here, if something happens naturally. It is only the ill human mind which will find some absurd explanation and make a religion out of it.

  9. swaps Says:

    Oopps! Did I annoy you Axinia? Isn’t discussion necessary to understand?
    It was lack of understanding(or unwillingness to accept what is natural) that subjected victims of ‘hysteria’ to such barbaric treatment (at least here).

  10. JV Says:

    Great post, Axinia.

    In Freud’s opinion everything was related to and arising out of sex. His complete theory surrounded sex. It is natural (of course it is unnatural) for him to relate every action with sexuality.

    It was natural (again it was unnatural) for any culture where sexuality has been suppressed to attract to theories of Freud, and now which is taking place in Asia and India. Freud was based and wrote for ‘civilized’ and ‘cultured’ society. Aboriginals were not (and could not be) in his readership.

    Breastfeeding to a baby is nutrition and food for her, only an adult male can see sexuality in this action and aroused by it, and that what Freud was. An ordinary (perhaps most sexually suppressed ) adult male. He has been given undue credits for many unworthy and incorrect findings.

    Children are not aware /attentive to sexuality upto certain age and therefore arousal is not the thing for them.

    And last thing, these theories are not correct, or have proven wrong. Consider this, had small babies/children were to be aroused by seeing breast, our shameless and perverted commercial companies would have used arousing female models to ‘allure’ and ‘arouse’ babies to buy baby products, like they do in their other products for adult male.

  11. axinia Says:

    don`t you think that the reasons for hysteria miht be totaly difference from what you think? What I learned from my life, is that we will never find out the true reasons for anything, especially in respect of the human psyche…Who can claim he knows everything? That is a mere ignorance.

    I see you are knowledgable about Freud and his teachings, glad to read your informative facts. Although I dont like the topic, I will still post some more facts on Freud and his influence.
    What I perplexes me is how deep this noncensical theory has one into the minds of the population. I live in the native country of Freud (Austira) and believe me, you can not sell anything here, before you advertise some naked body…It is so stupid to motivate people by sex. But they keep doing it!!

  12. I see that Austria is not alone in this, Axinia. These trends are fast catching on in India since it has been a sexually suppressed society.

    On seeing an advertisement that used semi-naked female models, my friend once joked, “I pity the company. They must be experiencing serious losses selling their useless, low-quality stuff. They don’t even have enough money to buy proper clothes for their models – so they are forced to appear in their underwear!” 😀

  13. swaps Says:

    I found Freud’s take on Dora’s hysteria OK. But it could be a ‘confidence trick’. But it was much better than lashing a starved victim to unconsciousness (that was the norm here).

    AS you say no one can claim to know everything. Exactly! By that same token, one must not hard classify something as unnatural (infantile sexuality, homosexuality)….that is the privilege of religion NOT an open mind.
    (So it surprised me when you say “there is nothing to discuss” 🙂

  14. axinia Says:

    To me there is no question of a norm. It is very easy, I like that very clear formula of Kant: imagine EVERYONE will do it. What will happen to mankind. Than everything gets very clear 🙂

    Swaps, you know I am not a friend of discussions and I know you are 🙂
    What I notice, people do not tend to change their oppinions – at least not under itellectual arguments.
    The best teacher is the experience. I am not that young anymore to let myself be barinwashed easily. I see for myself, how my body reacts to certain things, how the truth comes up – sooner or later…
    I can only speak from my perspective that is based on MY PERSONAL experinces and is definitly very subjective. That is why there is nothing to discuss here 🙂 you can`t discuss MY personal perception, right?

  15. Axinia, here is something that you would like very much:


    It was written by our friend Leafless. As it turns out, some Western men too express their deep love for their mothers! 🙂

  16. axinia Says:

    thank you, that is so beautiful! always happy to see such exceptions…
    My favourite poem about mother is the one from my Indian blog-friend Bala http://balaarjunan.wordpress.com/


    God created mother coz

    He can’t be present everywhere…

    But I feel god made mother coz,

    He can’t fill that place…

    never have I learnt anything

    than in her cradle

    never I felt any love,

    than in her cuddle…

    the stairway to heaven in her mothers lap

    the doorway of love is in her eyes

    safer were the days

    where I clasp her hands and stroll…

    friends stands nowhere in sharing,

    even god lags in wen it comes abt caring…

    its mother..

    a day might come where

    friendship may fade away

    love may droop off

    wen u turn back, she will be there

    wit arms open to say

    come my dear!

    da only heart which will luv u

    even if u hate,

    da only being in this world,

    which takes all da pain, for ur gain…

    u cry, she will cry,

    u laugh, she laughs,

    u love, she loves

    u hate, still she loves…


    ma, hold my hands

    coz.. if i hold, ya chances r there, dat I might loose u,

    but by all means I know,

    by no means u will loose me…

    the beauty that an angel envy,

    the smile that all da flowers in world cant,

    her words which hems in all meaning…

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  18. That is an absolutely lovely poem by Bala, Axinia. Thanks for sharing it!

    I agree with this quote:

    “If mothers ruled the world, there would be no god-damned wars in the first place.”

    • Kiku Ichimaru Says:

      @alien – No matter who rules the world there will always be wars. It’s idocracy to think otherwise.

      • Elke Says:

        As a matter of fact, archeologists found no weapons in matriachal societies, so they are believed to have lived a live in peace – no wars!

  19. axinia Says:

    well said, my friend. Somehow I believe that finally the humanity will come back to the time when mothers will rule the world 😉

  20. ava Says:

    another example of how Freud was an absolute IDIOT without scientific or medical EVIDENCE to back up any of his fantastical theories.

  21. Christine Says:

    Hi Axinia,

    I’m writing a paper about the effects of early psychoanalytic theory on social perception of the ideal mother. I stumbled onto your blog and found the above. I’m wondering if you have a source for the study you mentioned:

    An analysis of 125 papers published in psychiatric journals between 1970 and 1982, reported that mothers were held responsible for 72 types of psychological disorders in their children.

    I would love to include it in my research. Thanks! Great Blog!

  22. I like the way you write, few parts I had to read twice 😀 but still good stuff.

  23. Rohit Raghuram Says:

    Freud was nothing but a Fraud…somebody just changed the ‘a’ to an ‘e’ to fool the people.He was a useless perverted fellow who just didn’t want to acknowledge that all of us are human beings and ultimately he himself died of cancer. The real fact is that human beings are born innocent. IF you look into any childs eyes one immediatly feels that innocence. All the relationships we have in our lives are all pure relationships..That is why in India we pray to Shri Ganesha who is none other than Christ to get the Purity established..
    Shri Mataji was always against him right from the start and so am I…

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  25. Nannette Says:

    all the time i used to read smaller posts that also clear their motive, and that is also happening with this paragraph which I am reading at this time.

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